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Does GMu2019s Dealer Network Cripple GMu2019s Transition From ICE to Electric Motor Vehicles?
Does GMu2019s Dealer Network Cripple GMu2019s Transition From ICE to Electric Motor Vehicles?
Does GMu2019s dealer network cripple GMu2019s transition from ICE to electric motor vehicles?Quite the opposite, Ray. GMu2019s dealers tell GMu2019s management what the American public wants. How else would a bunch of fat-cat executives know?Transitionu2026 To what?Adjusted for inflation we have the lowest gas prices since I was a kid 60 years ago. Unless you count the consumer nightmare called California. There is practically no EV infrastructure yet. Even with hybrids, there is almost no demand. As soon as Washington drops EV and hybrid subsidies the interest in those products evaporates. They are taking the pulse of the American public seven days a week.They know exactly what the public wants (and it ainu2019t little windup cars). The public wants big honkinu2019 SUVs and pickups. And that is exactly what they should have.— — — — — —Quick Question about trading in a car on a lease?I.m not completely sparkling on your question yet have faith it particularly is which kind of motor vehicle acquisition returns the main earnings. A sellers earnings margin is better with tips from paying the smallest volume attainable for a motor vehicle and advertising for the suited volume attainable. One kind of acquisition over yet another has no genuine benefit over the different each so often. generally the main worthwhile are commerce-ins. it particularly is rather attainable to LOSE money inspite of the kind you won motor vehicle. with tips from the way hire returns make up a small % of vehicles at public sale. Trad in grant the main administration on how lots you pay yet each so often you nonetheless finally end up giving too lots with a view to end a transaction. As a broker my objective is to make money on extra transactions then those I lose on.— — — — — —Is it possible to engage in sex and operate a motor vehicle adequately?I did this many years ago and lived through it but now I feel like I was very lucky. In both ways— — — — — —Where do they get the pristine motor vehicles used in older films?They rent them from car buffs. I was an extra on the TV series Mindhunter because a friend owns two 70s cars. It turns out people who care enough to own and maintain classic cars tend to get twitchy about other people driving them, so quite often filmmakers will rent the car and also pay the owner (or somebody the owner chooses, which was where I came in) to drive the car.On the Mindhunter shoot I was on, they also rented a few dozen cars that were not driven at all, but brought in on flatbeds, dropped off and moved around by hand to play the role of parked cars on the street. I was told they were not drivable, and that, of course, made them more cost effective to rent.I talk a little bit more about this in Steven J Owens's answer to How do movies set in the past make sure that cars/clothing is accurate when filming in big cities? Some scenes have hundreds of cars going by, or thousands of people walking in, say, NYC. Are these all actors?,— — — — — —is a high speed impact in a motor vehicle as deadly as free falling down and impacting the ground?Every crash is different, but broadly speaking the speed of impact is the most important factor in causing damage. So YES.— — — — — —Got tricked into signing a power of attorney for motor vehicle title?First: you ought to continually study besides the indisputable fact that you signal. second: means of lawyer or no longer, nonetheless you've a settlement putting forward he ought to pay the loan, so that you are ok in that section. third: 2 weeks that's too quickly. i imagine you are dashing, till your contract states at the same time as he develop into meant to pay I propose you to attend till the subsequent month and then examine back.— — — — — —Can a cop pull me over for having a hole in my break light but it doesn't interfere with the light at all?Can he pull you over? Yes (In my state police are allowed to initiate a traffic stop if they observe a violation of the law, also in my state police officers are allowed to pull vehicles over to perform a safety inspection - the original law from the 1930s actually mentions the officer inspecting the quality of the anti freeze??) Is having a hole in the lamp lens a violation? Yes Was the police officer a douche? I do not know, as I wa not there - did you receive a ticket for the violation or was your car impounded as a defective or unsafe vehicle? I would have just given you a warning to get it fixed or perhaps a fix it ticket if I thought you were not concerned about getting it fixed. Why is it a violation? As you can imagine lamps are a very important piece of equipment on a motor vehicle. The government publishes standards that must be met for your car to be "street legal". If you look closely at the lens you may see a small set of letters SAE. All of your lamp lenses must have this stamp which means they have been approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers. If you do ANYTHING to the lens - it no longer meets their criteria. Even putting red tape (which they sell at some automotive stores) does not allow the lens to retain the certification.
