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Why Do Some African American Women Die Their Hair Blonde? ?
Why Do Some African American Women Die Their Hair Blonde? ?
Why do some African American women die their hair blonde? ?same reason whites, hispanics and asian do..............when only 4 percent of the world is a real blond. Edit: Poster Britney is really a gay white male whose hair is really jet black...but did it stop him going women and blond? Nope.— — — — — —Do African American Women perm their hair and wear weaves to cater more to the Caucasian woman look?No. Wigs and hair pieces have been popular throughout history. Check the artifacts we have from ancient Egypt. Nope, its not to copy Caucasian women. It's a cultural remnant of the past.— — — — — —How come SOME african american women try to look White?How come some caucasian women try to look black? Lip Injections, go tanning, get butt injections? && How are fake boobs trying to be like white girls? Because most of them have them? And hair extensions? Some Whites, let me rephrase,some women from EVERY culture get extensions.— — — — — —I was just wondering why do African American Women have short hair?Honestly We do not think that it really matters to most guys. Most girls just look better with different lengths regarding hair depending on their face shape— — — — — —Why do a lot of African-American women (NOT ALL) booty shake so much, especially on Youtube or in public?You mad because you aint gotta *** to shake or a girl to shake that *** for ya?— — — — — —What is a good brand of expenisve make up for african american women ? I want a really good long lasting brandTry Iman or High Intensity Pigments. H.I.P. cosmetics have more pigments than most other makeups giving it a stronger look against all skin colors especially dark skinned girls— — — — — —Why do white girls want to be tan, and African American women want to be light?Jeez.... some of the questions tonight.... You would have thought some people have never met anybody from other races— — — — — —What is it about Black/African American women that most men find so unappealing?no idea...but u do sound racist to me...get a life!— — — — — —Light skinned African American women only is the lips of my vagina supposed to be this color?I think you should stop looking down there if it makes you feel bad or if you want to change the way you feel about the color try looking at porn and compare your lips to some one elses that match then you wont feel as bad about it— — — — — —African american women: Should I shave my hair?The harsh, harmful chemicals are relaxers; that's what causes constant breakage and makes your hair weak. Petroleum coats your hair and makes it greasy, but it's not a harmful and dangerous "chemical" like relaxers, which can damage your hair and scalp. Your hair most likely is not going to survive on oils alone. You need to moisturize your hair and oil is not a moisturizer. If you want to use products with fewer harsh chemicals then start using natural and organic hair products. If you are trying to grow out your relaxer so you can go natural then start getting braids installed - just make sure they are not too tight. You might have to wait until you are 18 before you have full control over your hair, unless you can convince your mother that your hair is in such bad health that you need to begin taking care of it yourself and that you've done a lot of research on how to get hair healthy and long and want to try out those healthy hair practices. It does not matter what I think if you shave your head, or cut off all your relaxed hair down to the new growth. It depends on you and how confident you are with short hair, because you might get a lot of unwanted comments and stares. I went natural 11 2/3 months ago and I cut my hair down to less than one inch at the time. Almost a year later and it's almost shoulder length, though it shrinks to a small afro.— — — — — —How did african american women wear their hair in the 1950's?lol thats an odd question, but idk. i want to find out to =P— — — — — —Is Redkin shampoo okay for african american women? Please no silly reponses, their products seem great.?Anything you choose to use is OK, but it's a matter of what is best for your hair. You can not strip a perm. Impossible. What will be stripped is the outer layers of your hair. The perm wo not come off, though. Your hair will become more weakened, and prone to damage. As for damage control, your perm is already taking a toll on your hair, so the worse thing Redken can do, most likely, is dry your hair out more. For black hair, you can not deep condition too much, because that's what our hair needs. But I will say this, if you are washing your hair more than once a week, you need to fall back on that. The over drying is going to end up leaving you with more breakage than would normally be the case. So wash once a week (with no clarifyiers), deep condition once a week/ or hot oil. I use Humble...natural products for black/biracial hair. Some pics on the site listed below.
What Is the View of Young American Women in the Eyes of the Irish?
What Is the View of Young American Women in the Eyes of the Irish?
