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Would You Say That I Am Racist?
Would You Say That I am Racist?I agree with the first answer, even if a white person or black person or spanish person spoke to me like that i would not like it and i would say something to them because of there attitude. I am white my self but i would not let someone speak to me like that. I do not think you were racist at all. You just spoke about how you felt— — — — — —Who could pass as a white person?No Definately not and no— — — — — —Blacks: Would you be angry if a white person played a black person in tv or movies?Angelina Jolie played a biracial in "A Mighty Heart". I still do not understand why Halle Berry did not get that role since the biracial Angelina played did not even look white— — — — — —How do I stop being a racist?I am white...and I do not like blacks. if you do not like white people then why would you marry a white person? if it is because he is norweigan...move to norway or something!— — — — — —White voters, how do you know you are a "white" person?well actually, I am sure that there were people in Africa and China, but many Europeans came from around Germany and the Norse culture. look it up. because language had many words that had lake, and cold and such there was no use for words that there are in japan. that's how they traced it. But dude, white people are people with white skin. i do not know if you knew that, it signifies racial stuff or something IDK i did not pay attention in English last year lol— — — — — —Why are white people reprimanded for using the "N" word while Black people are applauded....?Because there are more "whites" in this country than other "races, creeds or national origins" and so anything a white person does that might offend someone who is NOT white, is called discrimination. It's okay for others to disparage "whites" because that just whites being xenophobic. No, whites should not sue. What should happen is the left leaning media should start giving some positive air time to the non-whites who are trying to help their minority group by telling them how they are hurting themselves. Instead of only showing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who race-bait at every opportunity, they should give some real coverage about how the black community is tearing itself down by degrading the value of a father married to a mother and raising their children together in a loving home. Not all blacks think that Christian values mean "white" values. And the upstanding blacks in the communities are often disparaged by blacks who did not "make it" in "white" society, instead of being applauded for being successful in their chosen field and contributing to society as a whole.— — — — — —How come when a white person breeds with a non white person the baby always looks non white?Skin color is based on melanin levels which are vary low in white people— — — — — —Do you think it is okay for a white person to use the word *****?rap stands for retards attempting poetry but i use it some times but i dont find it derogitory like back in like the 1996 or 2000 it wasent always a swear it just meant minorytie but some one musata took offence and told all his "hommies" lol— — — — — —Is it true that when you call a white person a casper it means?Wow, that's great. Yet another racist term to be hung on whites that wo not be considered a racist term because non-whites use it. It amazes me how "whitey, honkey, cracker, red-neck, peckerwood, and now casper (etc. etc.)" can be used openly by non-whites to talk about whites and NO ONE says anything about it. Not the media, not the politicians, not the so called "unifiers" of our nation. But let one white person use the "N" word (a word that African Americans use quite often amoung themselves) and all Hell breaks loose. How can anyone expect racism to die in this country with this type of double standards being common practice? The answer is it wo not . The problem is that white Americans are tired of being told that they are wrong all the time. The media tries to convince everyone that only Whites are racist. You will NEVER see a story on ABC or NBC that shows a non white accused of being a racist agaist whites. I grew up in a neighborhood that was 88% African American only back then they preferred to be called black. I know what it's like to be discriminated against because of the color of my skin. I know what it's like to be made fun of because I was in the minority. It's time that EVERY race in this nation gets over it. It is not just white people who are racist. We did not corner the market on it. Quit trying to make us look like the bad guy in every racial situation. You do not like being called names and neither do we. Quit trying to make us out to look like fools and tell your comdeians to come up with some new material that does not include racial slurs against whites. Perhaps then we can truly make some great strides towards unity in this country.
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