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Can You Really Get High Off Sharpie?
Can You Really Get High Off Sharpie?
can you really get high off sharpie?Inhalants produce an effect that may be similar to alcohol intoxication. Initial symptoms described by abusers who were "huffing" include: drowsiness, lightheadedness, and loss of inhibition. Further use can lead to the following: dizziness, hallucinations or delusions, belligerence, apathy, and impaired judgment. Long-term inhalant abusers can suffer damaging health consequences including: depression and mood changes, weight loss, inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irritability, and weakness. More serious consequences can include permanent damage to the brain and other organs or even death. Sudden cardiac death from fatal cardiac arrhythmias has been reported even in teen inhalant abusers. Death from huffing can occur upon the first time of use, or after prolonged inhalant abuse. Other causes of death include asphyxiation, aspiration, or suffocation. Chronic inhalant abuse may result in serious and sometimes irreversible damage to the user's heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and brain. Brain damage may result in personality changes, diminished cognitive functioning, memory impairment, and slurred speech. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Medical Examiner data revealed that inhalants were involved in over 500 deaths in the United States from 1996 to 1999. Substances commonly used by inhalant abusers fall into several categories: Volatile solvents, such as those found in paint thinner, gasoline, felt-tip markers, nail polish remover, glue, and other household products. Aerosol sprays containing propellants and solvents. Examples include spray paint, deodorant, and hair care products. Gases, most commonly nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Nitrites, a group of chemicals that are used in room deodorizers, are more often abused by those seeking sexual enhancement rather than a euphoric state. Nitrites are most commonly abused by adults. Parents of teens need to be especially vigilant about signs of inhalant abuse (huffing), since the abused substances are simple household items and not readily identifiable as drugs of abuse. These substances are also easily purchased and inexpensive, making them attractive to curious teens. In addition to signs of intoxication, parents should be warned of potential inhalant abuse by sores and scratches around the mouth area along with the presence of unusual odors.— — — — — —Do you have advice on black hair care products?well i am black so i knwo what i am on about , well i was gonna suggest relaxing , but you do not wanna go there , besides it does **** up your hair -i would know . i use olive oil , that's the name of the brand , olive oil has always been known for caring for your hair . Also a very famous brand is , black and beautiful for kids . There are loads of products out there for black people , if you live in england , or even better london , then i really reccomend you go frinsbury park , the whole place is filled with afro-carribean hair stuff . Try steaming and conditioning her haor every week , and condition her hair 2 times a week for intense hair care . if her hair is dammaged , get her hair trimmed . i hope you find the right product for her , also hot combing iss good , just make sure you use a heat protector , good luck :)— — — — — —What are the Ingredients in wen hair care products?Ingredients These products are designed to clean and recondition your hair. All of the ingredients are natural, and that is very important for protection. Many products on the market contain harsh chemicals, which can cause dryness and damage over time. Wen products are designed to have the opposite effect. Do not buy wen hair careproducts unless you know what ingredients are in them! • Glycerin Glycerin is excellent for dry skin and hair. It is a natural moisturizer that draws moisture into follicles. This can be especially helpful for curls, as they can be subject to drying and frizzing. • Chamomile If you have problems with dandruff, chamomile can help. It soothes scalp irritation, which can be a cause of flaking. It also works to condition and brighten hairs, and can bring about a shine. • Rosemary Rosemary stimulates growth at the follicles. This is believed to delay grayness and help to prevent thinning. Rosemary, like chamomile, can soothe irritated scalps and is very good for the skin. • Cherry Bark Cherry bark is considered very good for color retention. It works to soften hairs also, and help them retain their color highlights. It is thought to bring about a smoothness and silkiness, that is soft to the touch. • Sweet Almond Oil Sweet almond oil is an excellent catalyst or carrier for other ingredients. It works to blend things together, to bring about the best from each and every ingredient. It is commonly used in massage and aroma therapy for muscle pain and tension. If you wish to strengthen hairs and produce an overall conditioning, sweet almond oil is an excellent ingredient to use.
Ok I Need Help with My Hair?
