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Which Color of This Dress Should I Get?
Which Color of This Dress Should I Get?
Which color of this dress should I get?I think you should go for a black dress, keep it simple, especially if you are going with those shoes. Maybe wear a contrasting belt around your waist or maybe a cardigan or smart blazer. Keep all accessories to a minimum, you could get something that matches the shoes. If you really do not want to go for the black, go for the dark blue maybe? Hope I helped in someway! :)— — — — — —What color dress should I get?Both colors would like very chic and minimalistic on you, you just need to accent in different ways. White- I suggest using sliver as you other color. Sliver heels, sliver eye shadow, sliver clutch etc. White would also create a very nice contrast with your hair if lift down, or if it was pulled into one of those chic ponytails all slimmed back and straight :) Black- I would accent using red, it creates a very dramatic effect. Black could also bring out other shades in your hair, since alot of people I have seen with black hair have like purple or blue undertones. Plum would also be a good accent color. For a black dress I would suggest a smokey eye using greys, blacks, and slivers.— — — — — —Makeup Ideas for Black Dress?I think that a white eye shadow or silver smokey eye would look great. A little bit of blush and a red lipstick with a nice gloss would defiantly be a nice bright touch and would be great with a light skin tone. I would also do thick eye liner with a bit of a wing at the end.— — — — — —Simple Halloween costume for a teenage girl?A dead angel,simpss;) just need a black dress, black tights or socks and some wings you can get from clairs accessories,then batter it kinda(:xx— — — — — —I'm going to a party what do I wear?if you have a black dress, you could find a gold waist belt girls always look good in those,— — — — — —Should I wear black at a wedding?It does not matter much what the guests wear to a wedding. I have worn a black dress with a colorful scarf. There is no reason that black would be inappropriate. In some cultures this is actually the custom to wear black to a wedding and white to a funeral. Do not allow others to tell you what is or what is not OK to wear, I have seen people in blue jeans at a wedding for Pete's sake. If you know the bride or at least her colors, try to use something that compliments her colors. It would be more inappropriate to wear a bright red or something loud to a funeral. Rule of thumb, just never wear anything that would outshine the bride. Remember younger people are not the prudes that older generations were about this.— — — — — —Torn Between ???Congrats on your wedding. I would not pair a black dress with anything that's too dark or the overall effect will be a little too gothy. Rather, I would pick a lighter color or combo of colors to create contrast with the dresses. You could even go so far as to throw some white in. The more you contrast against the black dress, the better it will look in your wedding photos as well.— — — — — —A semi-formal goth dress that will look right on a black chick?black girl with a black dress you may blend in to the blackground. I found white is a nice contrast on dark skinned girls. at least I am assuming you are a girl..— — — — — —What would i wear with this?the possiblities are endless. you could wear a black dress any solid color dress, black shoes (never wear white shoes with it) , any color pencil skrt, with a white top and coordinating shoes, ok, lets say a turqouise pencil skirt white button down, and turquoise and black shoes and a yellow clutch. :o)— — — — — —i have an even to go to this friday it says attire cocktail...what exactly is that?You can never go wrong with a black dress and heels— — — — — —Black dress to a wedding?Very cute and since it's not all black, I would wear it to a wedding— — — — — —Silver heels with a black dress?Yes, they will look great
Red Shoes with This Black Dress?
Red Shoes with This Black Dress?
