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Box Mod Kits is the 'chosen representative' of Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd.. By digging into the industry dynamics and market trends, our designers keep innovating ideas, designing the prototype, and then screening out the best product design. In this way, the product has a very competitive compact design. To bring an excellent user experience, we carry out millions of tests on the product to make it stable in its performance and be of long lifespan. It proves to be not only in line with the aesthetic taste of consumers but also satisfy their actual needs.Aofei terrazzo tiles is a growing brand and has a high reputation in the global. The sales volume of our products accounts for a large proportion in the international market and we provide the best quality and function to our customers. Meanwhile, our products are increasing in scale with more choices thanks to the high rate of customer retention.Every customer has a different requirement for materials and products. For this reason, at Aofei tiles company, we analyze the specific needs for customers in depth. Our goal is to develop and manufacture Box Mod Kits that perfectly fit for the respective intended applications.
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New Products of Mobile Robot in November
Robot dog, parking AGV, laser slam forklift... Colorful new products in November! Tencent - quadruped Mobile Robot & balanced wheeled mobile robot on November 20, Tencent Jamoca quadruped mobile robot and self balanced wheeled mobile robot made their debut. Jamoca body is refitted based on the externally provided hardware platform, weighing about 70kg, 1m long, 0.5m wide and 0.75m high. Based on Tencent's self-developed robot control technology, Jamoca has created an intelligent brain that can cope with complex environments, so that Jamoca can walk, trot and jump, and can locate and avoid obstacles independently. The balanced wheeled mobile robot weighs about 15kg, is 1.15m long and 0.52M high. On the basis of the traditional wheeled mobile robot, the momentum wheel and its motor drive system are added, so that the robot can maintain balance in both static and moving states.Yifeng - the fourth generation of child parent lifting AGV parking robotRecently, Yifeng's fourth generation of self-developed parking robot - child parent lifting AGV parking robot was officially released. Yifeng child parent lifting AGV parking robot is composed of child carrier and parent vehicle. During the transportation between the parking space and the entrance and exit, the sub car is responsible for the handover with the vehicle, and the parent car is responsible for carrying the sub car and vehicle. It can walk, lift and change flexibly without track. The mother car has super lifting power, which can lift the weight of 3.5 tons to 1.8 meters high; The sub vehicle also has super load capacity and can handle vehicles weighing up to 2.8 tons; The total clearance height of the two-story garage is 4.25m.Mairui robot - new AMR product of latent seriesIn order to meet the flexible, automatic and unmanned handling needs of different materials and goods in various industries and scenarios, Mairui robot comprehensively upgraded LMR latent series AMR products and released two new product models lmr-s3d-le1000e and lmr-c3d-le1000e. The two new products have been upgraded in terms of load capacity, navigation mode and obstacle avoidance ability.At the CeMAT exhibition of self-made robots - slim forward robot and slim handling robot in November, China self released two new fork robots of slim family - slim forward robot, which can not only adapt to the most widely used "Tian" and "Chuan" trays, but also adapt to all kinds of non-standard accessories, and can customize accessories according to customer needs to meet the needs of different scenes. The width of the working channel is only 2m, the maximum load reaches 1.4T, and the lifting height reaches 4.5m. The self weight of slim handling robot is only 380kg, and the working channel width is reduced to 1.6m, with a maximum load of 2T.Jizhijia - order to person A60 & balanced heavy intelligent forklift f35c11 CeMAT exhibition, the first robot A60 of jizhijia a series, equipped with laser slam and QR code visual navigation technology, with a maximum load of 60kg. In addition, jizhijia also released the balanced heavy intelligent forklift f35c. The robot has a maximum load of 3.5 tons and can lift up to 4 meters; At the same time, jizhijia also launched a pallet handling solution that can get rid of the shackles of the base. The solution adopts the industry-leading "unit logistics" pallet handling robot, which increases the storage capacity by 30 40%.At the CeMAT exhibition in November, based on the actual logistics needs of the production line of smart manufacturing plant, gazhi technology showed a smaller, more novel and more intelligent series of gazhi Emma mobile robots, as well as the park level outdoor heavy-duty unmanned robot jointly launched with Pengxiang automobileOriginal title: Atlas of The source of the article: official account of WeChat public: new strategic robot] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
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