Ok I Need Help with My Hair?
ok I need help with my hair?I have a Hot Tools hair straightner that I got at Ulta. It's like $40 and works really good. As far as hair care products I've heard that they all pretty much work the same, but I use Vidal Sassoon Hair Repair that I got fromt e place I get my hair cut from. I also do a hot oil treatment once every week or two, it keeps my hair from getting too dry from all the heat from the straigtner. Good Luck :).— — — — — —What are some of the best hair care products?Personally, I think Olaplex and Wen by Chaz Dean hair products are the best hair products that I've ever used. I have medium-thin, color-treated hair, with dry ends and super super oily roots. I used Wen on and off as a teen, and now I've been Six-Thirteen using for the past 3 years straight. My hair is a lot healthier, soft and silky smooth and my ends are not so dry anymore. My roots do still get oily, but I can usually go a day and a half before I have to use dry shampoo (my roots used to start getting oily 6 hrs after washing). I try not to wash my hair everyday, I typically try to wash it every other day, or on the third day after washing. Olaplex really helps too. I started using Olaplex 7 months ago, and paired together with Wen my hair is in really good shape. I bleach my hair at home maybe every month and a half or two months to retouch my balayage/ombre highlights, and this does take its toll on my hair. I have medium-thin hair, more on the thinner side, and I heat style it several times a week. After bleaching especially, my mid-shaft to ends are pretty dry and straw-like. I only use Olaplex No. 3, and I leave it on for two hours. As I wash my hair, I can already feel the difference. My fingers glide through my hair, and there are no tangles whatsoever when I go to brush it after my shower. After I dry and style my hair, you can not even tell that I bleached it. It looks and feel sooo healthy, its amazing.These products are pretty expensive so I can not really tell everyone to go out and grab a bottle to try on their hair, but if you have do opportunity to try them out, go for it! Warning though, Wen is not for everyone. I know people who have used it and did not like the results. Chaz has all kinds of formulas, and I guess it might just be a matter of finding which formula works best for you— — — — — —Why should you not brush your hair when its wet? i thought you were suppose to?THIS IS THE PART OF THAT WEBSITE YOU SAID. The site is saying that u should not brush when wet. -------------------------------- Finally you have to dry your hair. Treat it with great value. Use dry and soft towel. Do not rub, just blot and dry. Hair Care Products NEVER BRUSH HAIR WHEN WET Read more>>>Natural homemade hair care tips on hot oil massages and Protien Treatement. ------------------ I think by mistake you read the oposite way. It will cause breakage. Thank you very much you mentioned my site in this forum. Have a good day.— — — — — —African American Hair Care Guide: Top Tips to Keep Your Lovely Hair HealthyAfrican American women are known for their beautiful, unique looking, curly dark brown, or black hair. This special type of hair is different from other hair types, not only in shape or color but also in the challenges African American women face in caring for their hair. In this African American hair care guide, we aim to give you every piece of information you need to care for your lovely hair. As you may have already found out, your fragile, curly, black hair is more prone to damage. You will get much more dandruff than other women, and you probably have experienced hair thinning during different periods in your life. These all mean you need to be extra careful with your hair. Black American hair needs special care to prevent damage and look as beautiful as they indeed are. There are several things every woman with afro hair must be aware of, from peculiar washing habits to different do's and do not s in styling. While African American women spend a considerable sum of money in order to take care of their hair, a lot of these tips do not require much money. By reading this guide, you will learn more about how you should wash, moisturize, and style your hair. You will also become aware of the common African American hair problems and how to stop them. Stay in the know with Captain Eco. There are a lot of different ideas on how to wash afro hair. Many experts and beauty bloggers suggest various ways to wash and maintain your hair. All these conflicting tips can be very confusing to you. In this part of our African American hair care guide, we will provide you with the best tips you need to know. Cleaning your scalp is the most crucial part of your hair washing process. The scalp is where your hair grows from, and with a dirty scalp, there will be a higher chance of hair loss and dandruff. You should clean your scalp regularly, so that it will always be clean, resulting in healthy hair growth. When washing your hair, massage your scalp gently using a circular massaging pattern. This technique will not only clean your scalp from dirt, but it will also help increase blood flow throughout your scalp, helping to promote healthier hair. It is essential to wash your hair regularly. There are different ideas on how often African American hair needs to be cleaned. Most experts recommend washing every two weeks, while others believe your hair should be washed more frequently. What