Red shoes with this black dress?i think the silver ones will go better but you are sure to look dazzling either way so hope i could help xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo— — — — — —help accessorise this black dress?I am a big fan of necklaces, but I have to agree with the previous, that neckline would be way too busy. Unless maybe it was a really short silver chain with a VERY TINY charm of some kind. *shrug* Personally I would do boots, but that's just 'cause I love boots with everything, haha. Um, I have a pair of heels that would KILL with that dress. lol. They are probably too punk for you though, but something strappy would be nice, maybe a "lace up the leg" like ballet slippers, you know? But again, that's just my personal taste kicking in. :p And personally I would probably do a leather jacket, but that's likely not your cup of tea either, haha. Actual recommendation: I would say go with silver bangle-style bracelets (just a few on each side) and a shawl. Strappy heals and DEFINATELY get a matching manicure-pedicure in black or silver. Unless you want a "bam" of color, in which case I would recommend red or blue.— — — — — —What Style/Color of Dress would you go for with this fascinator?Even though it is spring you said.i think a black dress would look best and for accessories i would try to bring in pink with this outfit by getting a pink belt to go oer your dress and pink earrings(if your ears r pierced) and a matching necklace and bracelet. if you can.find some off-white shoes with pink buckles or something or add your own buckles.— — — — — —White Tux and Black Dress?Whiteouts can be interesting, but for a more casual look, a blue shirt, black tie, and black shoes is a pretty safe bet— — — — — —What To Wear On Valentine’s DayValentine's Day is here again and most of the ladies might be wondering what to wear. So here are some of the outfit options for you to nail Valentine's Day outfit. If you have already decided what to wear and have bought you dress you can book FemaleAdda tailor services at home to get your dress altered. Lace Dress: — Lace dresses are perfect for valentine's days as they are the perfect blend of sophistication and elegance. They make you look more feminine and chic. Make sure to not overdo it keep it simple with minimum accessories. Choose colors like off white instead of blue and team it up with a pearl set.Red Dress: — Red is the colors of Valentine's Day, so why not wear a red dress. Choose red and you can never go wrong with it. Also, studies suggest that red color can help you boost confidence. You can accessories your red dress with black pump sandals. Always choose a knee length or shorter dress. Calf-length dresses can overpower most body figures.Black Dress: — Black is the obvious choice for most of us. As it looks sexy and also makes us look slimmer. You can also accessories a lot with a black dress for e.g. choosing colored accessories with colors like white and silver.Sequined Dress: — The sequined dress is the perfect choice if you are going for a dinner date at night. Sequined Dress looks great but the only thing you need to take care of is what you are pairing it with. Make sure that your dress does not have an overly trendy silhouette. Also, sticks to one color. You can choose from the classic colors of sequined dresses such as golden, silver and black. Polka Dots: — Polk dots are the classic retro fashion. The best way to wear polka dots is to get a full polka dress up to knee length. Make sure to use solid colors accessories so that they do not clash with the polka dots prints.— — — — — —Why does my boyfriend want to see me in a black dress?A black dress, or a "little black dress" is a current fashion trend that in cases can be immodest and revealing— — — — — —i have a black dress?It depends - it would not be appropriate if the event only lasted a couple of hours, but if the event goes on into the late evening, then it could be appropriate. Your dress sounds like an indoor dress, but it also depends on what fabric it is - if it's something cottony or stretchy, then that's more casual and o.k. but if it's a dressy dress, then perhaps try something like a casual dress.
