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A Coffin for the Sheriff
A Coffin for the Sheriff
A Coffin for the SheriffA Coffin for the Sheriff (Italian: Una bara per lo sceriffo) is a 1965 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Mario Caiano and starring Anthony Steffen, Eduardo Fajardo, Fulvia Franco, George Rigaud and Armando Calvo— — — — — —Zenas CoffinZenas Coffin (June 3, 1764 - July 8, 1828) was an American mariner and one of the wealthiest whale oil merchants and largest shipowners of his time in Nantucket, Masssachusetts— — — — — —Coffin birthCoffin birth, also known as postmortem fetal extrusion, is the expulsion of a nonviable fetus through the vaginal opening of the decomposing body of a deceased pregnant woman as a result of the increasing pressure of intra-abdominal gases. This kind of postmortem delivery occurs very rarely during the decomposition of a body. The practice of chemical preservation, whereby chemical preservatives and disinfectant solutions are pumped into a body to replace natural body fluids (and the bacteria that reside therein), have made the occurrence of "coffin birth" so rare that the topic is rarely mentioned in international medical discourse. Typically during the decomposition of a human body, naturally occurring bacteria in the organs of the abdominal cavity (such as the stomach and intestines) generate gases as by-products of metabolism, which causes the body to swell. Cases have been recorded by medical authorities since the 16th century, though some archaeological cases provide evidence for its occurrence in many periods of human history. While cases of postmortem fetal expulsion have always been rare, the phenomenon has been recorded under disparate circumstances and is occasionally seen in a modern forensic context when the body of a pregnant woman lies undisturbed and undiscovered for some time following death. There are also cases whereby a fetus may become separated from the body of the pregnant woman about the time of death or during decomposition, though because those cases are not consistent with the processes described here, they are not considered true cases of postmortem fetal extrusion.— — — — — —I don't mean to be gruesome, but does anyone know where I can purchase a miniature coffin? (about 5" long)Three suggestions Now that Halloween is not that far off some stores are already putting out Halloween decorations. There are a few haunted villages out there and I would think coffins were available. Also check out some diecast car web sites, Asheville Diecast and Diecast Direct. There are several hearses with coffins available. A 1/24 scale or 1/25 scale coffin would be about 6 inches long. The 1/18 scale hearses would have a coffin about 7-8 inches long. You could make one, I mean its just a basic rectangular box. You could use a block of wood and glue bamboo skewers for handles. A little paint and it should look fine. I said 3 here's a bonus. I do not like saying ebay for every answer because I think it's a cop out but look under "model trains-g scale and search for a coffin, any coffin in that scale should be about the size you want.— — — — — —Sir Isaac Coffin, 1st BaronetAdmiral Sir Isaac Coffin, 1st Baronet GCH (16 May 1759 - 23 July 1839) was an officer of the Royal Navy who served during the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Coffin was born in Boston and served in the navy on a number of ships during the War of Independence. He fought at Cape Henry with Arbuthnot and at St. Kitts with Hood, eventually being promoted to command a number of small ships on the American coast. Despite his rise through the ranks, he clashed occasionally with the naval hierarchy, with the first incident occurring while still a newly commissioned commander aboard HMS Shrewsbury. An incident over unqualified lieutenants led to his court-martial, though he was acquitted. A more serious incident occurred after the end of the war with America, when Coffin was particularly active off the Canadian coast. A charge was brought of issuing false musters, and though the practice was endemic in the navy, led to his dismissal from the ship. The First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Howe, then intervened to have him dismissed from the navy entirely, a decision that was later overturned by an inquiry, which set an important precedent. Restored to his rank, Coffin commanded several ships during the opening years of the wars with France, but the recurrence of an old injury forced him to move ashore. He spent the rest of the war commanding a number of dockyards, continuing to rise through the ranks, and being created a baronet for his good service. Retiring from active naval service towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars Coffin briefly changed his surname to Coffin-Greenly before reverting it, entered politics, and died with the rank of admiral in 1839.
