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"Apply Approximately 2-3cm of Cream" What Exactly Does This Mean?
"Apply approximately 2-3cm of cream" what exactly does this mean?it means to squeeze out 2-3 cm of cream from the tube and then apply to the affected area. xx— — — — — —Ive been 3 cm dialeted for 2 weeks how can I go into labor?Have sex. It's highly likely your waters will break straight afterwards. Worked for me. Good luck.— — — — — —I am 38 wks and 3 cm dilated. had contractions every 2-3 mins and now they have stopped. What to do now?My doctor said that if you are at least 3 cm dilated, at 39 weeks they can induce you. I am sure it's different in different places, but maybe bring this up to your doctor and see if it's a possibility for you. Other than that, all I know to tell you is to wait it out.— — — — — —Where Can I buy tough foam 2-3cm thick?Michaels crafts. Hobby Lobby, Any craft store. Lowes on the insulation isle! They have large 8x4 sheets! Wal mart in the craft section or make it yourself with a can of spray foam! Marine stores are usually good for the really tough stuff!— — — — — —Tabular: columnwidth of e.g. 3cm, but numprint columnlet me expand my comment (with siunitx this is easy) to an answer— — — — — —PLEASE HELP ME CONVERT 3.80*10^2in^3 to cm^3.. I KEEP GETTING IT WRONG?380 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch = _____ in^3 now convert each term to cm, and multiply = ____ cm^3 ^^ the long way, but effective. you probably messed up on the cubing aspect— — — — — —my doctor told me tues. i'm 3 cm dilated how long till active labor and how can i start active labor?Just because you are three centimeters does not mean that you will go into labor anytime soon. Every woman is different.. Some go into labor the next day while other can go weeks before going into labor. Only time will tell. 4 centimeters is usually the start of active labor, but then again your body may not kick in to about 6 centimeters. Walking is a good exercise to do to get things going— — — — — —does anyone know how to jump start labor? i am 3 cm dilated and 50% enfaced and 1 station.?The doc could feel the top of my son's head a few weeks before I went into labor... my son actually went back up during labor and I needed a c-section :( I am now pregnant w/ number two due Aug 9... and 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced and having contractions that come and go and had my "bloody show" a couple days ago... this is completely frustrating!! I have been reading though that some women stay this way for WEEKS! That bothered me because this cramping hurts and I was hoping to be in labor all in one day... not spread out over weeks! You really should not try to induce yourself until you are at least 37 weeks... but after that try walking, nipple stimulation, sex... etc... the baby will come when he is ready! (but trust me I feel as frustrated as you! I am anxious because the doctor seemed to think it might be soon)— — — — — —will i go into labor soon? lots mucus, low baby, back pain, 3cm (sorry TMI) 10 PTS!!!?Hi - I am amidwife so you dont say why you are being induced before 40 weeks. Has there been a problem to cause docs to plan induction? Is this your first baby? You should never see brown or greenish discharge on your pads. It is a sign baby may be struggling. So call your birth/labor ward NOW! They are the ones who know your case - they are there 24 hours. So go call them Now. Good luck— — — — — —Dilated 3CM without any contractions ?I have no idea why your doctor is surprised, seeing as how it's totally normal. You cannot possibly be the first patient she's ever seen this happen to, nor does it indicate that you will deliver in the next week. You certainly COULD, but you are no more likely to deliver this week than you are to deliver four weeks from now. Her being surprised and saying you wo not last out the week would greatly concern me as a patient, because it would mean she has absolutely no education in the field of obstetrics
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