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After years of Other Smart Products's development, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. grasps more opportunities in the industry. As customers prefer appealing design, the product is designed to be more versatile in appearance. Besides, as we emphasize the importance of quality inspection in each production section, the product repair rate has greatly decreased. The product is bound to manifest its influence in the market.According to the feedback we have collected, Aofei terrazzo tiles products have done an excellent job in satisfying customer's demands for appearance, functionality, etc. Even though our products are now well-recognized in the industry, there is room for further development. In order to maintain the popularity we currently enjoy, we will continue to improve these products to achieve higher customer satisfaction and take up larger market share.With our strong distribution network, the products can arrive at your destination on time and in perfect condition. Supported by the strong design team and production team, Other Smart Products can be customised according to your specific application needs. Samples for reference are also available at Aofei tiles company.
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Introduction and Application of Internet of Things, Embedded, Automobile and Intelligent Factory
The annual elexcon 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition hosted by Bowen creative will be opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from December 20 to 22, 2018, as an important electronic and embedded exhibition in South China. At that time, well-known manufacturers from home and abroad will gather in Shenzhen to face the fields of AI, 5g, smart home, Internet of things, intelligent driving, industrial intelligent systems and new energy. At the same time, they will carry "Shenzhen International embedded system exhibition", "Shenzhen international electric vehicle and Technology Exhibition" and "Shenzhen international advanced manufacturing and intelligent factory Exhibition" to jointly dedicate an electronic industry covering components to systems "Gluttonous feast".IEE Shenzhen International embedded system exhibition is a large-scale professional exhibition focusing on Embedded Technology in China. Iee2017 and the exhibition in the same period attracted more than 500 exhibitors and 50000 professionals to visit and exchange. More than 100 experts gave wonderful reports and shared hot topics in the fields of Internet of things, smart home, MCU, AI, intelligent driving, electric vehicle and so on in 25 professional forums in the same period. With With the rapid development of the Internet of things industry, deep learning and AI Artificial Intelligence technology have been applied in various industries, and the development of embedded technology will attract much attention in 2018.Exhibition scope: the 7th embedded system exhibition will comprehensively display embedded software, hardware, tools and solutions in the fields of Internet of things and intelligent driving in collaboration with elexcon2018 Internet of things Museum and automobile technology museum;Specifically include:Embedded operating system, software and tools;Embedded hardware engineering technology: MCU, components, industrial computer and accessories;Embedded and Internet of things security;Industrial intelligent systems and Internet of things solutions, including: retail, finance, medical treatment, automobile and transportation, building and security, machine vision and industrial automation, etc.According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, the sales volume of electric vehicles in China surpassed that of the United States for the first time, ranking the first in the world. With the continuous follow-up of China's incentive policies for new energy vehicles, the electrification and intelligence of vehicles will create a trillion level industrial market.In South China, with the production of Chang'an Peugeot Citroen Shenzhen plant and the planning of BAIC Futian production base, GAC group (Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Fiat and GIO), Dongfeng Nissan and FAW Volkswagen (Foshan) have been formed Changan marks the automobile industry cluster with complete vehicle enterprises such as Citroen, BYD and BAIC Foton as the core; coupled with a large number of automobile electronics enterprises active in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, South China has formed a unique automobile industry chain; automobile electronics is becoming a growth point driving the rapid growth and high profit space of the automobile industry. Based on the rapid development of new energy vehicles and South China automotive electronics industry, closely following the process of green / intelligent automobile, this activity will specially invite the R & D, technology, management and procurement personnel of major vehicle / automotive electronics enterprises to come to Shenzhen to jointly discuss the development of key technologies of new energy vehicles / electronic vehicles.Exhibition scope: intelligent driving technology: ADAS advanced assisted driving technology, environmental perception (visual camera, lidar), semiconductor and artificial intelligence, sensors and related technologies, dynamic map and mapping technology, voice interaction technology, etc. Internet of vehicles technology, three electricity technology of electric vehicles.Relying on elexcon, advanced equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions in various links of intelligent manufacturing, such as equipment to appliances, analysis to testing, assembly to storage, software to platform, are presented from different links of intelligent manufacturing through product display, technical exchange, supply and demand matching, etc The exhibition of ecological cutting-edge technologies and intelligent solutions of industrial interconnection industries such as factory logistics technology, tooling and fixture, discusses the innovation brought by intelligent factory and industrial Internet to the manufacturing industry, and truly presents a manufacturing upgrading demand for the manufacturing industry in South China from production line upgrading, equipment interconnection to data cloud.Robot and automation, automatic fixture, machine vision and sensing technology, embedded technologyProduction line tracking and error correction system, automatic detection system, intelligent storage and internal logisticsAutomatic sorting and packaging system, etc;Industrial automation, industrial sensing equipment, wireless communication technology, data acquisition, analysis and management,Artificial intelligence, virtual simulation technology, intelligent factory solutions, etc;Industrial software and solutions (enterprise management software, product R & D and design software, industrial control softwareEnterprise communication software, middleware, embedded software, basic software, industrial safety, etc;Industrial Internet platform, industrial cloud computing, industrial big data (enterprise data analysis and mining)Mobile Internet technology, network operators, system integration and services;