If I Had Pink Hair, Wore a Black Dress and Fish Net Leggings.. Could I Pull Off Being Avril Lavigne
If I had pink hair, wore a black dress and fish net leggings.. could I pull off being Avril Lavigne for Halloween?If you are interested in dressing up as Avril Lavigne, I would suggest going with her earlier style. Plaid skirt and tie around your neck like this -- nIf I had pink hair, wore a black dress and fish net leggings.. could I pull off being Avril Lavigne for Halloween?.— — — — — —Make-up and fashion tips for shoulder length all-over pink hair?omg im jealous i want pink hair. and you are gorgeous. keep it simple. just eyeliner and lip gloss. use like white eyeshadow. your hair will make up for the color not on your face =)— — — — — —How can I turn my hot pink hair into a deep burgundy shade?if you have blonde hair this will naturally get bleached by the sun in the summer. There has been this guy in my class who also had golden blonde hair that was a medium brown near the base. When he came back to school after summer vacation, it was almost platinum blonde!.— — — — — —who is the vocaloid with 03 on her left arm and long, straight pink hair?That would be Megurine Luka— — — — — —does anyone have any advice for bleaching black (currently pink) hair?I do not think so. Color Oops is just for if you mess up and the color turned out bad. You are going to have to bleach it to get it pink— — — — — —i got expelled for having pink hair, is that legal?No,Its not Legally Or Morally right 1-Its legally wrong because Youre entiltled to Freedom Of Expression,Not to mention this is a free nation and we have the right to be ourselves 2-Its morally wrong because Its not A Disruption whatsoever,Whoever stops learning because theyre distracted by your hair is in their own fault for not paying attention,its their fault not yours,Its in no way right that someone took away education fro m you and dehumanized you basically because you wanted a little color in your hair,Its absolutely stupid Not to mention Ive died my hair Black,Pink,Green,Purple,And Red[Different times though]AND wore black eyeliner,and Im a guy and Ive never got in any trouble for it Words cant describe hao disgusted I am at whoever your Principal for that school is *UPDATE* If not mine,You should DFEINITELY give twoodshair the best answer,Shes 100% right =)— — — — — —how to color light pink hair dark red?It will help if you use a full strength dye- not a semipermanent. Also make sure you are leaving it in long enough and not rinsing too soon. Following a red dye with a color boosting conditioner like one from Aveda (they have several red shades) or a vegetable base dye (works like a semipermanent dye without chemicals and adds shine) can work wonders.— — — — — —Anyone know the anime name of the pink-haired chick on the preveiws of Blue Seed?The only thing that comes to my mind is All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV or the OVA. Go to and look it up and see if that is it.— — — — — —kind of a weird survey, have fun?My 95lb male boxer with a giant head and strong jaws, and a need to protect us. Nope. I watched Dusk til Dawn. Prosthetic leg AND a African grey. They are smarter than Macaws. I never had a secret lover, nor would I. All those suggestions are completely appropriate. Vaseline and lace. That's right. *drops it like it's hot* I do not have that problem anymore since putting a sign in the door saying "Christian Residence. Please no solicitations from Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses"...It's been THREE YEARS since they have come to our door. I want pink hair, and pink lips. My lips are awesome. Confess to my kids, then ask my daughter how the kitties got outside. She knows they are INDOOR kitties! Of course, we have to get a replacement kitten a.s.a.p. Totally discourages. I do not roller-coasters any damn way.— — — — — —WHAT PINK HAiR DO YOU LIKE BETTER??????(PICTURES)?Fuschia Shock or Cotton Candy for suree!— — — — — —Can I bleach over my pink hair?I've had this prblem myself not exactly but my hair is natural black and I bleached it out and died it purple and it stained my hair so i had purple hair for a very long time -.- I wouldnt suggest bleaching it unless you wait a little bit and before you do you deep condition really really well since youve put so much damage on your hair deep condition leave in conditioner maybe not drying your hair for a few days and also if you take vineger on your wet hair for no more than 3 minutes then wash it out normally it will help get your hair back on track (just dont use that method unless you have damaged hair or it will damage healthy hair) Once your hair is healthy again I still wouldnt suggest bleaching it but if you are going to then would be the time. what I would tell you to do is you shimmering lights shampoo it will look purple in the bottle or you can buy the generic brand of shimmering lights its the exact same thing but cheaper for me and a few other people I know once they used it and myself the color washed right out after a few weeks of using it and it turned, for me anyway. a very very light, almost white color from there you can make it any color you would like c: Hva efun be careful. hope this helped
Black Dress with Silver Or Black Heels?
