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The as to date is a main profit-maker in Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd.. It is always famous for its high cost-performance ratio and wide application. Made of fine raw materials from long-term cooperation partners, the product is supplied with the competitive price. And it is manufactured based on the advanced technology, making it be of superior durability and stability. To add more value to it, it is also designed to be of attractive appearance.Through continuous efforts and improvements, our brand Aofei terrazzo tiles has become synonymous with high quality and excellent service. We conduct in-depth investigation about customer demand, trying to follow the latest market trend for products. We make sure that the data collected is fully used in the marketing, helping the brand planted into the mind of the customers.We have employed an experienced professional service team to provide high quality services at Aofei tiles company. They are highly enthusiastic and committed people. So they can ensure that the requirements of customers are met in a safe, timely, and cost-efficient manner. We gained full support from our engineers who are well trained and fully prepared to answer the questions of customers.
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Designer Date Rape 4 Red Flags for New Designers
This article might be offensive to some people. It might contain offensive language and ideas. If you do not want to be offended you have the free will to stop reading this article whenever you like……still here?…EXCELLENT. This post is for people who are new specifically to UI and UX design but applies to graphic design and many other fields. It is written out of my own personal experiences.And so it beginsMaybe you did a UI design bootcamp, maybe you even have a degree from an accredited school, maybe you freelanced for a while or have some experience. One thing is for sure, you are on a job hunt in the design field and are experiencing rough waters. It seems like everyone is looking for the next "Unicorn" that does the work of 5 people, and is willing to work for the pay of 1. Well! Everyone tells you to network.Maybe you think you are looking for the "Mr. Right" job and, you've dated loser jobs before. Hey! You are willing to settle down.So you met this guy at a MeetUp event. Everything seems great at first. He has a design firm. He seems interested in your portfolio. He gives you his business cardlook at that subtle off white coloring, the tasteful thickness of it -American Psychoand asks you to stay in touch. Great! You follow up and try to establish a relationship through email. Then you get design date-rapedHe sweet talks you about how great his company is and what an amazing opportunity to work for his: team/startup/whatever-it-is and all you have to do is:Pay him $1,000 a month for the opportunity to work for his company full time so you can get experience.Your head hurts, your heart is pounding, you are not sure what is going on but can not shake the feeling that someone is trying to take advantage of you. THAT'S design date rape and I do not want you to be a victim. Know the signs. This is how young designers are not being paid fairly:1 The stipend: This means that you are being paid a lump sum at the end of your employment usually far below market value.2 The startup: Not all startups are in this boat, but be careful about who you work with, chances are you need to show work in your portfolio and they will make you sign an NDA. They also have the habit of not paying you or paying you in stock sometimes which might not be what you want. 3 The class credit: Which means that they are paying you in college credits. This can actually be a good deal, but look for someone who will pay you first.4 The mentorship: I have only run into this once but I was asked to pay for the privilege of getting experience at a design firm. I personally have first hand experience in all 4 of these areas. Be very careful when you sign an NDA and a contract. You can always sign a contract. You can not un-sign it.I signed a contract after being assured I could use my UI designs in my portfolio. I was later contacted by my former client and told that I needed to take them off my website. I would have never taken that job if I knew this would happen.Ask yourself these 2 questions: Am I really excited about what this company is working on? and- Do I LOVE working with these people? If the work does not meet those guidelines and they do not intend to pay …Just. Say. No. In my experience, if a company does not have the integrity to pay you, you are better off freelancing alone. Do not sell yourself short. Know how to spot "red flag" job situations/clients.Listen to your gut.Do not be afraid to walk awayBeing a Stripper and dating?I would love to party with you and stripping on weekends does not bother me, in fact it's a turn on. I like that you like girls as well as guys. I would never hold stripping against you, I mean you are hot, your comfortable in your skin and you enjoy the attention, and I can dig that. I think partying with you would be amazing, but that's because I like the honesty up front so there's no surprises out of left field. That's the last thing a guy wants is to be surprised by something like this. As far as I am concerned, we would be so compatible, it ai not even funny. If you hook up with other guys and girls, I am fine with at so long as I know before hand. Just do not put my life in danger is alls I ask
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