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Straight Guy, but Turned on by Muscles?
Straight Guy, but Turned on by Muscles?
I think it's called macrophillia. Sounds like you are bisexual with a preference for women, and a size fetish. It's up to you if you want to keep identifying yourself as heterosexual though... if you feel more comfortable that way. by furry things... do you mean people dressed as animals? or do you mean some hairy body part on men? Furries are people who have a fetish for dressing as animals and having sex.1. From stick straight to wavy?hot iron and curl activator by TREsemme will get u the look u want with a professional touch. finish with a spray to hold the curls in place2. curly to straight to curly again (hair)..??i have curly-ish hair so i just put some curl-activating spray/creme into my hair after i wash it and then let it dry naturally (like no blow drying)....usually i go to bed when its still damp and then in the morning my hair is fairly curly...if i dont want it really super curly i will take my straightener and just straighten bits and pieces of my hair. ...............that way its not curly but its not straight. i think these might be the soft curls your looking for? hope i helped!!3. Gay, Lesbian, and Straight songs?whitney houston and I will always love you janet jackson again they say she in the first line but in refrence to a friend.4. Is it possible for straight guys to.....?Of course it's possible to be straight and like all that. What you watch on tv has nothing to do with your sexuality5. who are the Torres Straight Islanders?They are the people from Torres Strait Islands. I know some of theme who live in West Australia. Beautiful people6. Why can't straight men have close friendships? (...from a straight male)?Wow a man that thinks that way =] Anyway,i agree with you i mean women have very close relationships but it does not mean we are lesbian,and if someone says we are? then who cares,their judging a book by it's cover. I think men should be alble to put aside their fears and go and hug their male friend,have a coffee together and talk about life. What is so bad about that?. =S7. How to make hair perfectly straight?You could try using a perm instead of a relaxer as it's less harsh, just comb your hair straight while it's on instead of using perming rods. Try it on a small strand of hair first to see if it makes any difference at all (bear in mind that you might need to leave it on for longer than it says on the box, but be careful) and to make sure you are not allergic. It might straighten your hair a little and together with a flat iron there's a chance that you will get the effect you are after:).8. Is anyone else just happy to be straight?I am happy too! I love being a straight woman9. i have trouble driving straight on the road and following the tracks, what is a way to drive straight ??run with 10 km/h... sure u can drve straight10. In love witth my straight friend?from the way this sounds i would give him the letter, you have nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain... good luck ;-)11. Is it OK to drink Vodka straight?why you wanted to drink while you are working anyway? sound not very Professional, But if you like to drink vodka without a smell. Mix it with cranberry juice, taste nice and no smell12. my pinky is not straight help!!?Go to a local store and get a finger brace. They are straight and typically have Velcro to hold them tight. You simple slip your finger into it and tighten it. Do not use it in the shower but DO were it while sleeping and doing activities that you would use your pinkie for. NOTE: if you cant afford a brace or cant find one then you can use two Popsicle sticks and tape to keep it "prone" and possibly straighten it back out. Hope this helps!13. Is all of BTS gay or straight?None of the member is gay. As if u are talking about ships like Namjin,Taekook or Vmin.They are not real.They are only ships that the army ships because of their closeness.Armys ship them as friends. so to the answer of ur question "None of the bts members are gay".
How to Make Ur Hair Straight and Stay Straight?
How to Make Ur Hair Straight and Stay Straight?