Black dress with silver or black heels?Black Dress With Silver Heels— — — — — —Black TideBlack Tide was an American heavy metal band from Kendall, Florida, United States. Formed in 2004, the band consists of Gabriel Garcia (lead vocals and lead guitar), Austin Diaz (guitar and vocals) and Cody Paige (drums). They released their debut album, Light from Above, on March 18, 2008 through Interscope Records when Garcia was 15 years old. Their second album, Post Mortem, was released on August 23, 2011. Black Tide's EP Bite the Bullet was released on November 12, 2013 by InnerCat Music Group, a Miami-based boutique label. On October 16, 2015 band released their last album Chasing Shadows. On July 22, 2016 Gabriel Garcia announced on his Instagram that the band is over and he is concentrating on his solo project— — — — — —Do black people call themselves black or...?This is going back into the 1960's - and the "colored" persons have been finding around for a be conscious that they had extremely have used. They landed on "black" - which i presumed substitute into strange because of the fact "black" could have been a sort of insult until eventually now that factor. besides, this substitute into very lots area of the Civil Rights stream - and it substitute into an somewhat conscious determination of the term. presently thereafter, "Black is pleasing" grew to become universal— — — — — —Black BeautyBlack Beauty: His Grooms and Companions, the Autobiography of a Horse is an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell. It was composed in the last years of her life, during which she remained in her house as an invalid. The novel became an immediate best-seller, with Sewell dying just five months after its publication, but having lived long enough to see her only novel become a success. With fifty million copies sold, Black Beauty is one of the best-selling books of all time. While forthrightly teaching animal welfare, it also teaches how to treat people with kindness, sympathy, and respect. In 2003, the novel was listed at number 58 on the BBC's survey The Big Read. It is seen as a forerunner of the pony book.— — — — — —Keeping Black Horses JET black?A true black horse will not fade. You can feed paprika and keep your horse inside during the day. Keeping your horse inside will greatly increase your hay cost though. It will help keep your horse darker.— — — — — —Why are black holes not called black stars?They were called dark stars in the old days, and that name was sort of more accurate, because all black holes are really just magnetic eternally collapsing objects. The star that creates a black hole is still there. The light is just redshifted— — — — — —Black dress, black flats with purple tights?Well, it depends on your personality. If you are bright, clever, and weird in a good way (like I am. That's why I just love neon colors. Dark colors easily bore me), then, yes, definitely wear the tights. If you are the classic, simple type, I would suggest you to wear tan tights instead. But, to tell you the truth, the purple would clash with the black, so maybe you could wear some thick bangles to match the orchid purple. Maybe some matching earring could string the outfit together? Also, the most important accessory you need up on that stage is your smile! Smile bright, show that light! Hope I helped! You go rock that audience! peace, Mimi — — — — — —Poll question: Okay Non Blacks: Black Films?I will go with options 2 and 3. Black films mostly have the same cast, and they mostly have the same themes (which is why I put option 3). It's not worth spending $12 to watch in theaters when the results are not much different. Not to say I enjoy them, but they are also not worth spending money on. I think black actors and actresses have the range to be in leading roles in serious movies, but they prefer to be typecast (or the more common reason that the industry is racist). Vivica Fox is a perfect example. She only does straight to DVD movies now.— — — — — —Back in BlackBack in Black is the seventh studio album by Australian rock band AC/DC. It was released on 25 July 1980 by Albert Productions and Atlantic Records. It is the band's first album to feature vocalist Brian Johnson, following the death of previous vocalist Bon Scott. After the commercial breakthrough of their 1979 album Highway to Hell, AC/DC was planning to record a follow-up, but in February 1980, Scott died from alcohol poisoning after a drinking binge. Instead of disbanding, they decided to continue on and recruited Johnson, who was previously vocalist for Geordie. The album was composed by Johnson, Angus and Malcolm Young, and recorded over seven weeks in the Bahamas from April to May 1980 with producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who had worked on their previous album. Following its completion, the group mixed Back in Black at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The album's all-black cover was