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Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd. always provides customers with products made of the most appropriate materials, for example, Televisions. We attach great importance to the materials selection process and have set a rigorous standard - only do with the materials with desirable properties. To select the right materials, we have also exclusively established a purchasing team and a quality inspection team.Aofei terrazzo tiles products continue to dominate in the market. According to our sales data, these products have generated robust sales growth each year, especially in such regions like Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. Although the large percentage of our sales is brought by our repeat customers, the number of our new customers is also increasing steadily. Our brand awareness has been significantly raised thanks to the increasing popularity of these products.At Aofei tiles company, service is the core competitiveness. We are always ready to answer questions at pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale stages. This is supported by our teams of skilled workers. They are also keys for us to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and minimize MOQ. We are a team to deliver products such as Televisions safely and timely.
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In Today's Increasingly Thin Electronic Products, OLED Wallpaper TV with OLED Display Screen May soo
In the imaginative future TV science fiction scene, the 100 inch giant screen TV has come into reality in the past two years; The TV can be thinner and softer, can fit seamlessly with walls and columns, and even roll up the outer belt like a picture scroll, but it still seems to have a strong science fiction color.With the price of OLED TV landing in the high-end mainstream market and the unremitting promotion of major manufacturers around the world, OLED organic self luminous TV, which is completely different from LCD TV, is familiar to more consumers. In addition to its extreme image quality performance, flexibility and appearance characteristics like wallpaper are also coming into reality from the future this year.Thin as paper and soft as picture scroll are the two expectations of the public for future TV. Thanks to these two characteristics at the same time, OLED TV no longer exists in the center of the living room as a video content player, but will be more widely used in exhibitions, advertisements, even outdoor portable and other new scenes.For the liquid crystal display line, to realize "thin and flexible", we must first realize "thin". If we get rid of "thin", flexibility will lose the meaning of portability. The R & D personnel of LCD camp have tried to seek the possibility of future TV on the mainstream LCD panel, but because the LCD panel is not self luminous, it is bound by the high-thickness backlight module. Compared with the self luminous OLED, the LCD panel with more backlight is always thin, which can not fit the wall, nor can it be as light as the OLED TV wallpaper. From the perspective of flexibility, unless it evolves to "self luminous", the flexibility attempt of LCD TV has completely entered a dead end.With the progress of technology, various problems such as screen burning, service life and high price of early OLEDs have been solved one after another. Due to its self luminous characteristics, OLEDs have more and more advantages in image quality, high contrast, color display and ultra wide visual range. While OLED is well known for its display advantages of high contrast and high visual range, its flexibility in shape is expected more and more.The emergence of OLED has accelerated the pace of TV towards reality in the future. Within the scope of the laboratory, "thin and soft" OLED TV has been realized, and in the field of household consumption, the future TV has also taken the first step of light and thin.On April 12, Skyworth released its first wallpaper TV to the Chinese market at the "Wow, paper!" new product launch. Wallpaper TV with future TV form finally appeared in the mass consumer market. It is understood that OLED flexible TV will also be market-oriented in the near future. Industry insiders introduced to hea that Skyworth is the first thing to think of when referring to OLED TV in domestic TV brands. SKYWORTH took the lead in getting the ticket and occupied the first opportunity for development.It is reported that the size of this high-profile wallpaper TV is 65 inch 4K OLED screen, and the screen thickness has reached the amazing 3.6mm level. The screen supports magnetism, which means that it can really be adsorbed on the metal wall like wallpaper, and there is no need for support.It is worth mentioning that at present, only OLED TV can completely fit the TV with the wall. This new hanging method also reflects the infinite possibility of OLED innovation in product form.In the evolution history of TV form, in addition to large screen, another important trend is thinness. One of the important reasons why LCD gradually replaced CRT TV is that it is lighter and thinner than the latter.Ten years ago, the thickness of TV screen was still decimeter. Taking a brand's flagship product w300a LCD TV in 2007 as an example, its 123mm thickness was the first in the industry at that time. Today, OLED has reached the millimeter level, and the lightness that liquid crystal cannot achieve will become another weight for OLED to gradually replace liquid crystal.The significance of the emergence of wallpaper TV lies not only in its light and thin shape far beyond LCD TV, but also means that OLED and even the TV industry have taken a breakthrough step towards flexible TV. OLED TV in a wider form has the possibility of realization. People's imagination about the use scene of future TV is gradually becoming a reality.In addition to Skyworth, LG has also launched OLED wallpaper TV. More and more enterprises are eyeing it, increasing investment in OLED and taking an important step towards flexible TV in the future.According to the data, in 2017, the global shipment of OLED panels will reach 1.5 million, with a year-on-year increase of 78%. In the Chinese market, the expected increase in OLED TV sales is as high as 400%. In the field of OLED, China is at the forefront of the times with rapid growth.
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