Have you ever combed a perm through it. If not you might try that. When I have done it it makes my hair straight as a board1. Process to male straight As in High School?Is it the essays that are bothering you, or the whole, "read between the lines" thing. If it is the essays, I suggest you Write, Write, and Write plenty of them to get used to the format, and then ask your teacher to give you tips on how to improve them. It's a trial and error basis. For Memorization, I make little weird images, or Mnemonics that will help me remember... For example, In biology you have to remember the order of classes. Which are Domain, Kingdoms, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. I think of it, ( Thanks to someone who suggested this ) as Dirty, kinky, pimps, can, only, F***, Girls, Sideways. It's vulgur, but easy to remember... By weird little Images, I mean, if I have to memorize a date, or something like that, I relate it to something else that I can easily remember. Cramming can only help you memorize to a point, until you just forget everything. Take everything with baby spoons, and make sure to analyze any weird thing about it. Also, you should constantly test yourself over it. Ask yourself questions about it, ( write them out ) and answer it. Study buddys work as well.2. how to keep my hair straight?heat. try blow drying it3. Vegetarian to Vegan or straight to Vegan?I am a vegetarian, and I do not eat dairy. I eat eggs 2-3 times a week, but I buy mostly vegan products (earth balance margerine, kombucha, vegan gourmet cheese, soy yogurt, muffins). I buy my eggs locally, from either a co-op or farmer's market. I would recommend researching and trying the following types of cuisine: South Indian (many of the foods are naturally vegan, in some cases though--just use olive oil in any recipe that calls for ghee, and soy yogurt in any recipe that calls for curds) North Indian (uses a bit more dairy & meat, but has some good veg options if you use tofu in place of paneer) Middle Eastern (baba ganoush, falafel, hummus) Greek (falafel) Thai (Yellow, red, & green curry are awesome. Some contain shrimp paste, but you can make them yourself without it). Kosher vegetarian foods These cuisines have GREAT vegetarian & vegan options which are much tastier than most american vegan food. I cook south indian food on a regular basis, but I am fortunate because my husband is south indian and my MIL showed me how to prepare everything (it's not hard, but it can LOOK hard if someone does not "show you the ropes.") Indian food in general is awesome for vegetarians, because it is hearty, filling, nutritious, and very very tasty. Many of the recipes (especially S. Indian) were designed to be vegetarian, they are not "vegetarian/vegan adaptations." Check out the following books: Vegan with a Vengeance : Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Isa Moskowitz Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine - Pure Vegetarian South Indian Samayal by Viji Varadarajan & Padmini Natarajan Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India (Paperback) by Chandra Padmanabhan Eat, Drink & Be Vegan: Great Vegan Food for Special and Everyday Celebrations by Dreena Burton The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein4. What will make my hair straight?straightener and straightening cream.... i prefer Chi and Beadhead Products =]5. Why are straight people/straight men so uncomfortable around gay/bi men?Ignore them Luke. Well i know alot of gay guys, and i am no different around them than i am my usual friends, and i am a straight male. I guess they feel uncomfortable because its something new, just tell them that you do not wanna be treated any differently than other friends.6. How to get Really Straight Hair?thx for the answer and the ony way to REALLY get it straight u can also use straightning shampoo and conditioner and also use a bit of dove thinning conditioner mixed with the other conditioner. then put some sky high mousse in. your short layers will help it stay straight and part it on the side for a different way. u can also use bed head control freak 4. hope it healped
I'm White, Blonde Hair, Straight & Thin, Dreadlocks?
I'm white, blonde hair, straight & thin, dreadlocks?Dreadlocks are kinnda gross on white girls. But if you really want to do it go to a salon and ask if they sell this wax stuff that you have to section off your hair and roll it. You also cant shampoo your hair, you can rinse it but not properlly wash it.— — — — — —Why do white girls deny this?Oh god, I hate it when people act racist. I know exactly what you mean. It's because some people are still stuck in the days when there was segregation and when everyone was very racist. Things will and have to change eventually so I guess from here on out everyone has to be ready to accept. I hate it when people stereotype. And another reason why famous directors and "important" people do that is because they think someone of a different color then white has a symbol of violence and drugs, when that is SO not true.— — — — — —Do White girls love Asian feet?Finally, I found a Chinese-Malay girl..(Just saying because my mom is the same exact thing!! and coming from a Malay culture it is offensive..but we are not in Malaysia right now so ya..but foot fetish is like when you have a sexual interest in feet, it does not seem like you do at all.....maybe your just a fun outgoing girl? I never said I wanted to date one....but thx for the offer...just wanted to know if there were any Malays on here?— — — — — —Do white girls consider Middle Eastern guys to be inferior?I have a middle eastern friend who is engaged to a white girl and they both love each other— — — — — —How come people say white girls are flat?Lol. Everyone gets put down in all diff types of races. Not just white girls— — — — — —Is it okay for white girls to wear Baby Phat shoes?Do not worry about others think. Cause you can not control them. Get your shoes and enjoy!— — — — — —Is it wrong for a Native American to date a white girl?If your native American culture is still strong within you, perhaps it would be desirable to keep it going with someone of a similar ethnicity, as your culture was forced to extinction and you may wish to save it.If you have little connection to Native American culture, then you may want to find it back, or culturally blow to the four winds and dissipate into the global-Euro-American abyss....?