Scary Question..? Either Or Q?
Scary Question..? Either Or Q?
Scary Question..? either or Q?Buried alive; buried in a coffin— — — — — —Mary Coffin StarbuckMary Coffin Starbuck (February 20, 1645 - late 1717) was a Quaker leader from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. She and her husband, Nathaniel Starbuck, were the first couple to marry on Nantucket and were parents to the first child born on the island. She supported her husband's efforts to run a trading post, which grew into a large mercantile business with the advent of the whaling trade. Unusual for the time, she was a prominent leader in civic and religious matters. She had ten children and her family members were leaders in the Quaker meeting— — — — — —what are some short funny atheist quotes?"Atheist in a coffin: All dressed up and nowhere to go" I love that one.— — — — — —Grade 2 heart murmur in puppy cavalier?Buy a coffin as well— — — — — —is this a good idea for my dad's 50th birthday?BUY HIM A COFFIN! I HOPE U DIE— — — — — —What if a West Berliner were caught in the East when the Wall went up?Then you were stuck. To cross it would only be possible in a coffin. Вы понимаете?— — — — — —The CoffinThe Coffin is a 2008 horror film starring Ananda Everingham and Karen Mok— — — — — —is it legal to purchse tobaco products online without being taxed?sure and while your add it buy a coffin and check on ebay for a fresh set of lungs your going to need both soon— — — — — —Ladies, where can I find this type of dress?In a coffin in a cemetery— — — — — —Coffin shipA coffin ship (Irish: long cónra) was any of the ships that carried Irish immigrants escaping the Great Irish Famine and Highlanders displaced by the Highland Clearances. Coffin ships carrying emigrants, crowded and disease-ridden, with poor access to food and water, resulted in the deaths of many people as they crossed the Atlantic, and led to the 1847 North American typhus epidemic at quarantine stations in Canada. Owners of coffin ships provided as little food, water and living space as was legally possible, if they obeyed the law at all. While coffin ships were the cheapest way to cross the Atlantic, mortality rates of 30% aboard the coffin ships were common. It was said that sharks could be seen following the ships, because so many bodies were thrown overboard. Overloaded overinsured ships (also called coffin ships) frequently carried Irish emigrants over the Atlantic and were hence coffin ships in both senses.— — — — — —Thomas Coffin (Nova Scotia politician)Thomas Coffin, PC (1817 - July 13, 1890) was a Canadian businessman and politician. He was born in Barrington, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia in 1817. He owned a general store and with his brother and other partners operated a sawmill and shipbuilding yard on the Clyde River from 1854 until late in the 1870s. In 1855, he was named a justice of the peace and he served as school commissioner in Shelburne County and the Barrington district. He represented Shelburne County in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly as a Reformer from 1851 to 1855 and as a Liberal from 1859 until Confederation. In 1867, he was elected to the 1st Canadian Parliament representing the riding of Shelburne as a Liberal-Conservative supporter of Sir John A. Macdonald. He was re-elected in 1872 and crossed the floor the next year to join the Liberal Party of Canada. He was re-elected 1874 and defeated in 1878. From 1873 to 1878, he was the Receiver General. He died in Barrington in 1890.— — — — — —Coffin Bay (disambiguation)Coffin Bay is a town and locality in South Australia. Coffin Bay may also refer to. Coffin Bay mallee, a common name for Eucalyptus albopurpurea Coffin Bay National Park, a protected area in South Australia Coffin Bay pony, a variety of feral horse found in South Australia Coffin Bay Peninsula, a peninsula in South Australia Coffin Bay Tramway, former railway line in South Australia Coffin Bay Whaling Site , heritage listed site located within the Coffin Bay National Park— — — — — —Clifford CoffinMajor General Clifford Coffin VC CB DSO & Bar (10 February 1870 - 4 February 1959) was a British Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces
Is This yet Another Nail in the Coffin of a Common Skeptic Argument?