I do not think you will be up against any stereotypes, sure people might make American jibes at you for the CRAIC as we say, but people will just take you for who you are and people will either like you or not like you like anywhere else. It is safe to travel alone, there is nothing wrong with travelling alone, it is a great opportunity and you can make some really great life experiences and meet so many new friends, but like anywhere else you go, you just have to have your wits about you!— — — — — —What's wrong with American women?typically speaking American women people are culturally delivered up diverse than Asian women people, a minimum of 30-50 years in the past, now a days i will't say, yet, ( it form of feels to me, after being in VeitNam, Japan, Phillippines, and, Korea even as contained in the military,many years in the past, so i will't say now), that alot of the Asian women people had to get married to an American so that they would have a legal the front into the u . s .. Case at aspect, I personnally understand 3 diverse circumstances to base this on. One GI chum married a gal from Veitnam, one married a gal from the Phillippines, and the third, from Japan. all of them are divorsed from their Asian different halves now, yet, in all situations, when I requested, what got here about, all of them gave a similar solutions. the first answer develop into they basically were given married so that they could come to the u . s . legally, the 2d answer develop into all of them cheated on their husbands, and the third answer develop into, each and every of the ladies people stated, in hardship-free words after the divorce develop into very last, that they by no skill loved the guy, that they in hardship-free words married him so that they could stay contained in the States and be. .... now get this !!. .... " treated with Dignaty and appreciate, like American women people, rather of only a sex merchandise or abode purifier". Now i might want to be the first to admit that this may no longer be the norm, i am in hardship-free words telling you this in line with my personnal memories. I extremely have talked to all 3 of the ladies people involed in this answer, to you, as i concept i develop into, a minimum of, a chum to each and every, and they shown those solutions. (extremely, i had to marry Yoshi, when I stumbled on out she develop into divorcing Bobby) so this answer is not a biaslly depending one. i trust that the more youthful, adult women and men people contained in the Armed facilities that get stationed in overseas international places, no count number the position, ought to receive councel on the pro's and con's of marring, foreigners, distinctly with emphasis on non secular back floor and the ramifications it would want to have in and on the marriage yet maximum important marrage counceling mainly— — — — — —Who is better for a relationship american women or foreign women?American Women Vs Foreign Women— — — — — —Why are American women so full of vinegar?Actually, from a foreigner's perspective, I would say exactly the same about American men! PS: I am trying to beat my record of "thumbs down"!!!— — — — — —What do you love about American women?American women are not like anyother women in the world. Why? Well their is White, Black, Asian, Latina women etc. Not like other places in the world. In countries like Europe. Only about 10 million are not white. And that is the farthest their is. While other women in other countries 98% are same ethnic or race. So AMerica has greater variaty.— — — — — —Are filipinas hotter than American women?I love Filipino women too. They do not have to be the petite little goddess that your wife seems to be either. My wife is filipino, and is about 4'9" and a touch heavier than your wife. For me, it is her face and her sweet (but very stubborn) personality that I love the best. She is not perfect, but she is perfect for me. Therefore, for you and me, the answer is yes, they are hotter than American women. However, North America is so diverse, there really is no specific type of American woman. There are lots of american women that have black, latin, asian, nordic, etc ancestry that are really beautiful. On a side note, I was watching TV in my hotel room the first time I was in Cebu (my future wife and her brother had a separate room) and saw an ad for cream that was supposed to whiten the skin and nipples for filipino women. I asked my wife about it, and she said that yes, there are lots of products like that. It would seem that they want to be more like Americans, while we want them to be more filipino. Hard to figure.
What Is It About Black/African American Women That Most Men Find so Unappealing?
What Is It About Black/African American Women That Most Men Find so Unappealing?
What is it about Black/African American women that most men find so unappealing?the last time I answered this question I got reported so e-mail me if you want my input. not a red neck or southern baptist— — — — — —Whats the differences between an African American Women & a Black Irish Women?black women from america black women from ireland— — — — — —FOR MEN ONLY!!DO YOU FIND LATIN WOMEN AND BIRACIAL WOMEN TO BE PRETTIER and NICER THAN AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN?Different men like diffrerent type of women no mater what skin color,race,culture they are they still love them =]— — — — — —What is a good brand of expenisve make up for african american women ? I want a really good long lasting brandWhat about Avon. Avon has been around for 120 years! They have many different shades to choose from in many different lines depending on your age and you skin type. Just because it costs more, does not make it better! Plus, Avon has a satisfaction guarantee. .. if you do not like it or it's the wrong shade, you can exchange or return with no questions asked. Most reps have samples so you can try before you buy. Good luck!— — — — — —Why do so many African-American women choose to have children out-of-wedlock?I love how you are acting like this is solely the fault of women, as if we can just knock ourselves up. A lot of the time, the father took off because he did not want to be a dad. Also, this does not appear to be a problem that only affects black people - white folks do it too. It has a lot to do with poverty and a lack of solid sex education (states that teach abstinence only sex ed have higher rates of teen pregnancy and single parenthood.). Most single parents did not choose to be single parents. Sex makes babies even if you are having it with the wrong person.