— — — — — —culturally speaking why do we white girls want to be like blk girls so bad ?preach it. white girls stop pretending to hate black people— — — — — —Beautiful white girl are perfect in every way?HAHAHAHAHA. Yes beautiful white girls poop and fart. I would love to see the reaction on one of their faces if you asked them to poop for you. Good luck buddy— — — — — —I love white female beauty so much, do I put her on a pedestal?Ok. I get it - you dig white girls. Good for you. Additional Details: I am white.— — — — — —Do white girls like specific type of Asian guy?they like EMO asians i kno i do!!!— — — — — —Why do white girls cut themselves?I agree that cutting is pretty stupid, to end pain by causing more pain, such logic :P But, not all white people have easy lives like you are getting at and not only white people cut themselves.— — — — — —Do asian boys ever like white girls?I am sure some do. Why do you hate your culture though? That makes zero sense. Love who you are— — — — — —Would it look weird for a white girl to get cornrows?If you want rock any style because you like it, then go for it! I am black and I've seen white girls here in So.Cal have braids, dreads, beads etc. & regardless of how it looks, I love when people step out of their comfort zone & do what makes them happy as opposed to what will make everyone else satisfied or comfortable. Yes. It will hurt. It's like, the thinner your hair is the more sensitive your scalp is! You can take an Aleve before it gets braided. Depending on how tight the person braids out, your head will hurt for about 2 days. But what is beauty without pain right? And sleep with a scarf on so the braids do not look old and worn out too soon. Best of luck in all your future hair endeavors!
Hidden Braces Choosing the Right Discreet Solution for a Straighter Smile
Many adults are unhappy with their smile due to crooked and misaligned teeth but choose not to address this problem due to a fear of their treatment drawing attention. For decades, orthodontic braces have been given a negative rap in the media, presented as unattractive and often linked to bullied or 'nerdy' characters. The good news is that adults can achieve straighter teeth and increase confidence in their smile whilst keeping treatment discreet.At Oldham Orthodontics, we can provide a range of discreet orthodontic treatments, or 'hidden braces', but which solution is the right one for you?Ceramic BracesCeramic braces, much like traditional metal braces, are fitted to the front of your teeth, however, they use clear or tooth coloured brackets with metal wires running through them. By using subtle coloured brackets, ceramic braces are much less noticeable, especially from a distance. The brackets are very similar in terms of size and shape to metal braces, but blend in to the teeth much more.People opt for ceramic braces because they are often a budget friendly option, or some people may find that due to more extreme irregularities of the teeth that other options aren't suitable. Ceramic braces allow for these irregularities to be fixed whilst still allowing you to avoid drawing attention to your teeth during treatment.Clear AlignersClear aligners are a very popular form of hidden braces as they are very discreet and easy to use. Clear aligners are made from transparent, wafer thin medical grade plastic and fit perfectly over the teeth - as a result, they are practically transparent, which is fantastic for people that are often in the public eye, or even people that just want to smile without having to worry about their braces showing.Orthodontists provide a series of clear aligners which are then changed approximately every two weeks to help the teeth to gradually and gently move into the desired position. As aligners are digitally designed and made according to the projected movement of the teeth, there are usually fewer appointments with an orthodontist needed compared with other treatments.As well as being very discreet, one of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that they can be taken off to eat, drink and to clean your teeth. This makes keeping your teeth clean much easier, as food and plaque are prone to getting stuck behind the brackets and wires of braces.Lingual BracesLingual braces are arguably the most discreet form of hidden braces. They are comprised of small brackets and arch wires, however, these are bonded to the back of the teeth. As a result, they are practically invisible to anyone except for your dentist or orthodontist. Lingual braces use metal brackets that are custom made for your individual teeth and work much in the same way as traditional braces, treating a variety of orthodontic problems, even quite extreme irregularities.If you would like to learn more about hidden braces, you can contact Oldham Orthodontics on 0161 622 0987 to book an appointment to find out which braces are right for you·RELATED QUESTIONCan I wear lingual braces on my upper teeth and ceramic braces on my lower teeth simultaneously?I first want to give detailed explaination of advantages & disadvantages of lingual applainces in upper teethADVANTAGES :1. less appliance noticeability2.less discomfort at the cheeks3.greater increase of the intercanine width with subsequently less need for interproximal enamel reduction4. less anchorage loss of the posterior segment during space closure5. fewer white spot lesions compared with labial appliances.DISADVANTAGES:1.greater oral hygiene problems (food impaction,greater plaque index)2.greater tongue discomfort3.greater oral pain4.greater oral discomfort, overall irritation of the soft tissues5.greater general activity problems6. greater sleep disturbance7.worse speech performance ,greater avoidance of certain types of conversations&greater eating problems.8.greater perception of articulation change.9.smaller amounts of Interproximal tooth reduction needed to create missing arch space compared with labial applianceCERAMIC unfortunately also has some disadvantages toothe are mainlyexpensive compared to metal bracescauses sensitivityless tooth movement compared metal bracesfrequent breakage of the brackets might be too expensive & need to change the entire set of brackets.less durable than metalWITH ALL THESE POINTS I finally want to make it clear that nothing can make a orthodontic treatment sufficient &cost effective than METAL BRACESI hope this information was helpful for you !FOLLOW !-for more dental solutions!UPVOTE !-If its a sufficient information for you! Have a great day !Dr.SpCan I wear lingual braces on my upper teeth and ceramic braces on my lower teeth simultaneously?