Changhong Brings Consumers a "better Life" with Artificial Intelligence
Today is the third day of awe 2018. With the advent of the weekend, the popularity of awe 2018 Pavilion began to heat up.At the Home Expo, the world's top technology and innovative products were unveiled, including various black technologies leading the trend of the times. In the field of home appliances, Changhong has launched an artificial intelligence intelligent home solution (chiq life) based on entertainment, cooking, air, water and other life scenes and full space voice interaction technology. At the same time, Changhong cooperates to release a series of new household appliances such as TV, refrigerator and air conditioner equipped with AI technology, which has become a highlight of the Home Expo.Military background, rigorous style, pragmatic innovation and courage to practice... This is the inherent impression that Changhong has always left to old users.At awe 2018, Changhong once again led quality innovation and launched a series of intelligent appliances with excellent quality, such as TV ai3.0 products, including chiq TV q5t, q5r, q5e, etc; In terms of white electricity, Changhong Meiling launched m Xiansheng 639 duplex door-to-door refrigerator with independent technological innovation, leading an industrial breakthrough in food preservation and partitioned storage. At the same time, the chiq q3ts artificial intelligence eye cabinet machine integrating voice, gesture and image has also unveiled its mystery and become a scenery in Changhong exhibition area.In the view of industry observers, while inheriting high-quality household appliances, Changhong is actively integrating more young, happy and free elements, and using different smart appliances as the carrier to show and convey the product proposition of "relaxed, comfortable and beautiful life" to the public. Through the display of creativity in product design and experience methods, it is different from other home appliance brands and leaves unforgettable memories for visitors.Perfect integration of steel quality and loyal loveIn nature, swan is always a special animal. For swans, betrayal is death. Swans will abide by the "system" of monogamy all their life. When one of the "couple" dies, the other will not eat or sleep until he dies. Therefore, swans are regarded as a symbol of loyalty and love. At the same time, swans also yearn for freedom. They are brave and kind... Among young lovers, they often express their loyalty by giving Swan pendants.The design inspiration of Changhong chiq TV q5r comes from this allusion. On the TV, the artistic swan is used as an element to convey Changhong's meticulous care for users to the public. At the same time, designers boldly adopted Swarovski water chip element to inject "aura" into the "cold" TV in people's impression. With the support of artificial intelligence technology pioneered by Changhong, TV with artistic flavor can perceive people. TV has greatly improved in emotional interaction, semantic algorithm and ai-ui function, which is amazing.Taking the ai-ui function as an example, the TV will automatically adjust the UI interface according to the user's mood (change the program at the same time). When you are in a happy mood, it will share your joy and make your "vision" more wonderful; When you are in a low mood, it will give you encouragement, help you inspire, and make your "vision" unimpeded.Whether q5t, q5r or q5e, Changhong gives TV emotion with artificial intelligence. At the same time, it also ensures product quality with strict or even harsh workmanship. According to the relevant person in charge of Changhong, every smart TV purchased by users must be strictly reviewed by the reliability laboratory. Through the test of minus 40 degrees and 80 degrees, test the performance and stability of the TV, so as to reduce the damage rate of the product and fully protect the interests of users.The relevant person in charge of Changhong said that every smart TV injects Changhong's infinite gratitude to users. Changhong hopes to repay every consumer with its unswerving company and high-quality product quality.Technology and fashion coexist to convey the idea of a happy lifeIn awe 2018, Changhong launched the artificial intelligence smart home solution (chiq life) around the life scenes of entertainment, cooking, air, water and other technologies, relying on Changhong's full space voice interaction. It also divides different experience scenes with different equipment and functions such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and kitchen electricity, and pays attention to the participation and claim expression of each user.At the exhibition site, Changhong also allows users to participate in the activity atmosphere through various forms of interactive activities. For example, the activity of "Changhong chiq TV chicken eating reward competition" invited game players to have a live experience, invited well-known online celebrities to have a live interaction, and conveyed the product proposition of "easy, comfortable and beautiful life" through microblog, wechat, forum and other media platforms. Another example is the interactive activity of "@ in front of you" carried out on site to stimulate users' imagination, collect everyone's ideas and jointly change the world.In order to let the experimenters feel the powerful fresh-keeping function of Changhong Meiling m fresh 639 double door refrigerator, Changhong invited the chef Michelin to the activity site, gave on-site interactive art teaching, and taught visitors how to store food materials and bake delicious and nutritious cakes for on-site visitors to experience and taste.The relevant person in charge of Changhong said that no matter how good a product is, it should ultimately serve people. The R & D and artistic inspiration of Changhong smart appliances come from life. Changhong not only provides consumers with high-quality household appliances, but also pays more attention to users' feelings and experience in the process of product use. In the future, Changhong will continue to focus on people, respect customers' feelings, and develop more high-tech and fashionable household appliances.
