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The manufacturing of garage floor tiles is organized by Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. according to the advanced and lean production principles. We adopt lean manufacturing to improve material handling and quality, leading to a better product being delivered to the customer. And we utilize this principle for continuous improvement to cut waste and create values of the product.As we branding our Aofei terrazzo tiles brand, we are committed to being at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior capability in manufacturing products with maximized cost efficiencies. This includes our markets around the world where we continue to expand our international presence, strengthen our international partnerships and broaden our focus to one that is increasingly global.Based on our service principle of 'Sincere & Professional & Enthusiastic', we provide our service team with regular training not only about the knowledge of products at Aofei tiles company and the production process but also about communication skills in order to serve all our clients excellently and efficiently.
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Skip Plastic Garage Floor Tiles
Skip Plastic Garage Floor TilesSkip Plastic Garage Floor Tiles There are plenty of ways to handle your garage, ranging from ignoring the are plenty of ways to handle your garage, ranging from ignoring the crumbling, stained cement floor to an epoxy flooring upgrade that leaves you with a vibrant, eye-catching look. Somewhere between the two lies plastic garage floor tiles, which have seen a resurgence in popularity lately. Since weve torn out dozens of these pseudo-permanent flooring solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area alone, weve picked up a few common gripes from local homeowners that well share with you today.WHY LOCAL HOMEOWNERS REGRET INSTALLING PLASTIC GARAGE FLOORING TILESBelow, youll find the most common reasons that San Francisco Bay Area homeowners have contacted us to replace their garage flooring after opting for a plastic tile solution. If these sound like concerns you may have about the tiles too good to be true claims, then you may want to consider a garage floor epoxy or other garage floor coating instead. Not Actually WaterproofWhen you think of the list of must-haves for a garage floor, it seems almost redundant to include waterproof. Garage floors need to be able to withstand the moisture from a car fresh out of the rain, a hose off to clear oil or workshop debris, and generally be sealed for spill-proofing; if a garage floor isnt waterproofed, is it really eligible to be called a garage flooring solution? Isnt that why we dont use wood flooring in the garage? These concerns are all valid and point to the most common and major weakness of plastic garage tiles.While the surface of the plastic tiles is (almost always) completely waterproofed while in good condition, the tiles are, after all, tiles that arent sealed with a masonry grout; moisture can, and likely will, seep through the connections between tiles to sit and fester below. Any amount of moisture below your garage floor can lead to a musty smell, mildew, or even mold spores. Worst of all, there is no good way to address this issue short of tearing out the entire flooring system; when most San Francisco area homeowners are faced with this issue, they choose not to put back the plastic tiles which is where our garage flooring team usually comes in.Not Actually PermanentAs mentioned above, the surface of the plastic tiles repels water while in good condition, but what happens when that condition becomes less than optimal? Well, not only could you be faced with a leaking or non-waterproofed tile surface, but it will become obviously poor looking, or even fracture into jagged, potentially tire-tearing shards. These tiles are essentially made out of the same material as a PVC pipe, which, as anyone who has done indoor plumbing knows, can become sharp or fractured relatively easily. If you drop or roughly set down something heavy in your garage, you could be faced with a chipped, cracked, or fractured tile immediately. Even without a heavy trauma, your vehicles themselves will eventually cause the tiles under them to fail. This is a sore spot for many local homeowners, as they believe they were oversold on the potential lifespan of this garage flooring system, which makes them quite surprised when theyre replacing it, often within a few years.Garage Floors Arent Level WorkstationsOne assumption homeowners get wrong when considering this DIY-style garage flooring is that their garage floor is level and ready to accept a rigid, flat surface. In fact, most garages are, by design, not level; by being un-level, water, oil, dust, and debris can all easily get kept away from your most commonly used surfaces, ushered to your garage door or to drains. Now, imagine if you were to try to place a single, rigid piece of material over an un-level floor; youd have a problem, right? Taking what we mentioned about its lack of longevity and propensity for cracking or chipping under pressure above into account, imagine what will happen when part of the floor tiles are floating slightly above the un-level surface below. Disaster, right? Now, what makes this even more worrisome is that often, the most floating tiles are those at the garage entrance right where your cars enter and exit the garage, where the weight and pressure they apply to the flooring is at its highest. Now, this is assuming youll even be able to get the flooring installed all the way, when in actuality, many homeowners do not make it even out of this phase. Whether installation is impossible or your see the obvious flaw in the plan of a floating garage floor, you may not even get all your tiles into place before youre looking at another type of garage flooring!Minor Grievances & False ClaimsIt is tough to point to a lack of slip resistance or incredibly overstated claims of little-to-no maintenance involved as minor grievances, but, compared to the glaring issues above, most of the homeowners we talk to simply throw these in as a sort of afterthought as to why theyll be glad to see this garage flooring out of their home. If you watch videos or read into plastic garage flooring tiles, then youll see all sorts of claims as to how you wont have to worry about maintenance or slipping on another garage flooring, but most of these are just simply unfounded. In reality, youll likely need to replace one or more tiles entirely, regularly take up the flooring to remove sitting water below, or continually clean the floor after a couple of months in a hopeless attempt to restore how it once looked. As far as slip resistance goes, as the floor fades, it will become increasingly like walking on a PVC pipe, which is certainly slippery; plus, since there are grooves and gaps between the tiles, it becomes difficult to clean oil and water from between them, which can make the surface much more slippery. Again, these problems may not be as major as potentially ruining your tires, bringing mold into your home, or failing to install altogether, but they are still noteworthy issues that should give you reason to pause and reassess
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