Why Are so Many African-American Women Straightening & Dying Their Hair Blonde? What Happened to Bla
Why are so many African-American women straightening & dying their hair blonde? What happened to black pride?well Black peoples hair is usually pretty gross, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE just saying it IS, it always looks greasy/oilly so they are probably just trying to make it look better— — — — — —Why don't african american women wear weaves that match their natural texture like caucasian/hispanic women?As you are not black, I would say that this is none of your concern. How girls wear their hair is none of your business. There are more important problems to be fuss about. It's also funny to hear whites tell US how OUR hair texture is. You are the best expert, right?— — — — — —What do u think about african american women and their natural hair?The first is really pretty, I do not like the second hair style as much— — — — — —Why are most beautiful african american women the main ones with bad attitudes?Most Beautiful African American Women— — — — — —Do African American Women perm their hair and wear weaves to cater more to the Caucasian woman look?I think this is very true. For a long time I was obsessed with having my hair permed and then pressed straight b/c when I wore my hair natural all the other kids would say my hair was 'nappy'. Our neighborhood is 98% Caucasian and .999% African-American so I felt tremendous pressure to keep my hair straight and long. I did not wear weave b/c my hair grows pretty quick (if I do not damage it). Now that I am out of high school I do not really care anymore. I still perm my hair once a month but I do not flat iron it, I wear it wavy/crimped. I wish I could just wash and wear my hair the way it is, no chemical processing, but that's the pressure society puts on our shoulders.— — — — — —African American Women Only: What type of product to use to make it even more slicker down like in this pic?Try the Wen cleansing conditioner. Use it regularly and you will notice that your hair will start becoming hydrated like that. It's expensive but well worth it. It's a no-shampoo hair care brand but you can read all about it on the official chaz dean website. I've used it for almost two years and I went from having hair that was so dry that I had to moisturize it every day to having hair that's hydrated from the inside out and all I have to do in the morning is style my hair and go - sans the moisturizer! But, I do use it as a leave-in every day. I try to use it regularly because that's the only thing that's going to keep my hair healthy and hydrated. Once I stop using it for a while then my hair will start becoming dry again. It does not compare to the cheap brands and the knock-offs like Hair one. I've used hair one and it's sucks and I used hair one every day for months (until the bottle was gone) and it never made my hair as hydrated as Wen. In fact, it never even made my hair healthier or easier to manage. Wen is the only product, and I"ve used dozens, that has made my hair healthier and it also makes it manageable. With cheap drugstore brands you are just settling for mediocre and I've seen people who have compared wen to a cheapie conditioner and say that they are better off using a cheap conditioner, lol. Obviously those people have NEVER used wen because 1) it's not a regular conditioner because regular conditioners do not fully clean your hair, and 2) I've used cheap and expensive conditioners and none of them are as hydrating as Wen. In fact, some of those cheapies ended up drying out my hair! I hate cheap products and I realized that I was settling for mediocre hair results when I started using salon brands. You might think the cheapies are working wonders on your hair but that's because you have not had a chance to compare it to a much better product. I've used mostly cheapies since I was natural and then I switched over to using salon brands when I realized the cheapies were not giving my hair what it needed. That's when I realized that I was just settling and not realizing my hair's true potential with that cheap crap. I do not have to walk around with frizzy hair. I do not have to walk around with hair that i have to moisturize every day. I can get a defined curl with the right salon products and do not have to use gel or some kind of curl defining product. BTW, it's usually the frizz that keeps your curls from being defined. I did not realize how good my hair could look until I started using expensive products. They truly are superior. Wen is definitely worth the price. Stay away from Hair One because it's a crappy Wen knock-off. I would rather use a sulfate-free shampoo than that crap! - and I hate shampoos and stopped using them once I started using Wen. If i have not said this already, if you buy Wen then use it regularly, and especially use it as a leave-in every day and you will start noticing differences in your hair. After you've used Wen for awhile, go back to your old hair products and that's the only way you will begin to see exactly what wen is doing for your hair. To get your hair to lay down, try tying a scarf around the part you want to flatten and leave it for about 15 minutes in the morning and see how it looks. You might have to leave it on a bit longer; it depends on your hair. ADDING: Ha! I usually wear my hair down and loose, but today I have it pulled back into a headband, so I looked in the mirror and I see that my hair is just as hydrated as the girl's in the picture. Go Wen!
