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Part 2 is manufactured by Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd.. First of all, designed by our innovative and creative designers, it has a rather appealing appearance which always follows the fashion trend to attract customers. Then, each part of the product will be tested on advanced testing machine to ensure the product can work very well. Finally, it has passed the quality certification and is produced in strict accordance with the international standard. Thus, it is of good quality.Aofei terrazzo tiles has become a strong influencer and competitor in the global market and reaped great fame worldwide. We have begun to explore many innovative ways so as to increase our popularity among other brands and seek for ways to improve our own brand images for many years so that now we have succeeded in spreading our brand influence.The combination of the first-rate product and all-round after-sales service brings us success. At Aofei tiles company, customer services, including customization, packaging and shipment, are constantly maintained for all products, including Part 2.
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How to Create Custom Color Palette in Tableau  Part 2
How to Create Custom Color Palette in Tableau Part 2
In Part 1 of how to Create Custom Color palette in Tableau , we learned that in Tableau we can create two types of Color Palettes • Regular - Used for Dimensions and Discrete Fields • Sequential - Used for Measures or Continuous Fields Step 1: We have created the Custom Regular palette in How to Create Custom Color palette in Tableau - Part 1 Continue the steps after this: Launch Tableau Desktop and Connect to 'Sample Superstore Data.Xls'. Learn how to connect to excel data source Step 2: Select the Orders table to create a Map - Use State from Dimensions and Sales from Measures. Step 3: Create a Map using the above fields and place the Sales field to the Colors Shelf. In the above sheet, you can observe Tableau by default allocates some Color Palette to the Map. Step 4: We can change the color palette of Map, by clicking on Colors shelf and select the Edit Colors Option. In the Palette option, we can see multiple Color palettes provided by Tableau. We can select any one from the list and assign to the Map. If you do not want to go with Tableau provided Color Palettes and would like to create your own custom palette, use Preferences.tps file. Step 6: Navigate to 'My Tableau Repository' Folder under Documents My Tableau Repository, and open Preferences.tps in Notepad. Note: This contains XML script. It can only be open in a text editor, such as Notepad. Step 7: Use the following XML script to create Custom Color Palette using HTML codes of 6 Colors. Step 8: Copy the above Code into the preferences.tps file. Save and close the file. Note: This code will create Custom Color Palette. Notice type= "Ordered Sequential" this will create Sequential Color palette to be used with Continuous or Measure data elements. *** We are adding the ordered sequential palette code to already existing regular type code. We can add as multiple color codes in the preferences.tps file. Step 9: To see the Custom Color palette in Tableau, Close the Tableau desktop Application by saving the workbook and restart the application. Open the saved workbook to apply Created Custom palette for the Map. Follow the same steps of Selecting the Colors Shelf and opening the Edit Colors Option. Select the 'Custom Color palette' present at the bottom in the list of Palette option and assign the palette. It Shows the below colors for the Map. Please see step by step video below:• Other Related Knowledge ofcolor palettes— — — — — —How to create and use color palettes in Inkscape - InfoHeapIt is a quick tutorial on using color palettes (or swatches) and later creating our own custom palettes in Inkscape. Inkscape is a vector graphics drawing tool. Using color palettes lets you group colors you use frequently and put them in palettes for faster editing of drawings. Here are the steps to use and create color palettes: • First create a new document with default or any other settings. • Click on view menu and then click on swatches as shown here: • This will open the color palettes panel on the right hand side as shown here: Now any color from the palette can selected whenever needed. Create a rectangle by clicking on the rectangle tool. And then click on any color in palette to fill that rectangle with selected color. • To change the palette click on "— — — — — —Makeup color palettes and primer's?Go to ebay and search the 120 eyeshadow palette. Its amazing. Shimmers, Glitters and Matte colors. Sells around for 17 bucks and the pans are about penny sized. I love it. For eye primer I would just stick to buying too faced shadow insurance or Urban Decay primer stuff doesnt compare.
