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the mixer of Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is delicate in appearance. It is constructed with superior quality materials purchased from all over the world and processed by the advanced production equipment and the industry-leading technology. It adopts the innovative design concept, perfectly integrating aesthetics and functionality. Our professional production team who highly attentive to details also makes a great contribution to beautifying the appearance of the product.To compete with similar products with absolute advantages, Aofei terrazzo tiles has its own belief, that is, 'Quality, Price and Service' We have been committed to providing our customers with high quality products above the market level at a lower price. This has proven to be effective because our products are at the forefront of international sales market and they are highly praised by customers around the world.Quality service is a fundamental element of a successful business. At Aofei tiles company, all staff from leaders to employees have clearly defined and measured service goals: Customer First. After checking on the logistics updates of the products and confirming customers' receipt, our staff will contact them to collect feedback, collect and analyze data. We pay extra attention to the negative comments or suggestions that customers give to us, and then adjust accordingly. Developing more service items is also beneficial for serving clients.
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What Size Amplifier Would I Need?
what size amplifier would I need?What sort of amp/speaker was that? There are no 260 watt guitar amp that I am aware of. May be a Peavey bass or PA type of amp? It may sound to me that you either have a speaker mismatch and/or the wrong kind of amp/system. If you try to run your phone or similar through a bass or guitar amp, it will not sound good at all, since these are not full range systems. The volume may perhaps be there but not the sound. What you will need is to have a full range PA system with proper speakers. In such a case, I would assume 250-400 watts will be more than enough (depending on what type of speaker/monitor cab, and where you place it). Another option is to mic your set through a mixer, run the phone through the mixer - then mix and play it back through headphones. Or even simpler - just use headphones (the drums will likely be more than loud enough)— — — — — —What else do I need to record drums?i dunno why youd use triggers if you already have most of the equipment....... you can get a 4 or 8 line mixer for fairly cheap. behringer makes some cheaper ones. by cheap im saying like 100 bucks. you will also need something to connect the mixer to the computer. these can be a little more expensive, so if you find one with multiple lines on it, you might be able to get away with no mixer. either way, it sounds like you will have to fork over at least a little bit of cash. check craigslist too, used gear is a great way to go.— — — — — —How much vodka will get me drunk?a cupfull :D. jk jk dont do that unless you want a really fun time that will end with you waking up in the morning either wondering what you did the night before or wishing you hadnt done stuff the night before xD. Lets just say 6 or 7 shots should do it and if you want to mix then 2 cups will be fine provided your putting in a lot of the mixer be it oj or soda and dont really dont mix with an energy drink thats asking to get drunk faster n blackout— — — — — —pro audio question, on a Yamaha MG16/6FX mixer, can you buy the power cord and ac adapter anywhere?the nice thing about mixers (and most other electronics) is that they often all use the same power supply. look on the back of the mixer when you get it, and it should say there how many volt and hz it needs. if i am not greatly mistaken, it needs 18v/50hz, but check to make sure (do not waste your money) if you had the mixer, you could test power supplys of other things around the house to find the size you need. good luck!.— — — — — —Methods of effectively recording drums (out of studio)Get a decent cheap 4 channel mixer, the Behringer Euroracks or any other inexpensive mixer with 3 XLR inputs will do fine. The 4th channel is for your backing tracks. Get three mics, one short mic stand and two boom mic stands. Get a decent set of sealed headphones. For a recorder use whatever digital recorder takes your fancy: your camera, a Zoom, even your laptop. Put the short mic in front of or inside your bass drum and position the boom mics over your kit. Your bass drum mic will have to deal with a lot of sound so it should be sturdy. Either get a specialized bass drum mic or use a Shure SM-57. Plug the mics into the mixer. In the 4th input channel you plug in your backing track and plug your headphones into the mixer. Plug the output of your mixer into your recorder and after you've tweaked the mix you are good to go. Good luck!