Can I Actully Make a Electric Motor and Put It on a Bike? (if so, What All Would I Need to Build Thi
na, you do not might desire to sign in the motor. once you purchase the boat the boats identity huge style merely exhibits the make and length and twelve months of the boat. it is all you extraordinarily a lot sign in. in case you want or merely choose for yet another kind of moter on your boat it is as much as you. as quickly as I registered my boat it did not count what kind of motor that i had. the registration merely had to acknowledge if there became a motor on the boat or not. so the anwer may well be no you do not might desire to rereigister the boat. yet merely incase my answer is not a hundred% terrific, verify with your states dnr and spot what the respond may well be....yet my critiques are in keeping with ga dnr. good success as lengthy because of the fact the boat is registered positioned what ever you opt for for on it1. I have a dayton electric motor that has a place for two capacitors, how do I install them?If your motor is rated for 115/230, then there will be 2 different capacitors; 1 for each voltage, and the different sets of wires will have to be configured for each voltage. I replaced my furnace blower motor with a dual-voltage motor and had to configure it properly. If your motor is truly like the one in the pic from Graingers, then there are 2 problems: 1. The Grainger motor is only for 230 volts, and 2. The Grainger motor is reversable (you do not mention if yours is, or not). If your motor is reversable, then that would explain some of the extra wires. You really need to get the specs. on this motor to figure out the proper wiring. Since you got it to run, you might have gotten lucky, but I would be careful and watch the motor under all load conditions. If it starts to get way too hot, or if it does not provide the rated HP, then you have mis-wired something. .2. I have a SLOW electric Walmart/toy R US RC CAR...can i buy an electric motor from a Hobbie shop and mod it?The rc cars you get from retail outlets are not usually upgradable. The components are usually not hobby grade, but you might be able to. If you can access the motor compartment you might be able to use another motor IF it will fit in the same location & uses the same type pinion/spur gears like they sell at hobby shops. Your best bet would be to call a hobby shop in your area & ask them if they would have a motor to fit your specific car3. converting a 5 hp electric motor to a gas engine?Converting to gas engine from electric motor you will need a 10 hp gas engine. Gas engines loose alot of hp through heat loss4. What size electric motor would I need for a three-ton truck.?Horsepower is horsepower. Chances are your 2500HD has an engine in the 350Hp range. You would need a similarly sized electric motor to match its power. Since you will also be carrying quite a bit of weight in the form of batteries, you would need something larger to match the performance. Don5. what kind of electric motor works best in a car?none, theyre for poons, turbo diesels where its at6. Why do we not use an electric motor to power a supercharger instead of a pulley that takes away power from the engine?You do realise that using an electric motor to drive a supercharger will also take power away from the engine unless you are going to put separate battery in the car expressly for the supercharger that you will charge elsewhere. The alternator in the car runs all of the electrical loads required in a car and takes power from the engine to run. By adding an electrically driven supercharger the alternator will have to generate more power. The argument comes as to whether the belt drive to the supercharger power loss is more or less than the power loss of the belt drive to the alternator when required to generate a higher electrical load to the supercharger
I Want to Know That a 20HP Electric Motor Can We Run Through Online Ups.?
If you are buying or selling something, weigh the item. You can do this by standing on a scale with the item and without subtract the two and this is your shipping weight. Call or go to and there will be a listing of prices by weight.1. How do I attach an electric motor to a fly wheel to spin it and what actually cause the flywheel to spin or the shaft to spin and how on earth is a motor or whatever it is attached to somthing thats spinning like a flyweel?Q: How do I attach an electric motor to a fly wheel to spin it and what actually cause the flywheel to spin or the shaft to spin and how on earth is a motor or whatever it is attached to somthing thats spinning like a flyweel?A: There is a need to connect an air conditioning compressor to a pulley wheel on demand. In cars, this is provided by an electric clutch, which essentially pulls a spinning plate attached to the drive to a rotary solenoid attached to the compressor.Another method is the one way clutch: a spring attached to the drive shaft encircles a driven shaft so that the spring tightens on the driven shaft if the driver is spinning faster, yet unwinds free if the driven shaft is turning faster. There are many variations on this theme.2. How can you protect an electric motor from rusting in heavy fog?Make a wooden or metal box to cover it and place a small light bulb in it. It will give off enough heat to keep it dry3. SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE! On an electric motor, what's the difference between volts and watts?I am not a rocket scientist but I have to believe that volts is what it takes to operate the motor...Watts is what it produces in its operation,,, That might be especially true of a generator, which takes a certain number of volts of power to create the necessary watts to offer power to appliances etc. Rev. Steven GOOD not GOD4. I need help with charging a 12v battery???????