Will Restaurants Become the next Brick-and-Mortar Retailers? Part 2
In last weeks blog post we examined the history of online retailing and how restaurants and delivery have become the new focus for online business. In this weeks post, well examine the impact of the smartphone, big data, and why restaurant delivery is now an area of interest for online sellers.My Phone is My Life, My App My MenuThe introduction of the mobile smartphone has radically changed the world in less than ten years. The advent of mobile devices has replaced entertainment options like television, changed social interaction, the way we interact with others (social media), and our consumer behaviors. The phone has become the central means by which many transport themselves (e.g. Uber), conduct banking, and handle many other daily tasks. This trend is particularly noticeable among millennials and Generation Z, the consumers that will drive economic growth going forward. Among these demographics the phone is becoming central to everything they do, and that trend can only be expected to accelerate.Now, the phone and our preferred Apps will become our menus. Diners will increasingly not go to a favorite restaurant. Instead, they will go to Amazon, Uber, GrubHub or Uber. The App will become the menu. New Entrants will increasingly act as an intermediary between the restaurant and the diner. And the restaurant may be a kitchen in a warehouse district, the local grocery store, a food truck, or an independent chef working out of their home. Amazon and others will become the brand, and restaurants increasingly demoted to commoditized kitchens.Does this sound far-fetched? Perhaps. Of course, in 1995 retailers like Macys, Kohls, and Walmart could probably never imagine being forced to close stores because of the Internet. A technology used by 50 Million people around the globe in that year. Could Blockbuster Video have imagined Netflix? Doubtful.Its the Data, Not the DeliveryThe value to a new entrant into the Food Business is not just the value of the food sold, the delivery charge, a service fee, or a percentage of the order amount. Its the Data. Companies like Google thrive because they know what you do, who you are, where you shop, and how you entertain yourself. Increasingly, they will know what you eat. And that data has value. Not just to get you to eat more, or to know what you want to eat. But as a predictor of other consumer behavior, income levels, health outcomes, and other areas of interest to business, governments and other entities.The airline or car company will know where you may travel, or what car you may purchase, based on the type of food you eat. The Health Insurance Provider (and the Government or Employer paying for your health insurance) will take note when you eat one too many bloomin onions. The financial services and life insurance company will set your premiums or calculate your retirement requirements based on your predicted lifespan, based on what you order for dinner. Big data will make it all possible. In short, Google, Uber, and Amazon dont just want to make money selling food or delivery services. They want to know how you behave. Because the data has tremendous value and can be monetized. The value of the data may then be used to subsidize food prices, giving new entrants an additional advantage over traditional restaurants, in addition to controlling the app through which food is ordered, and the infrastructure by which it is delivered. Just as Google gives you Gmail for free, they may subsidize your food purchase in order to learn how you behave and to capture your data. The meal that your order from Amazon may not be free, but it will be cheaper because the food will become a loss leader in order to capture your data, which is of more significant value. Will Restaurants go the way of Brick-and-Mortar Stores?Restaurateurs should take note of changing consumer trends, new consumer behaviors, and new technologies. The potential for disruption is significant. Those that fail to adapt may suffer the same fate already delivered to many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Of course, there will likely always be a place for the traditional restaurant. People will probably always choose to go out to eat at least a portion of the time. But new technologies hold the potential to shift a large portion of the restaurant business to new providers and ways of dining that will take a large percentage of restaurant industry sales. Restaurants that wish to survive in an evolving landscape will need to be innovative and open to new ways of doing business
Best Quartz Uses: Hotel Design Ideas, Part 2
Best Quartz Uses: Hotel Design Ideas, Part 2
Compared to private housing design projects, commercial ones always tend to be more challenging. Because in addition to satisfying the conditions of perfect quality and a few people’s aesthetic preferences, you have to think like a marketer and a psychologist as well. Design and visual appeal play a critical role in some businesses’ success. An example of such an industry that comes to mind first is hospitality. Hardly news to anyone, hotels, whether in-city and business-oriented or beach resorts have to be as comfortable and visually appealing to their audiences as possible. To help our colleagues in the industry and business owners out there, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials has prepared this small series of articles that strive to provide inspiration on the designs and how to combine them with quality building materials. This time it is the new and trendy king of all stone  — quartz. Quartz stone is incredibly versatile, durable, and can satisfy a huge range of color, pattern, and other design preferences. You can read more about it in the context of hotels in our recent article about the pros and cons of using it for hotel design. In Part 1 of the series, we have already shared some amazing ideas on using quartz stone for hotel interior and exterior design. And we are excited to share even more inspiration here. Are you ready to see them? Stay with us. Elegant Quartz Countertops for Kitchens in Luxe Hotel SuitesGorgeous Quartz Table Tops for Hotel Shared Work SpacesAmazing Marble-Like Quartz for In-Hotel Dining and CafesDid the ideas help you decide on what is best for your hotel design? Let us know! Contact us for any inquiries or stone orders today and we will make sure to make your project even more successful.  