— — — — — —Submersible mixerA submersible mixer is a mechanical device that is used to mix sludge tanks and other liquid volumes. Submersible mixers are often used in sewage treatment plants to keep solids in suspension in the various process tanks and/or sludge holding tanksWhat is a Self-Loading Concrete Mixer?What is a Self-Loading Concrete Mixer? Principle and Features A self-loading concrete mixer is a machine that can self-load aggregates, weigh the batch, blend concrete, transport, and place it wherever required. It is hence a stand-alone machine that can complete the concrete mixing task by demanding a single person to operate the machine A self-loading concrete mixer is a unique concrete mixing machine that is widely used in the construction industry around the world. Many unique models of self-loading concrete mixers are available in the market, each having its advantages and disadvantages. All types are highway and all-terrain machines that is widely used in the construction of canals, residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and other construction applications. One of the important features of a self-loading mixer is its easy operation. Because of its self-loading design, it can automatically produce and transport concrete on-site. Other features of a self-loading concrete mixer are mentioned below. 1. A self-loading concrete mixer is a multi-functional machine that is capable of self-loading all the concrete ingredients, mix, transport, and discharge. 2. Self-loading concrete mixer generally possesses a four-wheel-drive system that gives high traction to help the machine work in very soft clay site conditions. 3. It has a hydraulic-driven drum that offers high rotation that facilitates effective mixing operation. Once the mix is ready the drum can be lifted for fast and effective discharge of concrete. 4. The self-loading mixer has a metal bucket that enables the operator to load raw material to the drum. 5. The loading and mixing operations, the speed, and direction of the drum are all controlled from the cabin of the truck 6. A self-loading concrete mixer can be easily loaded in big trucks and transported to any long-distance construction site. This feature makes it suitable for small, narrow, and isolated construction sites. The general components of a self-loading concrete mixer are The loading system in a self-loading concrete mixer consists of a hydraulic shovel arrangement to load the material easily and accurately. Some of the manufactures offer shovels with a blade which enables to cut the cement bags while loading. The hydraulic system capacities vary depending on the load-bearing capacity of the mixer. The weighing system in a self-loading concrete mixer consist of computerized weighing equipment which controls and display the weight of the material The mixing system in the self-loadingmixer helps in the mixing of aggregate and cement fed to the mixing drum with water provided from an independent water supply system or through a manual supply. This mixing drum is energized by a sufficiently powered engine to deliver a homogenous mixture and quality concrete. The discharging system in the self-loading mixer gives choice to the operator to discharge the concrete mix at different angles and heights. The discharge system can be adjusted by the operator by controlling the mixing drum angles to provide discharge in various heights. The adjustment of drum angles can be done by a handle shank in the operator cabin The self-loading mixer comes with a 4-wheel drive wheel system which enables the operator to manure through the toughest terrains in the construction site very easily. These mixers are equipped with high resistant engineering tires. The complete concrete mixing process can be performed by a single operator. Initially, cement is displaced manually in the bucket, and water is fed into the drum. Its unique bucket loading operation collects sand and aggregates load the rotating drum quickly and efficiently. The high-speed rotating drum ensures to give a homogenous concrete mix, which can be transported and placed wherever required. Hence self-loading concrete mixer reduces extra labor and concrete transportation cost. The self-loading concrete mixers are available in different specifications and capacities which help the user to choose according to the workload and size of the sites. Some of the common specifications available in the market are as below; Ø Self-loading concrete mixer can self-load, mix and discharge concrete in different heights and angles - Enables long time efficiency and cost saving. Ø It ensures labor cost saving - An expected saving of 3- 5 labor/ day Ø Compact and easy to use Ø Easy to transfer from sites to sites Considering the improved efficiency, productivity, and labor cost saving offered by the self-loading mixers, it is a valuable choice of investment. But since these are expensive, making the right choice would be very essential. Below are some factors that need consideration while buying self-loading concrete mixers Compare all the existing self-loading concrete mixer brands which offers our needs and specification. Always prioritize brands with good sales and after-sales track records. The availability and reliability of spare parts will be key for the uninterrupted service of the mixers. Always look for suppliers with an established network for spare parts distribution. Other than this, the cost of spare parts and maintenance schedule also needs to be studied. The supplier evaluation needs to be done before procuring the mixer. This can be easily performed by evaluating the export cases of the supplier, cost offered, after-sales support, onsite support, and feedback from existing customers if available. The self-loading mixers are best suited in construction sites where batching plants are unavailable. These mixers are an effective choice for the time-bounded construction site. The common application included in heavy constructions like bridge and tunnel, maintenance of concrete pavements, highways, foundations, and high-speed railways, etc.
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