Yes. Get used to coffins.— — — — — —Joshua CoffinSome records suggest that Joshua, while captaining the whaler Ganges, sighted and named Gardner Island in the Phoenix Group in 1825, probably naming it after U.S. Congressman Gideon Gardner, the owner of Ganges. Alternative sources claim the island was sighted by whaler Joshua Gardner, also reported to have captained Ganges in 1825.— — — — — —Coffin bone help? (20 char)?Have the vet out to do x-rays and go from there. She may need shoes, she may not, but you should have the vet figure out what is wrong first— — — — — —Discovery of his coffinIn 2016, during the refurbishment of the Garden Museum, which is housed at the medieval church of St Mary-at-Lambeth, 30 lead coffins were found; one with an archbishop's red and gold mitre on top of it. On one of these coffins, a metal plate served to identify it as being that of Bancroft.— — — — — —15 YR OLD IN A COFFIN??!?This is a weird question. Well when I see someone in a coffin it's always someone I knew, or I would not be there.soooo it's always pretty sad, 80 or 15.— — — — — —Stewart CoffinStewart Coffin is an American puzzle maker. According to Ars Technica, he is considered to be one of the "best designers of polyhedral interlocking puzzles in the world."— — — — — —Frederick CoffinFrederick D. Coffin (January 16, 1943 - July 31, 2003) was an American film actor, singer, songwriter, and musician— — — — — —What are coffin problems in mathematics?I concur with Alon and I upvoted his answer (make sure that you read it first).The so called undesirable element (yes, in singular) were mostly people of Jewish descent but that fact was never officially stated. What I could never figure out for the life of me is why the hell did the Soviets even bother with a thin veneer of dubious legality. The country that shot its own citizens on the spot without any shadow of due process, the country that, like a vicious snake feeding on itself, physically annihilated its own citizenry on a mind-boggling scale in a system of concentration camps known as Gulag could have just said no, take a hike.In any case, these coffins were difficult to solve quickly mathematical problems (with elementary solutions) that were offered by an examiner to a hopeful student during the oral entrance exams. Don't confuse an effort with the result - stating an elementary solution is easy but finding one is not so.Since, I wager, most US-born students, especially the younger generation, who never studied abroad are not very well familiar with the format of an oral math or theoretical physics exam, I will describe it in broad strokes.Can't say anything about how these things work these days but in my time, mid 1980-ies, and in my college an oral exam was the (only) form of examination. Among us, the students, it was known simply as an exam (экзамен).Yes, we did have some written tests during a semester but these were looked down upon as not the real thing though the technical level of the problems given on written tests was high. But even on the written tests the faculty did not care about the final answers much - the train of thought in its entirety, the step by step, the blow by blow - is what they were after.During an oral exam we normally would be given just one or two questions - a fodder for the upcoming discussion. Then we would be given some small amount of time, say 15-20 minutes, to prepare and gather our thoughts (if we had any). And then - there was no escape - it was the one on one, face time with a professor. As you would begin answering a given question, you could be interrupted at any point at any time for no visible reason with And where did that come from? Why? And this follows from? Prove it; Elaborate; Give a different argument; Justify and so on. As you would begin answering that new query you, recursively, could be interrupted again, and again, and again to explain, elaborate and prove. An originality of thought was welcomed, nurtured and cultivated - and often rewarded even if you made some silly mistake elsewhere.I'm sure that some Quorans from the era will keep me honest but the reason why I am painting the above picture is so that readers (especially non-Russians) can realize that during these oral exams (in my time and in my college) there was virtually no room for such a thing as a lucky guess, the SAT-style: if in doubt - choose D (or whatever).Your cranium will be excavated with an inevitability of a slow moving steam roller. The weak spots, if any, will be found. No matter how smart you thought you were you couldn't just goof off all semester long and then wing it at the end. You had to cover your turf.