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Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is committed to achieving the highest standards of Ceiling Speakers. In its production, we are transparent about our performance and report regularly on how we are achieving targets. For maintaining high standards and improving the performance of this product, we also welcome independent review and oversight from regulators, as well as the assistance from global partners.In a competitive society, Aofei terrazzo tiles products still remain the steady growth in sales. Customers both at home and abroad choose to come to us and seek cooperation. After years of development and update, the products are endowed with long service life and affordable price, which help customers win more benefits and give us a larger customer base.At Aofei tiles company, we are committed to providing reliable and affordable Ceiling Speakers and we tailor our services to meet various requirements. Learn about our preparations for better customization services here.
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What Quality Requirements Do Circuit Board Manufacturers Have for Their Products
The development of science and technology makes the industry segmentation more and more obvious. The electronic industry is the most thorough field of globalization and marketization at present, and the pursuit of high and new technology and low cost is the inevitable trend of the development of the electronic industry. Only with high product quality and low cost advantage, the quality of PCB processing is the quality level of products, quality, reputation A collection of responsibilities and cultures. The quality requirements of circuit board factory usually include the following aspects:(1) Appearance requirementsPCB processing plants usually require more stringent appearance. The appearance requires that the surface is free of pollution, inclusions, fingerprints and oxidation, so as to prevent affecting weldability and insulation. The color of the resistance welding pattern shall be consistent without peeling, missing printing, deviation and oil leakage, so as to prevent affecting the welding. The plate edge shall be smooth without concave convex or burr to prevent affecting the assembly size and insulation. The conductor shall be uniform without over corrosion, notch and residual copper to prevent affecting the electrical performance. The marking symbols shall be clear and not readable, so as not to affect assembly and maintenance. There is no scratch on the surface to avoid affecting the welding assembly and electrical properties. There is no blistering or delamination between conductors or insulating layers, especially multi-layer plates, so as to avoid affecting the mechanical and electrical properties.(2) Electrical performance requirementsIt is very important to set the appropriate electrical gap between the conductors of multilayer circuit board. The appropriate setting of wire spacing can prevent flashover and breakdown between relevant conductors in PCB processing products, and can successfully pass the audit of relevant product safety standards. In the industrial standards and safety standards of PCB products, different working voltages, different applications and other factors have different regulations on the electrical clearance and creepage distance between conductors.(3) Mechanical performance requirementsShenzhen circuit board requires that the copper clad laminate must be dried before cutting to ensure that the water vapor volatile resin in the board is completely cured; Operate in strict accordance with the longitude and latitude directions in the material opening instructions; When laminating and typesetting, it shall be opened according to the longitude and latitude direction of PCB processing plate. During typesetting, the longitude and latitude directions shall be distinguished first, and then typesetting shall be carried out according to the distinguished longitude and latitude directions to ensure that the longitude and latitude directions are consistent. It is not allowed to adjust the cold pressing time without permission, and records shall be made to ensure that the internal stress of the plate is completely released and the resin is completely cured; When baking the characters of circuit board at high temperature, the shelf shall be adjusted according to the size of the board. When inserting the shelf, the Board shall not be bent or twisted. If the size is different, it shall be inserted into the shelf separately for baking.(4) Environmental resistance and other performance requirementsThe multilayer circuit board has the properties of environmental resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, cooking resistance and temperature impact resistance. The formation of PCB Allegro product quality runs through the whole process of product formation. PCB plate product quality is related to the whole manufacturing process. Every circuit board factory should pay special attention to quality. Quality is produced, not tested. Regard yourself as the consumer of the previous process and the next process as your customer. Behind each circuit board, there are a group of quality assurance personnel silently conducting quality inspection. A perfect quality control system is needed by every PCB processing plant.Recommended reading:
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