— — — — — —Why don't African American women wash their hair very often?My black friend tells me she does not because it dries out her hair too much— — — — — —Why does it seem like the government is designed for young African American women to depend on them?it IS designed for them., all women...thats the effect of feminist/liberal ideology the next step is for you to be willing to degrade yourself to any pig that comes along, there is no social pressure for you not too...not only will there be no real consequences, in fact..its encouraged, defended and condoned. thats effectively your job. your kids will get fed, and grow up to repeat the same social patterns you did. even if you personally happen to escape, your kids will more than likely be effected and pressured by all there peers whos parents did fell into the trap...and drag them right down. and the cycle of dependence continues... you will vote for whomever promises to provide for you, and that will be the nanny state that liberal/feminist ideologists espouse.... they get to be racist. when a man says exactly what you have said in regards to women...they get to be misogynists. when a white man says either...double the fun, they are racist women haters. and its liberal ideologists that are first on board saying it, and THATS where you never say a thing. but should. thats how they get away with it.— — — — — —What was the role of African American Women in American between the 1890-1930s?I am not entirely sure but you could look at the Harlem Rennasiance in the 1920's as a start!— — — — — —Which guy would african american women pick? A or B?Guy A. That's the kind of guy my mom has. aka my daddy.— — — — — —Why do white girls want to be tan, and African American women want to be light?the skin hides acne and other skin conditions it also gives u a glow and makes u look Mediterranean.. NOT pale which is vampire looking and black is also bad when its dark... SOME HOW media wants everyone to be tan in the middle— — — — — —Why does it seem like the government is designed for young African American Women to depend on the government?Tamika.. I understand completely.. but this is not a question of the Singles and Dating section! :/
Why Are so Many African-American Women Straightening & Dying Their Hair Blonde? What Happened to Bla
Why are so many African-American women straightening & dying their hair blonde? What happened to black pride?well Black peoples hair is usually pretty gross, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE just saying it IS, it always looks greasy/oilly so they are probably just trying to make it look better— — — — — —Why don't african american women wear weaves that match their natural texture like caucasian/hispanic women?As you are not black, I would say that this is none of your concern. How girls wear their hair is none of your business. There are more important problems to be fuss about. It's also funny to hear whites tell US how OUR hair texture is. You are the best expert, right?— — — — — —What do u think about african american women and their natural hair?The first is really pretty, I do not like the second hair style as much— — — — — —Why are most beautiful african american women the main ones with bad attitudes?Most Beautiful African American Women— — — — — —Do African American Women perm their hair and wear weaves to cater more to the Caucasian woman look?I think this is very true. For a long time I was obsessed with having my hair permed and then pressed straight b/c when I wore my hair natural all the other kids would say my hair was 'nappy'. Our neighborhood is 98% Caucasian and .999% African-American so I felt tremendous pressure to keep my hair straight and long. I did not wear weave b/c my hair grows pretty quick (if I do not damage it). Now that I am out of high school I do not really care anymore. I still perm my hair once a month but I do not flat iron it, I wear it wavy/crimped. I wish I could just wash and wear my hair the way it is, no chemical processing, but that's the pressure society puts on our shoulders.— — — — — —African American Women Only: What type of product to use to make it even more slicker down like in this pic?Try the Wen cleansing conditioner. Use it regularly and you will notice that your hair will start becoming hydrated like that. It's expensive but well worth it. It's a no-shampoo hair care brand but you can read all about it on the official chaz dean website. I've used it for almost two years and I went from having hair that was so dry that I had to moisturize it every day to having hair that's hydrated from the inside out and all I have to do in the morning is style my hair and go - sans the moisturizer! But, I do use it as a leave-in every day. I try to use it regularly because that's the only thing that's going to keep my hair healthy and hydrated. Once I stop using it for a while then my hair will start becoming dry again. It does not compare to the cheap brands and the knock-offs like Hair one. I've used hair one and it's sucks and I used hair one every day for months (until the bottle was gone) and it never made my hair as hydrated as Wen. In fact, it never even made my hair healthier or easier to manage. Wen is the only product, and I"ve used dozens, that has made my hair healthier and it also makes it manageable. With cheap drugstore brands you are just settling for mediocre and I've seen people who have compared wen to a cheapie conditioner and say that they are better off using a cheap conditioner, lol. Obviously those people have NEVER used wen because 1) it's not a regular conditioner because regular conditioners do not fully clean your hair, and 2) I've used cheap and expensive conditioners and none of them are as hydrating as Wen. In fact, some of those cheapies ended up drying out my hair! I hate cheap products and I realized that I was settling for mediocre hair results when I started using salon brands. You might think the cheapies are working wonders on your hair but that's because you have not had a chance to compare it to a much better product. I've used mostly cheapies since I was natural and then I switched over to using salon brands when I realized the cheapies were not giving my hair what it needed. That's when I realized that I was just settling and not realizing my hair's true potential with that cheap crap. I do not have to walk around with frizzy hair. I do not have to walk around with hair that i have to moisturize every day. I can get a defined curl with the right salon products and do not have to use gel or some kind of curl defining product. BTW, it's usually the frizz that keeps your curls from being defined. I did not realize how good my hair could look until I started using expensive products. They truly are superior. Wen is definitely worth the price. Stay away from Hair One because it's a crappy Wen knock-off. I would rather use a sulfate-free shampoo than that crap! - and I hate shampoos and stopped using them once I started using Wen. If i have not said this already, if you buy Wen then use it regularly, and especially use it as a leave-in every day and you will start noticing differences in your hair. After you've used Wen for awhile, go back to your old hair products and that's the only way you will begin to see exactly what wen is doing for your hair. To get your hair to lay down, try tying a scarf around the part you want to flatten and leave it for about 15 minutes in the morning and see how it looks. You might have to leave it on a bit longer; it depends on your hair. ADDING: Ha! I usually wear my hair down and loose, but today I have it pulled back into a headband, so I looked in the mirror and I see that my hair is just as hydrated as the girl's in the picture. Go Wen!
