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faux brick is one of the striking offerings at Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd.. From the development phase, we work to enhance material quality and product structure, striving to improve its performance while reducing environmental impacts based on collaboration with trustworthy material suppliers. To improve the cost performance ratio, we have an internal process in place to manufacture this product.The customers speak highly of Aofei terrazzo tiles products. They give their positive comments on the long lifespan, easy maintenance, and exquisite craftsmanship of the products. Most customers re-purchase from us because they have achieved sales growth and increasing benefits. Many new customers from overseas come to visit us to place the orders. Thanks to the popularity of the products, our brand influence has also been greatly enhanced.Supported by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals in the fields of design, production, logistics, your customization requirements on faux brick and other products at Aofei tiles company can be fully met.
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Traditional Herringbone Has Been Revived in Bold Colours and Zany Zigzag Patterns
Herringbone is well and truly vintage. The pattern, which takes its name from the distinctive bones of the herring fish, can be dated back to the Roman Empire, when it was used for road paving. In Ancient Egypt it made a becoming textile worn by the elite.Now the classic monochrome design is having a moment. Because this season herringbone is everywhere on the walls, over furniture, in the bathroom. And it doesnt just come in predictable old black and white, muted greys and greens.Grace Poulter, creative assistant for interior design consultants Future and Found says the trend has exploded in recent months.Herringbone is a very English pattern; its steeped in heritage. But it also lends itself to being appropriated in all sorts of different ways, she says. Of course, herringbone is a mainstay for a parquet flooring.She suggests putting it on the wall rather than on the floor as a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous Metro tile. Long slender tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern can look beautiful, and it also allows you to experiment with colour. Try placing the odd, unexpected colour tile at random intervals, or using different shades of red or blue.Herringbone is similar to chevron. A herringbone pattern uses narrow lengths arranged in a staggered ziz-zag while the lengths in a chevron meet exactly on the angle. If you like the idea of herringbone on your wall, but dont fancy tiling the front room, Farrow and Ball do a handsome parquet imitation wall paper in soft grey hues from 110 per metre Interior lets the pattern do the talking, offering a white wallpaper subtly embossed with a herringbone pattern for 23.09 per roll something less formal, the Scandinavian company Nordicthink produce a hand-drawn looking print in black and white for 60 per roll while the American-based Spoonflower offers a range of ebullient patterns in all manner of vivid colourways by designer Emily Sandford notes that herringbone, with its clean and uncluttered lines, appeals to our love for Scandinavian-inspired minimalism. Its very unisex it feels masculine. Women like it because it can be customised. Its also a fresh alternative to stripes.One easy way to bring herringbone into your home is via a knockout statement piece. Jonathan Saunders does a gorgeous, hand knotted Tibetan wool rug in eye-zinging orange, black and pink, at 735 per square metre while Nicholas Haslam has a pricey but undeniably classy chest of drawers with patterned bone inlay for 3200 it doesnt have to cost the earth. The high street is awash with herringbone lampshades, crockery and soft furnishings at prices to suit all budgets. Online store has lots of choice, including a pretty blue bowl for 10 by Also Home and smart, made to order herringbone lampshades in Harris tweed for 60.Orwell and Goode have enormous fun with herringbone, wittily using a fish motif arranged in herringbone pattern on cushions, crockery, fabric, lamps and tea-towels National Trust do a herringbone rug in a slate blue and grey or a soft pale green that looks so cosy youll want to wear it, Toast meanwhile offers a range of towels and facecloths in washed linen that makes a virtue of herringbones slightly rough surface, from 14.50, can also upholster a favourite piece of furniture in a herringbone fabric, or better still, treat yourself to a brand new armchair. Lana Home does a cheery chair in crimson herringbone for 1,495; they also offer various footstools in the same fabric has limitless possibilities, its pattern open to seemingly endless interpretation. Look out for it in unusual materials - it looks particularly lovely in wood or marble, says Poulter. Poulters favourite example of the pattern is an architect-designed house in Islington that uses bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern. If you fancy that but dont want to rebuild your house, Chesneys provides faux brick panels to line the inside of a fireplace from 350 Herringbone: you really can use it absolutely anywhere.
The World on a Plate
Whenever the world gets to me, I listen to music from the Eighties. So it is perfect that when I step into Bobbys Bistro on a holiday afternoon,Aerosmiths Janies Got A Gun is bouncing off its faux brick walls. Its not quite the sunny song, but the cosy ambience of the restaurant blackboard-topped tables for children to doodle on, stacks of coloured chalks that make for a refreshing centrepiece, handwritten notes on the walls, leather couches and a wooden beam ceiling throws a warm light of nostalgia over the lunch.The view is not poetic though. The table is by a huge glass window that overlooks the road, but the watch-life-pass-you-by seating is marred by a blue metal wall and the lack of an arresting landscape.The menu is a pile of worn sheets clipped together on a board, and makes for tedious reading. But the description of the dishes has a lovely lyrical thrust. The pumpkin, carrot and ginger soup with broccoli cream arrives in a bowl with finely shredded chicken seated at the centre and a green emulsion lacing its edges. The steaming soup is then poured at the table and the chicken gently rises to meet your spoon. The toasted French baguette is crisp, slathered with pungent garlic and splodges of feta and chives that bully the garlic into submission. The lychee margarita, with supple mint sprigs and granular lemon chunks, whispers of spring, and cleans the palate after every meat-heavy dish that arrives at the table.The waiters hover but never intrude, and politely suggest that my companion and I try the buffalo wings. The succulent chicken wrapped in a chilli-chocolate glaze is uproariously fiery and cooked to perfection. The sun-dried tomato, glazed onion and tri-cheese basil pasta is a riot of colours, and overpoweringly flavourful to make a mark, but the entree that is served next is impressive.The blushing-pink grilled salmon steak, drenched in house spice concoction, soya-tossed vegetables, paprika purple bundle and arancini mash frit, earns Chef Vinnarasan brownie points. Its muscular, assertively tasty and good-looking, and we gush over the right-sized portion. The frit is a surprise its granular insides are stuffed with soft rice and mozzarella. The salmon slab is striated and the layers separate at the light touch of a fork without falling apart.Dessert is panna cotta with a hearty berry compote, anda tower of sugary glaze with distinct Parisian touches. As I dip the spoon in, it quivers gently like the voice of Eurythmics singing that evergreen 80s hit Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. I hum along, contentedly.Bobbys Bistro is located at 49, North Boag Road, Parthasarathy Puram, T. Nagar. A meal for two approximately costs Rs. 1,500. For details, call 6548 6548.
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