(A historical aside: if you had a failed exam, midterm or final, by the time the next semester rolled around then we, the students, called such a failed exam a tail or 'хвост" in Russian (hhvohst). In my college the policy was that if you had a single tail then you would be kicked out. Reason: the coin vector in USSR pointed in the direction diametrically opposite to that of its US counterpart. In US colleges you pay while in USSR I was paid (different levels of stipend) to go to college. So, my guess, the government didn't want to bother if you didn't cut the mustard)So now imagine - as a 17-year-old kid, fresh out of high school, you walk into an auditorium and are asked to quickly:Using only a straight edge and a compass, reconstruct a square whose four sides pass through four given (coplanar) points. A popular solution involving circles is floating about. Either look it up or, better yet, find it yourself - since you've been given a hint; no such luxury during the actual exam would be extended.But.There is an even simpler and more extensible solution. Wait. From the problem-solving perspective how do we know ahead of time that such a simpler solution even exists? We don't. But it does. Quickly, what is it?Assume that P, Q, R and S are the four given coplanar points through which the sides of the square sought-after pass.How do we approach this problem?In reverse order. The devil's advocate: and how did you, smarty pants, know to use that approach?Honestly, I have no idea.But assume that the square sought-after, ABCD, has been somehow constructed. Then if we connect P and R and construct a perpendicular p to PR through, say, Q then p must intersect one of the square's sides, say CD, at T and the problem is solved because the highlighted right triangles are congruent:Therefore, the elementary solution is. Step 1: connect P and RStep 2: construct a perpendicular p to PR through QStep 3: construct a circle sigma centered at Q with the radius PR (which can be done. Why? Thanks to Euclid's Book 1 Proposition 2 in case you were wondering), sigma will intersect p at two points of which we take T:Step 4: complete the square by constructing a:straight line s_1 through T and Sperpendicular s_2 to s_1 through P to locate Cperpendicular s_3 to s_2 through Q to locate Aperpendicular s_4 to s_3 through R to locate B and D:The above solution can be generalized. How? Quickly.It can be used to solve a similar problem - for the rectangles. As you can see, it is impossible to win. How sad. In the comments of the Alon's answer I see someone asking if anyone managed to solve a coffin.How naive.It does not matter.The well of coffins is infinite.There will be the next one - and less time to solve it.And the next one - and less time to solve that. And the next one . . You will fail. Again - how sad. What are coffin problems in mathematics?What are coffin problems (mathematics)?
When Babies Die Are They Put in a Coffin Or a Shoebox?
They have little coffins made for babies1. Would it be really hard to get out of a locked coffin?Do you mean when it's buried underground? If so, the answer is yes. The Mythbusters proved this on one of their shows. If you are afraid of waking up after you've died, you could do what is been done in the past. Some, who had this same fear, arranged for a string with a bell on the end to be added to their coffin in case they awoke after dying. If they did wake up, they simply pulled on the string which rang the bell which alerted someone above to rescue them. This created the term we now know as would ead ringers.' If you mean above ground, the answer may still be yes. Most locks are not meant to be broken in to from the inside so you might be able to get to it to free yourself. Some simple ones though are not accessible from the inside and you would not be able to get to it to free yourself. If this is a big concern for you, you could always arrange for your coffin not to have any.2. When someone is cremated, are the remains just the person, or are there clothing and coffin (if used) mixed in?What is returned to the family, often called "the ashes" really is not ash. A modern cremation chamber is far too efficient for that. It is mostly mineral, principally calcium from bone fragments. The organic material from the body, the cremation container or casket, the clothing, is almost if not totally consumed. And then the smoke is burned again so that there are no particles at all left in that.It is all gone.The "ashes" will consist of bone fragments that have been thoroughly burned. These are then mechanically processed, pulverized to a consistency that makes them pretty much unrecognizable. Looks like ash.There may be an occasional small bit of metal (or large) that still exists. These are usually removed and discarded. Bolts from a casket. An artifical knee, that sort of thing.But almost everything that goes in the urn was once bone. When someone is cremated, are the remains just the person, or are there clothing and coffin (if used) mixed in?3. What is your favorite kind/type/brand of coffin? What kind would