Should American Women Be Denied Wearing the White Dress on Their Wedding If?
Should American women be denied wearing the white dress on their wedding if?if you are under the perception that even a small fraction of women who wear a white dress are virgins then i would still have to say no. unless they volunteered for it ha ha— — — — — —African American Women who attend the gym on a regular basis?im british pakistani (asian) have you tried using a hair mousse, and leaving it there, it should tame it, i dont have the problem myself s i hope this helps :)— — — — — —American Women's Hospitals ServiceThe American Women's Hospitals Service (AWHS) is a charitable organization that promotes the relief of suffering worldwide by supporting independent clinics to provide care to high risk populations and by providing travel grants to medical students and residents to perform clinical projects abroad in under-served areas. They are partnered with the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) - an organization of women physicians, medical students and others seeking the advancement of women in medicine— — — — — —Based on facts, tell me why we choose American women or Latin American women for romance and marriage?I am not really sure, but I think that it's because people from Latin American countries tend to have very strong family values, so when the time comes to settle down, they choose them. Besides, women here are beautiful, lol. I am not saying american women do not have those values, but people from the other countries are just better known for it. There can be exceptions to both though.— — — — — —Do American women cheat more than European women ?do not know never dated or married a woman from any other country than the U.S. F99— — — — — —Why are American women such bad wives?Hey. I am an Indian woman and I abhor the thought of having to clean, cook or chase after my man. Many Indian women deprived of their rights (esp rural) and are expected to be 'below' the man. Gimme a break. Not every girl will withstand the idea of being with a MCP like you. I am not American Indian. My husband loves the fact that I have high principles and am firm with the idea of 'each pulling his/her own weight'. You are sad. Period.— — — — — —Why are European women so much more interesting than American women?That's highly offensive to women. Not all the women are the same. That's why American women are uptight and ****.— — — — — —Do irish guys date african american women?no comming from the answer of all the black people in my class— — — — — —Wouldn't this world be better without American women?screw u, u can do or think wateva u want, but anyways, wat u daydream is not gonna come true, cuz guess wat, we are still here!— — — — — —Organization of Chinese American WomenThe Organization of Chinese American Women (abbreviated as OCAW) is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the interests of Chinese American women in the United States and increasing awareness of issues affecting them. It was founded in 1977 by Pauline Tsui, and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. At first it was affiliated with the Organization of Chinese Americans, but it was regarded as an auxiliary rather than an equal partner, and the two groups had different priorities, so they broke apart in 1987. In contrast to the Organization of Chinese Americans, which is mainly a political advocacy group, the Organization of Chinese American Women primarily provides services and assistance to its members. It is supported by membership, private donations and public grants. Its mission statement reads "To advance and to advocate for the needs and concerns of Chinese and other Asian Pacific American women by helping to improve their educational, economic, social, and political opportunities, and by recognizing their excellence, leadership, and contributions to the quality of life." OCAW sponsored scholarships for the Presidential Classroom Program in Washington, DC each year starting from 1980. Furthermore, they have joined with the Gates Millennium Scholars to create more scholarship opportunities for Chinese American students, and also work with the Tiger Woods Foundation to offer the OCAW Scholarships for Girls in Rural China. They also work to promote Chinese Americans in the arts through their involvement with Opera International and the Li Foundation. Recently, OCAW and the Center for Creative Leadership have joined together to create the Chinese-American Women's Leadership Program, a program meant to help strengthen Chinese American women's leadership skills. OCAW also hosts local chapter conferences and banquets.
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