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Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality products, such as All in One Computers. Since the inception, we have been committed to continued investment in the product and technology R&D, in the production process, and in the manufacturing facilities to constantly improve product quality. We have also implemented a strict quality management system to control the quality throughout the whole production process, through which all defects would be thoroughly eliminated.Our Aofei terrazzo tiles brand has made great success in the domestic market. We have been focusing on technology update and absorbing industry know-how to improve brand awareness. Since our inception, we constantly give rapid responses to the market demands and gain an increasing number of compliments from our customers. Thus we have enlarged our customer base with no doubt.Base on requirements, at Aofei tiles company, we make our efforts to provide the best possible service package for customers' needs. We want to make All in One Computers perfectly fit for all kinds of business.
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Using Embedded Microcontroller C504 to Improve the Control Performance of Brushless DC Motor
1、 OverviewBrushless DC motor is a typical mechatronics product, which is composed of motor body and driver. The stator winding of motor is mostly made into three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to three-phase asynchronous motor. The rotor of the motor is adhered with a magnetized permanent magnet. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is installed in the motor. The driver is composed of power electronic devices and integrated circuits. Its function is to receive the start, stop and braking signals of the motor to control the start, stop and braking of the motor; Receive the position sensor signal and forward and reverse signals to control the on-off of each power tube of the inverter bridge and generate continuous torque; Receive speed command and speed feedback signal to control and adjust speed; Provide protection and display, etc.Permanent magnet brushless DC motor (hereinafter referred to as PMBLDC) is widely used in household consumer products (air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine) and it peripheral products (printer, floppy drive and hard drive) because of its inherent characteristics. The performance of permanent magnet brushless DC motor depends not only on the design of the motor itself, but also on the driving technology and the driving board to realize this driving technology. The drive board of permanent magnet brushless DC motor is the bridge connecting the upper control MCU and power electronic converter: it receives the command of the upper computer and achieves the predetermined control goal through certain control methods; At the same time, the current motor state and some basic parameters are returned to the upper control MCU. From the above functions that should be achieved for PMBLDC drive board, the core device of this kind of drive board should be an embedded microcontroller with multi-channel (more than 6 channels) PWM output. At present, there is a broad foundation for the application of Intel MCS-51 series single chip microcomputer in China. We choose Infineon C504 embedded microcontroller which completely adopts 8031 core and the highest clock frequency can reach 40MHz.2、 Hardware driving mode of C504On the basis of 8031 core, C504 not only adds peripheral interface functional circuits such as a / D conversion, but also adds 7-channel full digital PWM output unit CCU (capture / compare unit) which is very suitable for motor control. The functional block diagram of CCU is shown in Figure 1. When C504 works in hardware driving mode, cout3 can modulate cc0, cout0, CC1, cout1, CC2 and cout2, and its output timing is controlled by INT0, INT1 and INT2 coding.In Fig. 1, FOSC / 2 on the left is the time reference for the operation of the whole unit;Ctrap terminal can control the state of cc0-cout2 output terminal. When in ctrap state, the state of cc0 cout2 can be defined by software;Cc0-cout2 terminal is 3-phase 6-channel 16 bit PWM output;CCX and coutx (x = 1,1,2) are complementary signals, and their dead time can be controlled by setting the value of offset register;Cout3 is a single 10 bit PWM output terminal, and INT0 INT2 are external controls. The output order of cc0 cout2 is controlled through the coding of INT0 INT2.Figure 2 shows the current waveform of C504 working in hardware mode when a permanent magnet brushless DC motor with an outer rotor is used as the driving motor of electric bicycle.This prototype has been put into production by Hangzhou Guangyang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. When the permanent magnet brushless DC motor driven by electric vehicle is controlled by embedded microcontroller, it can realize a series of functions that can not be realized by ordinary analog controller, such as smooth start.3、 Software driven mode of C504In addition to providing hardware driving mode, C504 also provides software driving mode that can arbitrarily combine PWM output, as shown in Figure 3.Any combination has two meanings:1) The number of phases of the motor can be selected, and different CCX and coutx (x = 0, 1, 2) terminals can be used;2) The control method can be general PWM or SPWM control, which can be applied to the quasi sinusoidal current control of PMBLDC.Fig. 4 is a current waveform for controlling a dcdd (DC Direct Drive) washing machine. It can be seen from the figure that its current waveform has been very close to sinusoidal, and good control effect has been achieved.4、 ConclusionThe CCU unit of Infineon's embedded microcontroller C504 improves the function very suitable for PMBLDC motor control. The required control purpose can be easily achieved by selecting hardware and software modes; And C504 has low price and strong anti-interference. It is suitable to be used as a control chip and embedded in the intermediate part between power converter and computer such as drive board. At present, we use C504 as the bottom embedded control chip of multi axis control system, which is ready to be applied in CNC machinery, printing and other industries.Recommended courses:Zhang Fei's software and hardware are open source, based on stm32bldc brushless DC motor driver video suite trackid=fsy_ post
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