you like to be buried in?I am going to be cremated, save space and money4. What is the point of getting an expensive coffin for someone who died?Families often feel a sense of guilt during funerals, that they're not showing proper respect to the deceased if they choose inexpensive options. They may feel that others, coming to the funeral, will judge them harshly for the cheap appearance of the coffin.They may also be misled into thinking an expensive coffin (airtight, lead-lined, etc. ) will preserve the remains of their loved one and keep them from decay. In some cases, it has been shown that unscrupulous funeral directors will make unrealistic claims of preservation to up-sell grieving customers.Coffins may also seem like a very personal item which will be with the person for all eternity, so they want it to be comfortable, or expressive of the person's personality. If you're interested in this topic, I strongly suggest reading Jessica Mitford's The American Way of Death, which explores the funeral industry and the culture surrounding our choices.What is the point of getting an expensive coffin for someone who died?5. Another Nail in the coffin of Boxing and success of MMA?who cares wUfc will not even be an issue by next year this time The ultimate fighter show had horrible rAtings The only reason its exiting again is be cause of kimbo Ufc 100 was their big anniversary with their best fighter in a grudge match It made 5 million Mayweather de la ho ya 19 million The fact is if lesner did not bring his wwe fans Kimbo did not bring his internet fans ufc would be dead already fedor didnt sign so forget about that mega fight w brock who only has 5 fights Those guys get beat, win, get beat, win who cares? Then some other joe blow beats him...... Ufc ..... Their hourglass is almosT up Dana white is talking all that ish about who can do what, but hes fishing for fans... Without wwe, afflition, and kimbo ufc is dead I do not care about the rest cause those guys get beat every other fight the only part of ufc that is exciting is when they are standing up anyway. 5 5 minute rounds. 30 seconds are spent boxing and the rest is wrestling until the ref breaks it up. then 10 seconds of boxing then right back to the wrestling.... that is boooooooooring!
Another Nail in the Coffin of Econometrics: Gordon Hughes and the Abuse of Statistics
It was the proud boast of an econometrician I knew that he could 'prove' anything using statistics.He would have loved Gordon Hughes' 2012 paper on the effect of age on the output of wind turbines. Hughes produced figures suggesting that the typical electricity generation of a UK onshore turbine falls sharply ever year of its life. He says the average load factor of a new wind farm starts at about 25% and is down to below 5% within scarcely more than a decade.Econometrician Hughes never seemed to talk to any operators of wind farms, who would have corrected his wild statistics. Nor did his paper actually provide us with the output figures from any individual turbines. Nevertheless, this did not stop his extraordinary analysis from getting substantial coverage. Yesterday Professor David MacKay, chief scientist at DECC, weighed in against Hughes' conclusions. For those whose eyes start going round in circles when faced with equations like those in MacKay's short article, let me provide one chart from Hughes' paper which might help convince you that wind turbines do not actually age faster than domestic cats. In this chart, taken directly from the paper, Professor Hughes plots the average 'capacity factor' of turbines split by the age of the wind farm. (The 'capacity factor' is the percentage of the maximum output of a wind farm actually achieved in any year. For the UK onshore wind industry as a whole, capacity factor hover around 25-30%, depending on the strength of the winds in the year. )The centre line in the middle of the green box is the average for the turbines of that age. The length of the box reflects the degree of variation between the wind farms in that group. You will notice that the average capacity factor does not actually fall as the age of each cohort of turbines increases. 