Quartz, Granite, or Marble: Which Is Better For A Living Room: Part 2
Quartz, Granite, or Marble: Which Is Better For A Living Room: Part 2
Is quartz stone better than marble for living room design? And how do they compare to granite? Want to know the answers to these questions? You came to the right place. In part 1, we already discussed the importance of choosing the right design and material for living room design and talked about the differences and similarities in quartz’s, granite’s, and marble’s strengths and durability. Keep scrolling to find out even more! AffordabilityGranite is usually a tad cheaper than marble and quartz. While granite countertop prices start at 75 USD per square foot installed, quartz and marble countertops begin at around 100 USD. The price range differs for wall slabs, flooring tiles, and types of each stone, but the general trend remains similar. What About Stains? Quartz stone definitely wins this battle. As an engineered stone, it has a very low porosity level and is practically stain resistant. Granite is also very dense and is pretty resistant to stains and spills. Marble has quite a different story. With its metamorphic attributes, it is a pretty porous material. The porosity of this natural stone may result in it absorbing some materials, such as foods or liquids. For instance, spilled wine may cause a permanent stain if not cleaned up well on time.MaintenanceQuartz StoneThe favorite stone of many due to the minimal maintenance required. No special needs or products are needed to take care of quartz. Which is great news for all the living room owners who choose it. GraniteTo preserve the gorgeous looks of your granite, ensure to keep granite surfaces dirt and grime-free. A soft cloth with warm water and a few drops of an antibacterial detergent will do the job.MarbleIt takes a little more effort to maintain marble, but if you remember these 3 simple steps — your marble products will stay brand new for a long time:Pick the right sealant for your unique needs and reseal marble once water no longer beads.On tables, use cutting boards and coasters and wipe up spills immediately.Stubborn stains may be removed by a poultice paste.So, what is the bottom line? All three types of stone will help you create a magical atmosphere for your living room and will serve you for years due to their high durability. Granite is usually a bit cheaper, and marble requires more maintenance. Want to know which one will work best for your unique project? Contact us today so we can help! 
Modern Living Room Ideas Using Quartz Part 2
Modern Living Room Ideas Using Quartz Part 2
Modern interior designs cannot include natural or engineered natural stone. True or False? False indeed! Not to say that there are various amazing types of stone that come in all kinds of styles, colors, and patterns; natural stone and quartz are also one of the most sustainable building materials, which alone makes it future-proof. In our previous article, we have already begun debunking this myth. Be sure to read it first and when you are done, let us walk you through a couple more gorgeous modern living room design ideas with quartz stone!  Sleek Modern Living Room Design With a Quartz Focal Wall The gray glossy quartz wall is perfectly complemented by the contemporary little statues below it and the luxe yet modest black quartz coffee table. Gray quartz flooring with a slightly different pattern makes the design even more unique and stylish. Gorgeous Futuristic Living Room Design With Quartz Wall SlabsHardly anyone can remain indifferent when seeing this breathtaking design. The phenomenal tall windows, creative chandelier, unbelievable quartz slabs wall & fireplace surround — all work amazingly well together while complementing the beautifully chosen wooden flooring and a large marshmallow-like sofa.  At Xiamen Aofei, the quality of our quartz stone and our clients’ satisfaction are of the highest priority. We regularly conduct quality checks and are always happy to help you with the material and design choice that will make your project even better. Are you ready to create a timeless modern design for your commercial or residential project with our quartz? Contact us today for inquiries and orders!                                                                            
Small Living Room Design Ideas With Quartz: Part 2
Small Living Room Design Ideas With Quartz: Part 2
Undoubtedly, whether it is a house, residential apartment, or a hotel living room — the space plays a significant role in the overall interior experience. And while having a small living room is often the best and the most efficient choice for the owners, it is often a challenge for those who are involved in the design process. The decorations, color palette, building materials, and many more factors have to be taken into the account to ensure the best outcome. The right elements will make the place look more spacious, yet cozy and pleasant, and if you make a mistake — the looks may be disastrous, not to mention the customer (un)satisfaction. So, is there a secret to making an interior design project for a small living room design successful? Surely, it depends on each case, but there are some more universal ideas. Let us walk you through this with some of the great living room design ideas with quartz. First things first, why use quartz stone? To mention a few factors, it is perfect for indoor applications: durability, range of colors, perfect added value, and even more! Check out our recent article to find out more about the pros and cons of quartz for living rooms in particular. Now, to the point! We decided to share with you in this series of articles. In part one, we have already covered two great ideas, and here, we will go on with even more. Are you ready to find out even more of the great ideas and tricks when it comes to the small living room design and see how quartz can help us with them? Then, keep on scrolling.  Save Space by Putting The TV On The Luxury Quartz Accent Wall Use Vertical Decor: A Vertical Quartz Fireplace  Let us know if you want to hear more tips on the topic! Are you ready to enhance your project, whether it is a small living room or something else — reach out today for help, questions, and orders! 