Smart Grid Is an Important Direction of Internet of Things Applications
As we all know, smart grid construction is an important application area of Internet of things technology. Accordingly, smart grid will become a strong driving force for the development of animal networking industry and even the whole information and communication industry, and will deeply affect and effectively promote the application of Internet of things in other industries, so as to greatly improve the informatization level of China's industrial production and public life.In the Internet of things architecture, the network layer can use the existing IP technology system and use IP technology to carry. In the perception layer, from the current technical development, two different technical routes can be adopted. One is non IP technology, such as ZigBee protocol developed by ZigBee industry alliance; The other is the downward extension of IP technology to the perceptual extension layer advocated by IETF and ipso industry alliance.Obviously, the adoption of IPv6 technical route will help to realize end-to-end service deployment and management, and realize seamless connection with network layer IP Bearer without protocol conversion, simplify network structure. At the same time, Internet applications widely developed based on TCP / IP protocol stack can also be easily transplanted, so as to truly realize "ubiquitous network and omnipotent services".IPv6 is the core of the next generation network. Countries all over the world attach great importance to the research of IPv6 technology. IPv6 will provide network access IP address services for all links of smart grid and a large number of equipment, such as a large number of substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, marketing large user stations, etc., which will have a far-reaching and significant impact on the construction of smart grid.
Roma Has Developed the World's Smallest Chip Resistor 03015 Size Product
Roma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Jingdu, Japan), a well-known semiconductor manufacturer in Japan, has recently developed the world's smallest chip resistance 03015 size (0.3 mm & tips; 0.15 mm) product that can be installed in high density for mobile devices such as smart phones. Compared with 0402 size (0.4mm & times; 0.2mm), which has been known as the boundary of micro refinement, the size of this product has been successfully reduced by 44%.In recent years, the demand of smart phone market has increased rapidly, and the number of parts of mobile phone products has increased due to multi-function. Therefore, the demand for ultra-small parts that can be installed in high density has increased. However, with the existing manufacturing technology, the package dimension tolerance in the cutting process is large, up to ± 20 μ m. In addition, there are also various topics such as chip collapse. The industry believes that the development below 0402 size is very difficult.The successful development did not adopt the traditional resistance manufacturing technology, but developed the manufacturing system through the original micro refinement technology. At the same time, the cutting method was improved to greatly reduce the package dimension tolerance in the cutting process, only ± 5 μ m。 Improving the dimensional accuracy not only helps to reduce the suction error during installation, but also adopts the gold electrode surface with excellent corrosion resistance, improves the wettability of solder and makes stable installation possible.These have made great contributions to the multi-function and miniaturization of various mobile devices led by smart phones that often use hundreds of resistors.Roma took the lead in developing the world's earliest rectangular patch resistor in 1976, and then constantly challenged new technologies that broke the Convention. In the future, Roma will continue to lead the world in the field of resistance as an entrepreneurial product, continuously expand the lineup of high-quality resistance products, and continue to promote the development of more miniaturized 0201 size (0.2mm & tips; 0.1mm) patch resistance.1) Using original technology, the smallest patch size in the world is realized03015 dimensions (0.3 mm & ties; 0.15 mm)2) The dimensional accuracy of the patch is from ± 20 μ M is greatly increased to ± 5 μ m3) The wettability and reliability of solder are improved by using gold electrode surface
Computing Is Everywhere, Intelligence Is Everywhere