/electric motor scooter?I think you should read the owners manual completely. There may be a start sequence that you need to follow. As to charging the battery, start with it on 10 amps for 15 minutes, then put it on 2 amps overnight. From your description, you may have a different problem than a dead battery. Check the battery voltage with a good analog voltmeter with the charger off. Then check the voltage at the motor under the same conditions. I suspect you may have a loose connection to the motor instead or in addition to the dead battery5. why electric motor or alternator have stack of plates?FYI they are called laminations (you will hear "lamination stack" or "lam stack" in the trade) and they are for keeping low core losses by interrupting induced eddy currents and keeping them confined to a single lamination where the loop area is small.Also, there's an additional practical reason for using laminations: you can easily use the same lamination design for different length stacks just by using more or fewer laminations for a shorter/longer stack. A solid core would require different manufacturing steps for different designs.6. A/C D/C electric motor diagrams?please give me your email id. I will send you description about DC motor. But I do not know any book7. Do Chevy Volt hybrids have a transmission, since the ICE is providing charge to the electric motor, like a diesel locomotive?Chevy volt's operating principle is not like the diesel locomotive. The ICE is not only there to generate electric to run the electric motors to move the car. It also provides power to the drive train when it is engaged, while it is charging the battery as well. So, yes, Chevy Volt has a transmission, a failure of which in my Volt, nearly cost me $2,000 about 4 months ago. Fortunately, it was covered under 100K miles voltec drive train warranty8. How does an electric motor in GCSE physics work?Like magnetic fields repel. Opposite fields attract. When the pole of the coil is before the fixed magnet the current is switched so that it is attracted to the fixed magnet. ( opposite magnetic polarity ) As it passes the fixed magnet the commutator switches the current so that the coil now swaps its field and is repelled by the fixed magnet. (same polarity as the fixed magnet) So that at both points the coil has a force causing it to turn in a single direction. Naturally after it has turned a certain amount the next pole ( coil of wire) is now approaching the fixed magnet and the cycle starts again.
A DC motor is between 6 to 10 times more efficient than a gas motor, so you do not have to get the same rated HP motor in electric. Gas motors do not use all their HP most of the time. What is going to get you on a truck is the weight. You can get the motor to carry you, but a charging or battery system is what is going to be expensive right now. You would probably have to spend $15k on just the batteries, and we are talking maybe 30 miles per charge, if you are lucky.1. Is there any way that an electric motor, can turn an alternator, and more than double the motors power?You are going to need to put your heads together and rethink this particular phase of your project. First off, an alternator requires what is known as an "exciter voltage" to create power. This means that you would still be running from your battery and due to the mechanical losses involved, the use of an alternator, or even generator would draw the battery down even further. You are sort of asking for perpetual motion and science has not figured that one out just yet. The best solution for you would likely be using solar panels to recharge the batteries, but I do not know how many you would need to provide the amount of power you will require. Best of luck and you will need an external power source to power any sort of electrical generating device.2. I need to hook up a timer switch for a 3 phase 240 volt electric motor what kind of switch do I need?220 Volt Timer Switch3. How do I change the speed of my 1/5 hp electric motor from 3450 rpm to around 800 rpm?that is for sure a strange question4. How can I design an Electric Motor with 10,200rpm or more?very first increase the nos of poles5. Are there any R/C model airplanes that use a real jet engine instead of piston or electric motor?I have a turbine scale F-16. It has an 18lb thrust jet engine and retractable landing gear. I have $5700 invested without the radio gear. Wingspan 66 inches.6. What kind of battery do I buy for my electric motor?Never do that again. A 24v motor has insulation designed for 24v, not 120v. Breakdown of insulation can place dangerous voltages on the metal of the motor. If you do not know what the insulation capability is, err on the cautious side. Only apply high voltages when you are sure. As for the battery. It is a matter of economics. The cheapest will be some sort of lead-acid battery. Most bikes that use lead-acid batteries use the SLA type. Glass mat, VRLA or similar. However, charge density is not good. There are better batteries (albeit considerably more expensive). If you can afford it, I would recommend A123 Lithium-Ion (lithium iron phosphate).7. why cant the spinning wheels of a car be used to recharge an electric motor within the car?zoe and david hit the mark. a perpetual motion machine is not possible at this time, but regenerative braking is being used in hybrids and pure electric cars. by the way, you cant recharge an electric motor because it is not a storage device, it is a propulsion/ recharge device depending on how you set the system up. it can also be used as a dynamic braking device as well.8. What will cause an electric motor rotor shaft to burn?I recall a 350 HP 3600 RPM motor with a bearing failure. Because it was coupling drive, no side pull on a belt, it kept running. The coupler broke, the shaft was soft with heat, it would have been dull red hot. It threw the coupler through a wall, and when the motor came to rest, the shaft was hanging down, it had bent 90 degrees. I had a pic, but it got lost9. What kind of electric motor can I use for this application?Very simple solution...... Take out the cooling fan from any old computer. Its motor is very small,quiet,low torque,cheap and low current consumption.The CPU fan or video board fan is even smaller !
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