Is There Any Way to Get Floor Tiles Straight When Room Isn't Straight?
Oh boy. No there is no easy way to correct it. They should have started the tiles dead center on an "X".1. not being taken seriously by straight men?If they persist, I would say something like "Look, you are not my type" or "I am not interested in you".. make them feel like they are the reason, not your sexual orientation Although some guys just can not take no for an answer... edit: How come no lesbians answered?? I guess there's no good way....? :/2. how about straight hair .?BUY a CHI straightener they are pretty expensive but work GREAT!!!!!3. "Straight up and down” meaningYes, you can say "draw a line that is straight up and down", and the person should draw a vertical line. Similarly I would understand "straight (from) side to side" to mean horizontal4. Is it normal for straight guys to enjoy assplay?As we turn our back on Victorian prudeness and start actually studying sexuality, we've discovered that there are very few 'purely' straight OR gay people. Almost everyone falls somewhere in the middle, from 'mostly straight but does not mind a little assplay' to 'now I know I am really gay but I used to bang girls a lot'. In short, it's not one or the other, but somewhere in between.5. My long hair that is REAL straight?ok so i do not have the answer you are looking for but i do have something. do you know how many people would kill to have straight long hair?? i wish i did, plenty of people i know which they did and you are so lucky. embrace it and make people jealous of it. also if you get shorter layers it can give it some bounce and if you are lucky a curl/wave. but i mean like short layer (closer to head) ( NOT ALL OF YOUR HAIR, JUST TOP LAYERS)6. straight leg jeans into bootcut?nononononnoononon7. Is this a straight flush?Takes input as a 2D array.Try it8. gay, straight, or bi? and why?straight.... with lesbian tendancies =)9. How to curl straight hair?Take her to a salon10. How to keep hair straight?when you wash your hair blow dry it and brush it out if not use a dorag they work also buy a straightener i have a baby bliss and they work amazingggg11. Do accelerometers know when they are moving straight up or straight down?Firstly it's important to understand how an accelerometer behaves in a gravitational field, such as we experience here on earth. An accelerometer does not measure acceleration, in the sense that it does not measure the change in velocity alone. It measures change in velocity plus gravity - which means that you need to take the measurement of gravity out if you plan to attempt what you outline. Also, the gravity will be measured as an upwards acceleration - which is somewhat counter-intuitive but makes sense if you imagine an accelerometer as being built something like this:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabI've abused the schematic editor to show a ball bearing suspended in a tube by two perfectly damped springs. Imagine that the accelerometer makes its measurement by telling you how far from the resting position the ball bearing currently is. Now imagine turning this device on its end, and you can see how the ball bearing sags down under gravity, and how this is indistinguishable from acceleration. I think relativity has something to say on this topic, but anyway.So - if you have a vertical accelerometer, and you remove the effect of gravity, and the movements of your device are sufficiently larger than the noise floor of your accelerometer, and moreover the movements are sufficiently smooth to not confuse your algorithm - then it might be possible. There's a answer above that mentions freefall, which would be a problem, but I am assuming from your description that your device will not be in freefall for any length of time. This is a guess though. If you really do want to use an accelerometer your best approach to a problem like this is to record the accelerometer's output somehow (I prefer to output it over SPI and record it using a USB logic analyser) and write down exactly what you do (or even video it, if you are really keen). Then you can play around with algorithms offline, without the overhead of constantly wondering if your Arduino is really doing what you think it is.As others have mentioned, other types of sensor may be more appropriate. We would need more detail about exactly why you are attempting what you are attempting to comment I think
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