Recently, interop Tokyo 2019 was grandly held at the Messe International Exhibition Hall in muzhang, Tokyo, Japan. This conference shows the new trend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the industry and is an industrial event for technology manufacturers. Huawei made a heavy debut with intelligent computing products and solutions, among which atlas Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform attracted the attention of participants. At this conference, intelligent computing released atlas 200, Atlas 300 and Atlas 500 series artificial intelligence computing platform products for the first time in Japan. Among them, "Huawei atlas 500 smart station" led the transformation direction of edge computing intelligence with the characteristics of "super AI computing power, cloud edge collaboration and edge deployment", and won the "best of show Award" of 2019 interop Tokyo exhibition.Computing is everywhere and intelligence is everywhereMankind is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution represented by intelligent technology. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5g and bioengineering have been integrated into all aspects of human society. Intelligent technology will promote social sustainable development, become a new driving force for economic growth and drive industrial digital transformation; As the key engine of the fourth industrial revolution, intelligence will promote global progress and development, and the evolution of computing will become an important driving force of the intelligent world.At this conference, Jiang Tao, vice president of strategy and business development of Huawei's intelligent computing business department, shared the theme of "starting with the core and making intelligent computing accessible", and explained Huawei's Intelligent Computing Development Strategy in simple terms to the audience. Based on Kunpeng and shengteng chips, Huawei has built a general-purpose computing oriented Kunpeng computing platform and an artificial intelligence oriented shengteng computing platform. Based on the two computing platforms, Taishan and Atlas Series products and solutions are launched respectively. By building a computing platform covering the whole scene of cloud, edge and end, and cooperating with ecological partners, accelerate the intelligent upgrading of enterprise data center, enable the intelligent reconstruction of the industry, and build an intelligent world with interconnected things.Atlas artificial intelligence computing platform launched to create the strongest AI computing powerAt the conference, Huawei intelligent computing released the atlas 200 AI acceleration module for cameras, robots, UAVs and other intelligent terminal devices for the Japanese market for the first time, the atlas 300 AI acceleration board for the data center, and the atlas 500 intelligent station for edge deployment scenarios, which became the most shining star of the conference.Huawei demonstrated its technical strength in the field of intelligent computing at the interop Tokyo 2019 conference, and is willing to work with all industrial partners to build an interconnected intelligent world. Through deeper technical cooperation and more flexible business model, we will explore and share new dividends in the AI era, help industry customers quickly enter the intelligent era and lead the digital economy.Huawei's intelligent computing products have served more than 10000 customers worldwide, covering 1 / 3 of the world's population, including government and public utilities, Internet, operators, energy, finance, transportation, medical treatment, education, media resources, manufacturing and other industries.
Lightweight Hongmeng OS Has Been Applied to Domestic Household Appliances, and Hongmeng System Is Gr
Recently, according to Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software department, Huawei once again revealed the latest progress of Hongmeng system. In his interview with CDSN, he mentioned that Hongmeng is making good progress and is expected to be released in December this year.In the interview, Wang Chenglu said that at present, more than 120 domestic application manufacturers have cooperated with Hongmeng, and more than 20 cooperative hardware manufacturers, with a total of about 100000 developers participating.The existing lightweight Hongmeng OS has been applied to domestic household appliances, which can help them become more intelligent. For example, Midea may put more than ten products equipped with Hongmeng OS on the shelves for sale during the double 11 this year. From the reservation situation that has been opened, it is very good. At present, the whole household appliance industry adopts Hongmeng, with an overall rapid growth rate.In addition, Wang Chenglu recently talked about the relationship between the newly released emui11 and Hongmeng. He said: "at the beginning of emui11, the relationship between emui11 and Hongmeng has become closer and closer. Some technologies of Hongmeng, such as distributed technology, reuse Hongmeng distributed framework." at the same time, some features of emui11 system, such as performance and scheduling of operating system, File system and so on, some larger functional features have also been inherited into Hongmeng system.Lscssh technology officer's point of view: at present, there are still great doubts about Hongmeng on the domestic network. Even after the developer conference held in September this year, many netizens and insiders still believe that Hongmeng boasts too many ingredients. In fact, I don't think it's necessary. There is a saying: it's a mule or a horse. In December, let's see whether the Hongmeng system is a horse or a waste mule.Editing: hfy
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