15 year old wind farms do as well as farms in their first year. This inconvenient data did not stop Hughes. He went into overdrive to show that old turbines fall apart. And there's always a statistical technique to enable you to do this. And very few people like David MacKay able to say quite how inappropriate that technique is.Just so you can be sure that Hughes' conclusion that onshore wind turbines lose 85% of their power in fifteen years, here are the generation figures from the Baywind Cooperative in Cumbria. Yes, the first full year produced more electricity than last year, but 1998 and 1999 were year of some of the highest wind speeds in the last two decades. By contrast, 2010 had probably the lowest wind speeds since the second World War. Take out these data points and you would be hard pressed to show any decrease in output. Wind turbines probably do deteriorate over time. They are very complicated mechanical devices undergoing huge mechanical stresses. But the decline is small, fairly predictable and nothing like as sharp as Professor Hughes says. Hughes' work demeans his profession. This post originally appeared on Carbon CommentaryWhy do we use coffins in burials?For the surviving loved ones, mainly. The body will still return to dust. It just takes longerWhy do we burry people in coffins?cause pizza boxes are for pizzaWill building wood box coffins be the best business to be in by 2014?If Obama gets re-elected, expect America to look like "The Running Man" by 2014A question about coffins?"Regardless whether the coffin or casket is made out of wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic or metal, the body inside will always decompose with time. Embalming only temporarily slows decomposition. In time gone by, people were embalmed due to cultural beliefs. Today people are embalmed if the body had to be kept for a long period of time before burial. These days', according to law, a body need only to be embalmed if the body will be taken to a country outside of South Africa. Today people are kept in a Mortuary which is temperature controlled. This allows the Funeral Undertaker to keep the body for long periods of time, even as long as six months! The body starts to deteriorate soon after a person dies. While the body is kept in the mortuary, deterioration is slow, but as soon as the body is buried the speed of deterioration increases. Much depend on the type of soil the coffin is buried in and whether the soil is wet or not. If the soil is highly acidic or the body is buried in dry or cold conditions the body can be preserved for a long time. No coffin, casket or dome casket is perfectly sealed. The casket or coffin will not leak if it was made according to SABS standards but minute worms and coffin flies can enter the coffin from outside. The human body is also full of worms. Worms are everywhere and it is meant to be this way. They are natural decomposers. All humans also have bacteria in their gut and this also causes decomposition of the body as soon as the person dies. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"" Good luck to you and have a pleasant day.
The Coffin Club? Please Help??
never heard of them but saw it next to twilight in b&n1. Classic Bike Shows - HomeStaffordshire County Showground Calling all classic bike enthusiasts! Where else can you enjoy so much in one place at one time? Several hundred trade stands and autojumble plots, numerous club stands and private entry displays, the Classic Racer GP Paddock, Competition Hall and classic motorcycle cavalcade...there's lots to enjoy! On-stage interviews with racing legends and the famous Bonhams auction complete the picture. Netley Marsh The ideal destination for traders and visitors alike, the annual Eurojumble is one of the UK's biggest bike autojumbles, and it's growing every year. From tyres to tinware and engines to oil, there are thousands of bargains to be had on all manner of motorcycle-related items, plus a selection of exhibits from motorcycle clubs. If you are seeking that elusive part for your special project, come and have a rummage! Telford International Centre With off-road machines as far as the eye can see, the show has dirt bike machinery to cater for every need. You will be able to dig out classic dirt bike machinery galore, see fascinating club and private off-road machines, bag a bargain at the autojumble and see off-road legends interviewed on stage throughout the weekend. This is the event of the year for all classic off-road enthusiasts! Staffordshire County Showground Several hundred trade stands and autojumble plots galore will keep classic bike enthusiasts happy at this spectacular show. Hundreds of club stands, private entry displays, the Classic Racer GP Paddock, Competition Hall and a classic motorcycle cavalcade all mark this show out as something special. On-stage interviews with racing legends and the famous Bonhams auction add to the atmosphere. Newark Showground With hundreds of stunning classic machines on display and a good mix of traders, dealers and autojumble plots, this is the perfect place to grab a box of parts and spares or find that inspiration needed to finish your restoration for a summer of riding. The annual Winter Classic includes the popular Scooter World hall as well as local scooter clubs, private entries and traders. The Royal Bath and West Showground Hundreds of beautiful classic machines from the golden age of motorcycling! The show has become Britain's greatest annual celebration of all that's best about the motorcycles of yesteryear, attracting