Best Quartz for Living Room Design: Part  2
Best Quartz for Living Room Design: Part 2
Every living room is different. As designers, architects, and other industry professionals, we know how many factors have to be taken into account when making a design or material choice decision. Besides the practical things such as budget, timing, location, there are also the target audience needs, the clients’ preferences, and the overall picture and design of the apartment, house, or a hotel suite. It would be impossible to find one material that would satisfy every unique situation. However, there are a few building materials that come quite close, one of them is an engineered material — quartz stone. Quartz has conquered many professionals’ hearts and within a few decades has become one of the most popular choices for various countertops solutions. But that is definitely not all — quartz stone has a large array of uses, including the living room design. In the previous  Aofei Quartz Stone blog articles, we have already discussed the main pros and cons of quartz for living rooms and had a whole 3-part series of articles with the best uses of quartz for this special space in a house. As we have already discussed in part one of this article, not all types of quartz stone are equally popular for the living room and interior design uses. To help you with some inspiration on the trends side, we have prepared these two articles with a selection of the best and most popular quartz types for living room design.  Make sure to check out the beginning here come back to this piece when you are ready for more!Concrete Gray Quartz StonePure White Quartz StoneCalacatta Borghini Quartz StoneDid these articles help you identify the right stone just for your project? If so, and if you have more questions — contact us today so our experts can help you make your interior design even better!
How to Best Use Quartz in Living Room Designs? Part 2
How to Best Use Quartz in Living Room Designs? Part 2
Quartz stone is a versatile building material. While architects and interior designers have been praising it for over a decade, as the best option for countertops, there is much more to this stone. In the previous Aofei Quartz blog article, our experts have broken down the main pros and cons of using quartz for a living room. To follow up on the topic even further, and provide some inspiration both for our industry colleagues and motivated homeowners, we have created this selection that answers the question of how to best use quartz in living room designs. Make sure to check out Part 1 first, and when you are ready for more, keep on scrolling.  Quartz Stone Coffee TableThis gorgeous concrete-like coffee table is a perfect addition to the colorful and elegant design. Quartz Stone Accent WallA luxury Calacatta quartz accent wall is the perfect focal point for such an interior.Quartz Living Room FlooringThis black and white flooring creates a gorgeous base for creative design solutions. We hope that this selection has given you some inspiration on how to take advantage of the best qualities of quartz stone in your project design. Our clients’ satisfaction is of paramount concern to us, that’s why, with these blog articles, we strive to provide added value for our clients and beyond. But that is of course not all. We are always ready to answer any questions you have about engineered and natural stone, what would work best for your interior or exterior design, and others! Contact us now for any individual inquiries you have or to place an order! 
Porcelain vs Quartz Floor Tile: Part 2
Porcelain vs Quartz Floor Tile: Part 2
Interior designers and other industry professionals know how challenging and important choosing the right flooring for commercial and residential projects can be. To decide on the style,color, and material you have to take an array of factors into consideration, from your client’s unique needs to the material’s special characteristics. To make the whole process easier for both interior designers and project managers, Xiamen Aofei Building Material professionals have prepared these articles on two great building materials: porcelain vs. quartz.In Part 1, we  explored the properties and value of both materials. Today, we will walk you through the differences and similarities in the maintenance and cost of the two.  Both porcelain and quartz offer a wide range of colors and textures, which makes the choice between them even tougher.Maintenance Porcelain vs. QuartzBoth are non-porous materials which makes the maintenance process much easier.  Porcelain and quartz floor tile surfaces are resistant to most stains, so dusting and wiping the floor with a damp cloth regularly is enough for the materials to look brand new for decades.CostQuartz Floor TileThe price of quartz floor tile can vary depending on the type of quartz, size, supplier, and manufacturer. However, as a more high-end material, quartz usually costs more than porcelain and even granite. Porcelain Floor TileAs with quartz, the cost of porcelain floor tile can also vary significantly depending on the manufacturers, brands, and designs. However, generally, due to the lower value, porcelain is more affordable than quartz. To sum up, while the cost of quartz floor tiles is higher than that of the porcelain ones, and the maintenance requirements are pretty simple for both materials, the value that quartz adds to the projects and the higher durability always pay off.  Are you ready to make your project even more successful with our quart floor tile? Contact us today for orders and consultations!
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