we suggest, however, is to shampoo your afro hair every seven to ten days, as it is recommended by WebMD experts. As it is vital to keep your hair moisturized, you need to pay special attention to the way you wash your hair. The best routine to adopt is to use a moisturizing shampoo or a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your scalp, followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Make sure that the shampoo and hair conditioner you are using is designed for normal or dry hair. This is because they best fit with the unique texture of your hair. Blow dryers are the worst way to dry your afro hair. Blow drying can cause severe damage to your hair, and you should definitely avoid them. In order to have healthier hair, it is better to dry your hair without any heat. The best method to dry your hair is easier than you can imagine. Right after you are done with washing your hair, simply squeeze out the water from your hair. Then cover your hair using a towel or turban and let it dry by itself. Moisturizing: is it Necessary? African American hair is essentially dry, and dry strands are easily broken. That simple fact leads you to the necessity of moisturizing. When you moisturize your afro hair, you are protecting it against breakage, and that is why you have to put hair moisturizing into your African American hair care routine. How to Moisturize Your Hair? You need a hair moisturizer that can be found easily in every store. It is better to use a water-based spray, as it is easy to use and more natural than other products. Make sure that you cover all of your hair with this moisturizing spray. As water evaporates over time, you should add another layer of moisturizer to your hair. You can find a variety of thick oil blends useful. These oil blends usually contain olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. This extra layer of moisturizer helps your hair, which was hydrated in the previous step, to become softer. As the last step, you can apply a moisturizing cream or leave-in conditioner to your hair. These water-based moisturizing products are thicker than the moisturizer used in the first step and will add a protective layer on top of your hair strands, making sure they will not be left dry. Can My Moisturizer be Less Greasy? As a matter of fact, your moisturizer should not leave your hair greasy at all. It is important to know that a high-quality moisturizing product usually does not feel greasy. All products that are used in order to moisturize your hair are absorbed by your hair rather than sit on top of your hair, according to WebMD. Try to choose moisturizing products that contain essential oils like grape seed oil, which are designed to be absorbed by your hair without leaving an oily residue. With beautiful afro hair, you are probably looking for a fantastic hairstyle. Braids, twists, locks, and weaves are just a few of the hairstyles common among African American women. There are some essential tips you need to keep in mind when choosing or maintaining your hairstyle. Whatever hairstyle you are going to choose, make sure you do not need any heat styling. As mentioned above, heat styling can damage your hair, and that is not what you would like to happen. There are plenty of other ways to curl or straighten your hair without the need for heat. Stick to those techniques to guarantee your hair's health and safety. It is better to choose hairstyles that need little maintenance and require lower manipulation. This will help your hair stay moisturized and healthy. Try not to keep your hairstyle longer than eight weeks, and give your strands a rest at least once a week and free them from knots and pins. An important point to remember is to keep your scalp clean and your hair moisturized throughout the duration of your particular hairstyle. Nothing is more important than for your hair to stay healthy for as long as possible. African American women are usually suffering from different hair issues. This is because of your fragile hair type, which is easily prone to damage and breakage. You need to be extra careful with your beautiful hair as they are in need of great attention. In this part of our African American hair care guide, we will take a look at some of the most common problems afro hair may face. It is important to know them, and know how to prevent or stop them. Dandruff is probably the most common hair problem among African American women. Dandruff can be caused by sensitivity to hair care products or using inappropriate ones. Microbial fungus on your scalp and the sebum produced by the scalp itself can be another reason why you see dandruff in your hair. In order to prevent dandruff, you simply need to wash your scalp frequently. Every time you wash your hair, make sure that your scalp is being cleaned thoroughly. Everything left on the scalp can soon turn to dandruff. Hair loss is widespread among all women, not just African American women. There are a lot of different causes for hair loss in women, from nutrient deficiency to giving birth. You need to know about possible reasons for hair loss in order to prevent it from happening. If you have hair loss, find out what the reason is and try to stop it. In case you need more information about hair loss in women, we have a thorough article in Captain Eco, which you can find it here. In this article from Captain Eco, we have provided a thorough African American hair care guide.
