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When Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is mentioned, brick lights b&q emerges as the most excellent product. Its position in the market is consolidated by its tremendous performance and long-lasting lifespan. All the above-mentioned characteristics come as a result of endless efforts in technological innovation and quality control. The defects are eliminated in each section of the manufacturing. Thus, the qualification ratio can be up to 99%.Aofei terrazzo tiles products have helped us enlarge the brand influence in the global market. A number of customers claim that they have received more benefits thanks to the guaranteed quality and favorable price. As a brand that focuses on word-of-mouth marketing, we spare no efforts to take the 'Customer First and Quality Foremost' into serious consideration and expand our customer base.Through Aofei tiles company, our team will provide insight on trend intelligence while providing top-of-the-line R & D, quality assurance, and manufacturing capabilities to offer the best brick lights b&q at the most competitive pricing.
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The Genius in the Basics
I have a favorite cafe. it has brick walls and wooden tables and big windows that fill with light.I went there today to meet a friend. I had a matcha latte. my friend had the baristas choice. some combination of espresso and candied orange and seltzer.the barista is really good. he makes amazing drinks created from the oddest assortment of ingredients. but he wasnt always good. when he started, he practiced grinding beans and steaming milk and making shots of espresso.eventually he became so skilled in the fundamentals that making coffee turned into art.the barista makes up recipes. he candies oranges for some of the recipes and adds different types of milk or bitters or juices. he can do this because he started with the basics.these days we want to skip the basics. we want to be masters or teachers or experts. we want to make the six figures or have the thousands of fans or get the gallery exhibits. robert greene, author of Mastery, writes:this hunger for the magical shortcut has survived to our day in the form of simple formulas for success, ancient secrets finally revealed in which a mere change of attitude will attract the right energy[.] In the end all of this searching is centered on something that doesnt existthe effortless path to practical power, the quick and easy solution, the El Dorado of the mind.there is no quick fix. no easy solution. no effortless path. the way to get where you want to go takes time. it starts with the basics. how to make a good cup of coffee. thats where it starts.
Light Is the Future of Brick and Mortar
Traditional retail stores have many disadvantages over their online counterparts. Online stores are always open and available everywhere, offer a high number of references and rely on digital tools, benefiting from a whole arsenal of technologies in the cloud, including artificial intelligence, to customize offers to customers. The current revolution in the field of logistics makes delivery in one day, or even the same day, available in many places. But new technologies marrying mobile applications, localization based on indoor lighting and data analytics allow physical stores not to be outdone and to improve significantly the shopper experience. They can add the benefits of digital marketing to immediate, personalized service and an immersive experience.Lighting Based Indoor PositioningAt the heart of the digitalization of the brick and mortar stores is accurate indoor positioning, in order to help customers find their way within the space and to deliver them well calibrated information. Location is provided by interaction with the customers cellular phones in several ways. The GPS function of a phone is very imprecise or altogether absent indoor. WiFi offers a precision of 5 to 15m and dedicated Bluetooth beacons 1 to 10m. But the best accuracy, in the order of 10 to 30 cm is obtained with light communication technologies, the interaction of a phone with ambient visible light provided by LED fixtures.With LED lighting, a store can benefit from energy savings, a superior lighting quality which has a proven impact on the act of purchase but also, and without substantial investment, an infrastructure of digitalization. The communication technology is embedded in LED luminaires, eliminating the need for additional hardware components such as stand-alone beacons that require separate installation, maintenance, and power. This technology is ideal for creating powerful software services, in particular high-value mobile applications. Imagine walking into a retail store and pulling up your stores loyalty app, synchronizing with your shopping list and then having all of those items show up on a map with a line that is the optimal path to all of them. Thats possible because with light based localization at the 10cm level, navigation in buildings and shopping centers can bring directly to the desired product. By combining this information with RF communication (4G or WiFi), contextual content such as coupons, promotions or any relevant information (recipes ) can be pushed to the client to trigger engagement. This makes it also possible to create a link automatically between online searches and offline physical presence.A particularly promising and untapped opportunity is to link the customers location with instant feedback to generate more granular information about performance and satisfaction. The creation of heat maps with such a fine level of precision is important to generate a rich set of analytics and approach the very high level of agility of digital stores. A potential high value application is the ability for store owners to reconfigure space within stores whenever performance declines and increase their ROI.How does that work ?Lucibel, a Lighting Networks manufacturer leader in Light Communications technologies, has developed a positioning technology that combines precision, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. There are multiple ways to encode information into light, and they all involve some modulation of the amplitude, frequency or phase of the electromagnetic field . The modulation scheme used for this application is On-Off Keying. The information encoded into the visible light is an identifier specific to each luminaire, so that, once the signal is detected by the receiver, the users device can be positioned in the tagged illuminated area with a few meters precision, depending on the ceilings height. An additional algorithm gives, through analysis of the angle of arrival technique, the position in the light beam at the 10 cm precision level.This way, the customers device disposes of its relative position with respect to the stores tagged lighting fixtures map. It is then straightforward to display the absolute position on the store map or any map application. But the main innovation lies in the fact that the receiver is the camera of the mobile phone of the user. The bit rate required to transmit the location information is very small, of the order of a few kb / s, and there is no need, such as with high speed LiFi, for dedicated high performance electronics. The detection is based on the fact that, in mobile phones CMOS imaging sensors, the capture of an image is done not at once, but pixel line by pixel line according to the principle of rolling shutter. The values are archived in a buffer memory, and when all the lines have been processed, the image is reconstituted in its entirety and displayed at a speed of 20 to 30 frames per second.The front or selfie camera is activated by the store or a mapping application, distinct from the photo application, so that the sequence of images taken in burst is not visible to the user. By making the light modulation frequency lower than the display frequency of the image and greater than the flicker frequency, the identification code of the luminaire can be inserted into each image taken. The images as such are of no interest and will most often be images of the ground or walls, given the angle of view.Visible light localization, in addition to its unparalleled precision, offers a very short response time of around 100ms, offering a smooth navigation, an absolute orientation once combined with the stores lighting fixtures map and, like LiFi, guarantees the absence of interference and signal quality even in the presence of many users.And when theres no light ?Although this is not really a problem for the use cases considered that involve the interaction of the user with his phone, it is obvious that the technology of localization by light does not work when the receiver is hidden, in a purse for example. In this case, WiFi and Bluetooth take over in background for a coarse localization. The integration of Bluetooth beacons in a part of the luminaires is easy to achieve and benefits from the luminaires power supply.The hybridization of light and RF technologies makes sense for the development of heat maps and continuity in data collection if the customer is passive. Conversely, the optical tracking allows for precise measurement of the power of the RF signal in real time, which avoids expensive manual surveys.Other use casesLight based indoor localization is a fit for many use cases. It is intended to be deployed beyond the retail sector in offices, industry, hospitals, transport and cultural venues. In museums for example, it will be the basis of new generations of audio guides to ensure triggering precise contextual information in front of works of art, to be displayed for example on Augmented Reality glasses.In the industry, asset tracking has a fundamental role in process optimization. Robots needs extreme precision, especially when they are brought to hospitals or warehouses, for example, to act together and safely with humans. In this regard, it should be noted that the light localization technology is the only one that ensures a precise location along the vertical axis, in 3D, using the arrival directions of the light beams.A bright futureLED Lighting is where the internet was in the 80s. Just as we could not then have predicted what the internet is now, 30 years later, so we cannot foresee all that light and lighting will become in the next decades. But one thing is sure: LEDs are intrinsically digital devices, and so the lighting infrastructure is naturally a backbone for information, and this goes beyond smart lighting.Retail business and building owners must factor in their lighting technology choice what additional value it can bring, beyond lighting. Whereas brick and mortar stores have been promised a grim future, by choosing localization enabled lighting networks, they can reboot their business for years to come and give themselves a chance to thrive and even overcome some of their digital competitors. To learn more about the technologyGhassemlooy, Luo and Zvanovec. Optical Camera Communications. Optical Wireless Communications. Springer International Publishing, 2016. p547568.Danakis et al. Using a CMOS camera sensor for visible light communication. Globecom Workshops. IEEE, 2012.Do and Yoo. An in-depth survey of visible light communication based positioning systems. Sensors 16. 5 (2016): 678. Zhang. Localisation, communication and networking with VLC: challenges and opportunities. preprint arXiv:1709.01899 (2017)
Waffle House Is still the Answer
Like lucid dreaming, the wave-particle duality of light, twinkies and Donald Trump, there may be no rational explanation for why people crave Waffle House. You walk in, the floors are sticky, you can practically see the perspiration from the line cooks brow drop onto your toast and odds are youve known someone whos gone into cardiac arrest in there. Has the FDA seen this place?Ive never had a problem eating at Waffle House. In fact, I view eating Waffle House as a sort spiritual exercise where I consume this base, corrosive substance and train my body to turn it into positive energy. Its a Buddhist concept I picked up in college, likely between joints, where you turn negative thoughts, events, etc. into positive things by flipping your perspective on them. In the much more esoteric realms of Buddhism, stories are told of men who have trained themselves to gain sustenance from the sun alone. Or, about men who can consume toxic poisons without dying because they apply these principles of mind over matter, willing themselves to overcome the shortcomings of their humanness.It starts out simple and all. You get rejected by a girl and you flip the script to say well now I have enough time to beat the final boss in Zelda or something like that. You advance stage by stage, flipping every negative thing that happens so that you come out on top until youre trying to drink a bottle of Drain-O without throwing it back up. At this point your friends become concerned and you stop wearing red robes and shaving your head bald. Youll then throw all those new age books in the trash and start exercising and listening to the Beastie Boys. So anyway, back to Waffle House. Waffle House is fantastic and aside from being a spiritual exercise, its food like all other food so it keeps you alive.The appeal of Waffle House is akin to the appeal of analog music in this age of electronic music. Electronic music is clean, concise, nearly perfect. Analog music is subject to more error because humans are operating the instruments and humans try to drink bottles of Drain-O believing that they have the power within them to ignore the basic, toxic chemicals in the substance despite the fact that Drain-O is powerful enough to dissolve months of pubic hair buildup and your stomach can barely handle a second piece of pizza.Computers, if given access to all the facts that your average human has about Drain-O would never try and swallow it unless compelled by some insane, self-destructive force.Enough about Drain-O. There is no rational connection between it and Waffle House. But, on second thought, werent we addressing the irrational nature of our desire for Waffle House? Maybe there is something here.Maybe, metaphorically speaking of course, Waffle House is the Drain-O of the southern food canon No. That wont work.Bah.Lets drop it.The fact is:I fucking love Waffle House
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