thousands of enthusiasts, club members and traders from all over the country. It features the finest themed club displays with fierce competition for the coveted 'best stand' award and cash prizes. Newark Showground The longest-running series of one-day-only general autojumbles in the UK. From parts for classic bikes to classic cars, classic trucks to workshop essentials - there is not an automotive item we can name that has not been sold at a 'Normous Newark autojumble. All kinds of man cave stuff and more! Make it your mission to visit at least once, but be warned... you may get hooked on jumbling! Kempton Park The quintessential motorcycle autojumble in the UK. There is no better place to get THE BEST classic motorcycles and parts on these shores. Some traders will only use these magnificent seven events to sell their wares! The May and December events also encompass a full bike show involving clubs and private entries. Disposable income is not a problem with this audience, where quality matters! Stratford Racecourse The ideal destination for traders and visitors alike, Stratford Autojumble offers a vast array of parts, restoration services and related products for a variety of vehicles and is run by a friendly and experienced team of event staff from Mortons Media Group. If you are after a certain part, piece or tool for your motoring project, then the brand new Stratford Autojumble is where you will find it. Staffordshire County Showground The International Dirt Bike Show is the premier indoor off-road event on the calendar and will welcome thousands of riders and enthusiasts looking to stock up on kit and accessories. It has a new home this year, having previously been staged at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, so come along to see us at Stafford and catch up with the latest dirt bike news, views and products with like-minded folk.2. How cool is The Breakfast Club.....?Pretty good. The only thing I did not like about that movie is toward the middle when they got high, and started crying and whining about retarded stuff. Boo-hoo3. What club would you recommend?When you say British Football, do you mean the English Leagues or the Scottish Leagues? There is no British League - that's something you should know from the outset. My advice would be to watch all the teams and decide which one you like best from the style of football they play and the players on the team. Read up on those teams histories and learn about their fans. Some teams have great histories but horrible supporters, or loads of cash but no history, etc. Do not just go for whoever's winning at the moment or whoever has the most money as so many others do. Have you ever been to England/Scotland? If so why not watch a team from a city you have visited for a start. The teams that play the best football in England are currently Manchester United and Arsenal, in my opinion.
The Whole Foods Honeymoon Is Over: Was Amazons Buyout the Nail in the Coffin for Brick and Mortar Re
Its a good question, of course. And what it really boils down to is, What is the value of the experience of buying something in-store? Customer experience is something thats hard to describe to a fifth grader, but for those of us born in the generations before, its easy to define Customer experience can be as vast as the difference between walking into the Department of Motor Vehicles or walking into the Apple Store.Why has retail moved online? Two clear answers: selection and price. Experience was never part of the equationit was always about the bottom line. So what happens when Amazon, the online juggernaut hooks up with an elite grocery store dubbed, Whole Paycheck by so many? A lot of people were asking that very question when the merger was announced.The joke went:Jeff Bezos: Alexa, buy quinoa at Whole Foods.Alexa: Buying Whole Foods.The answer, it soon came out, was a matter of distribution. With Amazon known for their lean methodology and profit motive, the newly minted Whole Foods distribution centers would further increase Amazons bottom line.So now eight to nine months in, we are currently past the honeymoon stage and we are beginning to see Amazons dominant hand and mantra: profit over experience.The first changes at my local Whole Foods in Oaklands Adams Point district were the Amazon Echoes and tablets on display where the floral department had been. Then, the Amazon lockers moved in where the customer surveys and community message boards used to be.Whole Foods: your friendly neighborhood fulfillment centerOver the past few months, my local Whole Foods has virtually become an Amazon fulfillment center. In the large entrance atrium where displays of flowers, gifts and succulents used to be, now are banks of Amazon lockers, shelves of bagged groceries and lanyard draped delivery workers who load piled high carts of groceries