designed as a "sign of mourning" for Scott. As their sixth international studio release, Back in Black was an unprecedented success. It has sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide. It is one of the best-selling albums in music history. The band supported the album with a yearlong world tour, cementing them among the most popular music acts of the early 1980s. The album also received positive critical reception during its initial release, and it has since been included on numerous lists of "greatest" albums. Since its original release, the album has been reissued and remastered multiple times, most recently for digital distribution. On 9 December 2019, it was certified 25x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Anyone Know of Any Sites That Have Info About Making a Gingerbreadhouse but Decorating It to Be a Ha
Anyone know of any sites that have info about making a gingerbreadhouse but decorating it to be a haunted one?No sites, but ideas. Use dark frosting, and white piping for spider webs. Using a piping tool, make dried grasses and wilted flower stems in the flower beds, with squashed M & M's for wilted flowers. Black string licorice would work, too. Make broken windows out of flat chocolate bars. cocoa powder or chocolate drink mix makes good dust. crumbled Oreo cookies (without frosting middle) make good dirt. If you can get or make uncolored cotton candy, that would also make good spider webs. toasted shredded coconut would make good dried grass. Shingles from small chocolate squares or square cookies dusted with cocoa powder or chocolate drink mix powder.— — — — — —who is prettier zendaya or the one in the black dress?The one in black dress is prettier..she looks like a younger version of Blake lively— — — — — —Can I wear a black dress to prom?You can wear it, but I would not advise it. At your young age, black is too severe and not youthful. You should be thinking more bright and colorful, something to flatter your youth. Also, black is not flattering on blondes. Red, is a more flattering color, especially if you have green eyes— — — — — —What do i wear to a wedding??Black dress is fine, so is black skirt with a cute top. Stay away from the white shoes with that, though. Go tall, celebrate your fabulous height.— — — — — —Ladies, if a guy friend lost a Halloween French Maid bet to you what if anything would you expect him to wear?Black dress, white apron around the waist, little white cap :P And black shoes— — — — — —How to brighten up a black dress for a wedding?Black dress for a wedding would only be okay if it's an evening wedding. Black is a very elegant color and if you try to brighten it up with jewelry it would only be with elegant jewels. Such as pearls, elegant clutch bag and plumps. Morning weddings and black does not mix even if you try to brighten it up with accesories because it would look too dressed up (Morning weddings are not usually dress up wedding)— — — — — —What should I wear saturday?black dress one sleeve with jewels— — — — — —What colored shoes would go best with a black dress?Dark brown or white is a good combination for black dress. :)— — — — — —what should i wear to a semi formal workBlack dress?— — — — — —What Should I wear New Year's Eve night in New Orleans?black dress and sparkly clutch bag— — — — — —Which Dress Should I Wear?i would wear black dress with silver/grey shoes and a little bag— — — — — —a dress that would suit me best?? *not the type to dress up*?black dress and heels always work— — — — — —HELP!! I Need a Halloween Costume!!?80s girl with leg warmers, sweat band, ripped side tshirt or sweater, and colorful glasses or braceletes cowgirl/hick with bandanna for neck, cowboy hat, brown boots, daisy dukes or jean skirt, plaid dress shirt, lasso/rope, toy gun, pigtails flapper girl: black dress and a head band with feather, pearls, boa, stockings— — — — — —Can I wear a black dress to a wedding?Of course you can! Lots of people wear black to weddings! Just be sure not to wear wear, because you do not want to attract the attention away from the bride. Have an amazing time! =]— — — — — —Do I look fat to you?In black dress you looking some fatty and you need to reduce the weight and should look fit. So try any exercise or activity that will help you to reduce the weight if you can— — — — — —I need help with this one!!!!!!!!?the style that is most popular now is a turtle neck dress with a waist belt. i suggest black dress with red belt and red high heels. if you are looking for something more formal, you gotta visit some local stores, depending on your location. one with flat stomach will look good in any dress, trust me— — — — — —Which color dress will look better on me?I think both dresses will look good on you. But i suggest you to wear black dress. You will be look beautiful in this— — — — — —what dress should i wear in front of my crush?Black dress. Period
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