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Breakthrough! TCL Huaxing Supplies OLED Panels to Samsung Electronics for the First Time
Electronic enthusiast network reported (Wen / Li wanwan) recently, it was reported in the industry that TCL Huaxing began to supply a small amount of smart phone OLED panels to Samsung Electronics. On August 17, TCL technology responded to the media: the information is true.OLED technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Globally, there are not many manufacturers that can supply OLED panels. Among them, Samsung display occupies most of the market share, LGD occupies an advantage in the field of vehicle and TV, and the market share of BOE, TCL, Huaxing and other manufacturers is gradually expanding.Samsung shows that it is particularly leading in OLED technology. Previously, Samsung Electronics related supply chain also used its own products, so why start purchasing OLEDs from other manufacturers now? Why TCL Huaxing?What are the world's major OLED panel suppliers?Globally, Samsung, LGD and BOE account for 95% of the global market share. According to UBI research data, in 2020, Samsung's shipments accounted for 68%, LGD 21% and BOE 5.7%.Samsung shows that it entered the OLED panel market very early and has great advantages in technology and production capacity. It is the world's first OLED panel supplier. Previously, Samsung Electronics related OLEDs were supplied by it. Previously, domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, oppo and vivo largely used Samsung OLED screens, and Huawei's mid-range and top flagship models also used Samsung OLED screens.LGD is the second largest OLED panel supplier in the world. However, when it began to develop OLED panel technology in the early stage, unlike Samsung's development to small and medium-sized OLED panels, the company focused on the direction of large-size.At present, LGD's supply of smart phones is relatively weak, but it occupies a leading position in the field of automobile and TV. It is the only supplier of large-size OLED panels for TV in the world. In addition, according to omdia data, LGD's sales in automobile accounted for 92.5% in 2020. According to the latest news on August 17, LGD will invest about US $2.8 billion to expand the production capacity of small and medium-sized OLED panels.BOE is a domestic manufacturer with outstanding performance in OLED panels. Its shipments have increased rapidly in recent years. In 2020, the shipments of OLED smart phone panels have doubled year-on-year. In December 2020, BOE successfully entered the Apple iPhone supply chain. In addition, BOE also exclusively supplies the OLED panels of Huawei's folding mobile phone matex2. BOE previously said that the climbing of the company's two generation 6 flexible AMOLED production lines in Chengdu and Mianyang is progressing smoothly.TCL Huaxing's OLED shipments in the first half of this year have exceeded that of last year, and the market share has increased to the fourth in the world. According to the semi annual report of 2020, TCL Huaxing T4 flexible AMOLED production line has been put into production at the expiration of the first production period, and the phase II and phase III equipment have been moved in. Through differentiated technical reserves such as folding, off-screen camera and ltpo, it has accelerated product development and customer cooperation in the high-end market, and the shipment has doubled year-on-year.In addition, in addition to BOE and TCL Huaxing, domestic OLED manufacturers also gradually release the production capacity of relevant production lines of vicino and Tianma. Why did Samsung outsource TCL Huaxing's OLED panel?Samsung Electronics began to purchase OLED panels from other manufacturers. The possible reasons are: first, Samsung adjusted its business structure and focused more on large-size QD display; second, it purchased OLED panels from Chinese manufacturers at a more affordable price.At present, Samsung still occupies the first position in the OLED panel. However, in recent years, other manufacturers have gradually made breakthroughs in technology and gradually increased their market share. However, the overall market growth of smart phones is slow, and Samsung's shipments in smart phones show a downward trend.Since 2019, Samsung has invested a lot of money in large-size qd-oled, and the climbing of the new product line takes a lot of time. From the current situation, Samsung shows that it is very likely to invest more money and manpower in this field and reduce the investment in smart phone OLED, which requires outsourcing some OLED panels to meet its own needs.In addition, at present, the OLED technology of Chinese manufacturers, including BOE, TCL and Huaxing, has gradually matured, and its performance is enough to meet the applications of some smart phones of Samsung Electronics. Moreover, according to Zhong Haoyi, CEO of ubiresearch, Chinese OLED manufacturers are subsidized by the government, and the OLED price is only 60% of that shown by Samsung. In this case, Samsung shows that it is actually very affordable to buy OLED panels from Chinese manufacturers.Why did you choose TCL Huaxing instead of BOE? In fact, Samsung has a closer relationship with TCL technology. TCL technology previously acquired Samsung's LCD production line in Suzhou, and Samsung display also took shares in TCL Huaxing. In this relationship, it is easier to understand that Samsung chose to use TCL Huaxing's OLED panel instead of BOE. This article is an original article by Li wanwan, micro signal li1015071271. Please indicate the above source for reprint. For group communication, please add wechat elecfans999 and send your contribution to 。
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