into their cars. An additional large fulfillment area has also taken over the spot where massage tables and yoga gear had once been. This area houses rows of large coolers stocked with grocery orders, and 1520 feet of tables to serve the ever growing fleet of delivery driversits a stockroom positioned within a showroom, essentially.Amazon/Whole Foods aisles have become crowded with Whole Foods employees restocking with large carts at any time of day or night. One must now maneuver around the restockers in addition to the new fleets of personal shoppers buying OPGs (other peoples groceries).Display wise, the artisan gelato case has been replaced with Baskin Robbins style ice cream cakes. Caf seating is now crowded in a cramped corner of the store to make way for a brand new taproom. On Mothers Day, flowers were stocked in an abundance, albeit somewhat wilted abundance. Little by little, the elite customer experience that Whole Foods shoppers have come to expect is being eroded.Shopping at Whole Foods post Amazon is a bit like flying Wow AirThe fact is, besides a slow erosion of the merchandising finesse which Whole Foods is known for, Im realizing that so much about the elevated experience of shopping at Whole Foods pre-Amazon, were the things shoppers didnt seethe stocking, the warehousing, the wholesale boxes and carts. Shopping at Whole Foods post Amazon is a bit like flying budget airline Wow Air, realizing the things that you came to expect as standard (like free water in the case of Wow Air, or in the case of Whole Foods, an obstacle free shopping experience) were actually amenities all along.The BeginningSo why did people shop at Whole Foods to begin with? Grocery shopping in the 1980s was far different when John Mackey founded it, particularly for natural foods. At that time most of the country either had a choice of the supermarket model from the 1950s: warehouse sized, linoleum floored, florescent lit spaces full of aisle upon aisle of big agribusiness brands, tired produce and Muzak. As an alternative there were cramped and dark health food stores, permeated by the smell of nutritional supplements and stale tahini. Health food stores at that time typically stocked vitamins, a small selection of organic packaged goods, a dry goods section and a few bins of produce far past its prime. The idea of a clean, well lit and beautiful space to shop for health foods and gourmet selections was a completely novel experience. As an alternative there were cramped and dark health food stores, permeated by the smell of nutritional supplements and stale tahini.My first exposure to Whole Foods was in Providence, Rhode Island around 1989 or 1990. I was attending college in Baltimore, Maryland and my sister was going to Brown University. My local grocery store in Baltimore was named SuperFresh and was anything but. So, when my sister took me to my first Whole Foods on that summer day, it was an experience to remember. It was clean, well lit, and meticulously merchandised. Id never been in a place that simultaneously sold imported cheese, whole grain pasta, and fancy French crockery.My local grocery store in Baltimore was named SuperFresh, and was anything but.Many years later in 2006, the first Whole Foods opened in Oakland. Its no exaggeration to say that it really turned a corner for the Adams Point neighborhood. In a repurposed behemoth Cadillac dealership, its gleaming rows of prepared foods, beautiful displays of organic produce, and fancy cheeses meant this Oakland neighborhood had finally arrived, or would eventually. Yes, the food cost more, but most definitely you were getting a ticket to the experience of shopping on shiny clean floors to select soda imported from France in a city that was best known for street crime at the timeit was a bit of an escape. Quite honestly, I abhor grocery shopping but Whole Foods was different the difference between flying a budget airline or first class. Some days, on those long work days, it was just worth it to pay a bit extra for soymilk if it meant that I didnt have to go to the dingy corner store or crowded supermarket.But to my sons point, what is the value of an in-store customer experience? Does it even have value anymore? I think that is perhaps the second part of this experiment. As Amazon pushes Whole Foods prices down, it also removes the top-notch customer experience that was once emblematic of shopping there. Admittedly, no one really enjoys grocery shopping so perhaps Instacart and Amazons Whole Foods delivery services really are the wave of the future.Is this merger the beginning of the end of brick and mortar? Does customer experience in the age of Amazon even matter? Or is all of this an opportunity figure out a whats next? Let me know what you thinkOriginally published on LinkedIn June 19, 2018.
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