My Hair Is Scaring Me. and I Am Afraid Its Going to Fall Off?
My hair is scaring me. And i am afraid its going to fall off?It sounds such as you have very dry hair. you opt for a delicate shampoo specially for dry hair and a "depart in" conditioner. I choose garnier fructise kind, yet my hair is thick and dry. my mom nevertheless swears by ability of VO5 and he or she has very curly advantageous dry hair. there's a VO5 depart in conditioner it is provided in a tube that artwork ok as a daily or weekly treatment. additionally, seem for something with collagen in it. which will "plump up" AND improve your hair. if none of that works, there is often the old egg conditioner which includes actual combing a overwhelmed egg via your hair approximately an hour previously you wash it. only verify to washit all out. (my cousin did no longer and it became incredibly warm day after today, so which you will think of.ew.) they used to do an identical with mayonaise, too, and it looked as though it may artwork. I continuously became jealous of my sister's hair cz it became so gentle. attempt the depart in conditioner first. fortunate for you, hair care products have come a protracted way because of the fact the Nineteen Sixties. Lol— — — — — —Dying my hair *help and tips needed*?This is what I do.Whenever I have hair questions. I go to a beauty supply store like Sally's etc. and get their advise about hair care products. Trust me--They are so nice and willing to help you with a smile. After all. .It's their job. Hope I Helped.— — — — — —Is dye damging to your hair.. I want a differnet color in the bak and then a lighter in a front..?Yes, dying hair is bad for your. First the hair must be soaked in chlorine in order to remove the previous color so the hair loses the nice texture and becomes coarse and stringy. If you are going to dye your hair try using hair care products for that purpose to help your hair restore shine. I recommend you use Fruitis Garnia. I think your hair would look cool if you dyed it like that but if you are not sure use semi permanent.— — — — — —What are some of the best hair care products?The Hartmann Company - Golden Age Grooming Products Grooming Products that reflect those classic, old fashioned grooming products but upgraded and updated for modern health. Our products are made with Natural and Organic ingredients selected to revive and rejuvenate your hair and scalp!— — — — — —best hair care products for me?Try Dove Shampoo and conditioner, Finesse shampoo and conditioner in case you change your mind and decide to go cheap. And for expensie try Bumble and Bumble leave in conditioner. It does not really seem like your hair needs intense care at all, so I do not see why you want to buy expensive prodcuts, but Bumble and Bumble is really good. The wealthy use it.— — — — — —i have really dry hair! help!?Did you change hair care products at all? If not.... Try john freida's frizz-ease line - very nice and soft and silky... What you might have done (but I am guessing) is not rinsed out your conditioner... or not rinsed it out fully. the extra conditioner in your hair could have made it softer...— — — — — —what do different hair care products, including shampoo, do?Only a straightening iron will keep your hair straight— — — — — —What hair care products do you use to cut down on frizzy hair in the south?Oh boy! I lived in South Florida for 25 years and have naturally wavy hair that likes to frizz! Definitely go with professional salon products! They have a low ph, usually 4.5u20135.5, which is what human hair and skin requires to be healthy. over-the-counter products are highly alkaline and will cause the cuticle layer to swell. This means each individual hair on your head is ruffled, frizzy! do not be fooled by labels that say ph balanced. The reality there is that they could be balanced anywhere on the pH scale. Very misleading. Professional products will smooth the cuticle layer resulting in less frizz. They also rinse completely from the hair leaving no build-up. Any buildup or coating on your hair will not allow your natural oils to get through. This results in your hair being dry, which adds to frizz. ColorProof has a product called humid RX. It would be the last thing you spray on your hair before you walk out the door. It creates a protective veil to prevent frizz from humidity. Very effectiveWhat hair care products do you use to cut down on frizzy hair in the south?
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