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PLEASE HELP ME I AM SO STRESSED OUT! IF U SMART THEN PLEASE HELP ME! I LOOKED EVERYWHERE BUT I CANT FIND IT!!!?1)Renewable resourses are best for our planet as they do not use up natural reasourses, saving them for future generations, however almost all renewable resourses have their sceptics. For instance, many people are opposed to the placing of wind turbines near their land as they can obscure the veiw. The same applys for damming rivers. Other people argue that photovoltaic planels use up more energy in their manafacture than they will create in their lifetime, suggesting instead that water-heating solar panels are better. Not everyones plumbing system will accomodate this, however and the cost is often large. 2)The greatest concerns, however, come from non-renewable rescourses. Thease are resourses that once used up cannot be replaced, such as oil, gas, coal, and some people also veiw nuclear to fall into this catagory. The majority of our energy comes from thease sources, however within 50 years, they may have run out. If we have not come up with more renewable energy soultions by then, we will be left without power. Particually in the developing world, wars could be started over this. The other questions are basically re-wording what i have allready given you. For 3 & 4, rwrite about the green power movement, and 5&6 you basically just need to put what i said for the first two. EDIT: oh and i didnt see the minig question, ok, talk about coal mining, and how it is important as it provides energy, particually in the past and in eastern europe. Talk about how poorer countries reley on coal mining for power, and find an example.— — — — — —Black Diamond Coal Mining RailroadThe Black Diamond Coal Mining Railroad was 5.9 miles (9.5 km) long and ran from Black Diamond Landing, California (now part of the city of Pittsburg, California) to Nortonville, California. It was owned and operated by the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company and therefore did not have its own official name. Over the years, it has been known by at least four different names. (A report prepared by the State in the 1880s referred to it as both the "Black Diamond Coal Mining Railroad Company" and the "Black Diamond Railroad." It has also been referred to as the "Black Diamond Coal Company Railroad" and the "Black Diamond Coal and Railroad Company.") The railroad was built by Gold Rush-era civil engineer and artist Sherman Day, and opened for service in 1868 primarily to serve the Black Diamond Coal Mine at Nortonville. At the town of Cornwall, California the railroad crossed the tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad using an overhead trestle. It was mostly standard gauge, however there was a small segment that was narrow gauge from the mine portals to coal bunkers. The railroad had four locomotives, two built in San Francisco by H. J. Booth at the Union Iron Works, one built in San Francisco by Vulcan Iron Works and one from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Three locomotives had names: The D. O. Mills (named after Darius Ogden Mills), the Hayward (named after Alvinza Hayward), and the Black Diamond. One locomotive was a narrow-gauge engine that was used to bring mine cars from the mine portals to the bunkers. Trains ran by gravity from Nortonville to Black Diamond Landing because it was all downhill. The railroad was abandoned in about 1885 when the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company closed its mine at Nortonville and moved all of its employees to another of the Company's mines at Black Diamond, Washington Territory. In 1888, two of its locomotives, the D. O. Mills and the Black Diamond were transferred to the Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad ("BB&BC") in the state of Washington. The BB&BC was a company that had strong ties to the Black Diamond Coal Mining Company because the two companies had the same management. The locomotive named Hayward was sold for scrap. Today, part of the old roadbed can still be seen along Nortonville Road between Pittsburg, California and Nortonville. What it looks like on google maps present day The terminus at Nortonville is now a historic preserve managed by the East Bay Regional Park District.
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. V. Chicago & Erie Railroad Co.
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. v. Chicago & Erie Railroad Co.Berwind-White Coal Mining Company v. Chicago and Erie Railroad Company, 235 U.S. 371 (1914), was a United States Supreme Court case involving a suit over demurrage of an Erie Railroad car used by Berwind-White Coal Mining Company to transport coal. The Court asserted that the filing of rates with the Interstate Commerce Commission complied with the notice requirements of the Act to Regulate Commerce and the point of reconsignment was clear under the company's usual practice for many years. .— — — — — —Guido Mine and Coal Mining MuseumThe Guido mine, Polish: Zabytkowa Kopalnia Wgla Kamiennego is a historic deep coal mine and museum in Zabrze, Silesia, Poland. The museum is an Anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. This is an object of cultural heritage inscribed in the registry of the Silesian Voivodeship ( A/1342/87 z 1987-02-26) and a cultural monument in Poland (ID 641754).— — — — — —Why is Trump the only person in the world that understands that coal mining jobs in USA are more important than life on Earth?What are you going to do with all the coal that is mined? There are very few coal fired power stations left and you will not be able to export it to countries applying the Paris accord— — — — — —Coal miningn.b.: 2014, 2015, and 2016 do not include extraction in the territory occupied by the separatists. Coal mining is one of the largest employers in Ukraine. The country's coal industry employs about 500,000 people. In July 2014, several mines were closed in Eastern Ukraine because of fighting during the 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine. Because of this War in Donbass (according to the Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Ministry) raw coal production in Ukraine dropped by 22.4% from 2013, to 64.976 million tonnes. As a result, Ukraine begun importing power-generating coal from South Africa and Russia. Lack of coal for Ukraine's coal-fired power stations and a shut down of one of the six reactors of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant lead to rolling blackouts throughout the country from early till late December 2014.— — — — — —Have coal mining jobs come back to the US, as promised by the president?No. It's just politically incorrect. Emerging markets and non-West are still building coal-fired power stations. So coal mines being developed are for:Replacing exhausted coal reserves with substitute supplyNew export grade coal. I.e. West coast USA and Canada, Colombia, Australia (Qld, Newcastle).— — — — — —Is West Virginia coal mining back, as Trump claims?It never left. But I am sure the miners feel much safer in their jobs now that they have a who President is not actively hostile to their continued employment— — — — — —Who was Margaret Thatcher and what was her connection to the British coal mining industry?She was once prime minister of Britain and the most hated one of modern times. Well if you lived in Scotland, Wales or north of the Wash she was, the south east prospered under her reign - the only part of the country that did - which is why Armourer is singing her praises. Thatcher decided to throw Britain's traditional industries on the slagheap because it was cheaper to buy goods and commodities abroad. Rather short-sighted to destroy your country's manufacturing base for short term gains but then most politicians seem to be short sighted. She said that Britain's mines were geologically finished - not true, some were some were not . But when has the truth ever got in the way of a policy? The miners went on strike to protect their jobs and communities, she used everything, to break the strike, and of course eventually succeeded. That's why there's no mining industry in Britain now. There's not much of anything except service jobs and the dole. Oh and finance, all hail the City of London and its funny money.— — — — — —Early History of Coal MiningThe Lehigh Coal Mine Company first used coal commercially in 1792. The company was founded after German immigrant Philip Ginder discovered beds of the anthracite "stone coal" near Summit Hill in 1791 while out hunting (Carr). A wealthy landowner named Jacob Weiss provided the capital to form the Lehigh Coal Mine Company with other businessmen from Philadelphia. The company had a slow start because of the difficulty in igniting anthracite coal and the inability to transfer the coal to urban markets (Dublin, Licht, 11). Judge Jesse Fell of Wilkes-Barre discovered a solution to ignite anthracite in 1808 with the usage of an iron grate that allowed the coal to light and burn easier. Demand for the anthracite coal increased slightly (Dublin, Licht, 12). Brothers Abijah and John Smith were the first to successfully transport hard coal when they moved 50 tons on an ark down the Susquehanna River to Columbia in 1807 (Latzko, 3)
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