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linoleum from Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is one of the most competitive products in the industry. It is made of the finest raw materials that not only meet with the rigorous quality and safety standards but also meet the application needs. It delivers great benefits to customers with longer service life, stable performance, strong usability, and wide application. As Aofei terrazzo tiles products are delivered with Performance and Purpose, they are recognized by numerous organizations and individuals. The brand's backbone is its values; providing heartfelt service, being delightfully surprising, and delivering quality and innovation. The branded products are exported to many overseas countries globally through international marketing channels and maintain a steady annual growth rate of exports.The service at Aofei tiles company proves to be flexible and satisfactory. We have a team of designers who work hard to cater to customer's demands. We also have customer service personnel who answer problems with shipment and packaging.
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Taking Linoleum Peel and Stick Tiles Off of Beautiful Hardwoods! HELP?
Taking linoleum peel and stick tiles off of beautiful hardwoods! HELP?You wo not be able to remove the adhesive on the floor without also removing the finish on the wood. You will have a nicer floor if you just use acetone or something similar to remove the adhesive, then take some 60 or 80 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper to smooth out the floor and get rid of all the left over marks & adhesive. Then resand the floor with some 150 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper and it should be ready to finish. If you have some deep swirls or scratch marks from the 60 or 80 grit, you may choose to go over those areas with some 100 grit before the 150 as that will speed up the process. Regardless, you are going to end up screwing up the finish on the floor trying to remove the adhesive (they are too similar to each other not to be effected) so you might as well do it right the first time and end up with a fantastic end result. You can also rent sanders that you can hook up to shop-vac vaccumes that will suck up 90% of the dust. Lastly, for ease of application I would recommend a polyurathane finish which is nearly impossible to screw up. Just follow the directions on the can and be sure to go over the floor with some Triple OOO steelwool between the 1st and 2nd coats and also the 2nd and 3rd coats if you decided to put on a 3rd coat. Also, go over the floor with a shop vac after you steel wool it and wipe it down with a damp cloth to get all the steel wool particles off the floor or they will end up mixed in your finish and look like hell. Good luck and it's not as bad as it sounds. Should be about a week's worth of effort after you get back from your day job to finish this up.— — — — — —How do I get a dark spot off linoleum floor?The dark spot is not stained. It's just not faded from the light. Nothing you can do— — — — — —can I use linoleum to protect hard wood floors?I love wood flooring.I would never cover it. When it gets worn, I will just refinish it— — — — — —can you put backer board for tile over old linoleum?Lu on board. That's how you pronounce it— — — — — —What's the best way to clean a stubbornly dirty older linoleum floor?Bleach. Or Amonia. BUT BE CAREFULF NOT TO MIX THE TWO. Lke, wash the bucket out twice and mop the floors with plain water before trying an amonia based product/amonia after using a bleach based product/bleach, and vice versa. They will create fumes that will kill you— — — — — —How do I clean linoleum floors?A trick my mom used to use for our old floors back home was making a baking soda paste and letting it sit in the area for a few minutes. Then she would take a cloth or sometimes a cleaning brush to scrub the area. This way you wont be using any harsh chemicals that might harm you or harm your floors anymore than the might be now. You might also want to try this site for some tips— — — — — —An Ugly Linoleum Floor Problem?I think the peel and stick tiles are good and normally a good buy , I know they work good , How big is the floor ? and what is under the flooring ? If you have dents and pitted areas , You can use a little Joint compound and this will work fine for small pits , But if you have a concrete floor under the linoleum you can peel up the stuff and use some concrete filler in the dents and then just paint it for now , Heck , some of those jobs look good and you might not want wood floors . lol, But DO NOT try to paint the linoleum , It wont make 2 years . Glitter— — — — — —HELP!!! How do I remove a scratch mark from new linoleum tile?You are burnt. You can not fix it. But linoleum is cheap and you can replace it!— — — — — —Thin Set directly on linoleum??never never, if the under floor fails, then your brand new floor fails. especially under that type of area where the flooring is under unusual stress.
Linoleum Floor Tiles Make for a Great Design
Everything you need to know about flooring, including pine laminate, antique oak, natural cork, bamboo, and the various hardwoods such as Brazilian walnut, and Australian Cypress. Also information on faux wood and ceramic pattern flooring. We all wish to have a beautiful home and a beautiful home is incomplete without stylish flooring. Floor tiles come in a variety of styles and quality grades. It is advisable to choose the best one for your house as it is a long term investment. When you decide to buy flooring for your house you should not just look for style but you should also see its quality. For example, Linoleum floor tiles are an excellent flooring surface with several benefits. Linoleum tiles or linoleum flooring comes in different styles, colors, patterns, and prints that add fashion to your house. Unlike vinyl flooring which is made by man-made chemicals, Linoleum is an all-natural and environment friendly product. It is made up of renewable resources such as rosin, cork dust, limestone, wood flour, and linseed oil. In addition to this, Linoleum can be easily recycled and also it is completely biodegradable and creates no toxins. Contemporary and vintage linoleum flooring is available in the form of sheets as well as tiles. In order to install a linoleum floor you need to use an adhesive. It is to be noted here that linoleum is installed by cutting it, thus it lends itself to creative floor style with bands and patterns to fashion unique and beautiful floors for every room of your house. Furthermore, linoleum flooring is quite comfortable, durable, and resilient underfoot. Linoleum floor covering is very long-lasting and it looks like new for several years and that too with little maintenance. This makes linoleum an ideal flooring option particularly for high traffic areas. Also, it is a good idea to have linoleum kitchen flooring in your house as linoleum is a water resistant material. Likewise you may as well use it for your bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry. In addition to this, linoleum floor tiles are used in offices for the simple reason that linoleum does not produce static electricity. Another feature of linoleum is that it is anti microbial and this makes it an appropriate flooring option for hospitals, schools, kids' rooms, playrooms, and nurseries. This flooring is very easy to clean; normally little sweeping and damp washing is enough to clean the linoleum floor. The color is very important to the flooring, so in case you drop a knife you can repair the damage with ease and then reseal it. These days linoleum click flooring is quite prominent among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The click flooring is good to use as it comes with cork for extra noise control. Moreover, it does not require any adhesives to install it. However, the cost of linoleum flooring is more or less same as that of superior quality vinyl, wood flooring, or carpet. So it is advisable that when you decide to buy linoleum floor tiles , look for discount linoleum flooring.
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