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You can make it peachy it would look nice with the carpet, try light oranges, or something closer to wooden brown— — — — — —13 Modern Dining Room Lighting IdeasFinding the right light fixture for a dining room can be tricky. It's always important to keep in mind where your new piece of luminous decor will be installed. Will it be hanging over a small round table, or a long rectangular one? What is the ceiling height in your dining room? Another not so fun, but practical consideration: Your budget. And last, but not least: What is your design style? Once you've answered these pesky questions, let the shopping begin! There are a plethora of radiant options to choose from, so to make your life easier we've selected 13 modern dining room ceiling lights that will leave your dinner guests complimenting more than just the cuisine. 1. Ikea Hektar Pendant Lamp, $59.99 A modern spin-off of the classic industrial style factory and warehouse light fixture, this oversize metal pendant is a great option by itself, or paired in multiples. The contemporary white metal finish reflects oodles of downlight for you to enjoy every time you sit down for a bite to eat. 2. World Market Natural Macrame Deja Drum Pendant Shade, $59.99 Swooning over this bohemian goodness crafted by Indian artisans! The pendant's intricate hand-woven detailing, right down to the tassel fringe, is giving us all the feels. Your dining room will thank you. 3. Serena & Lily Santa Barbara Pendant, $298 Beach-chic has never looked so good. This woven rattan pendant radiates coastal charm worthy of a beachside retreat. The bell-shaped shade projects warm, lustrous downlight, while ambient light peaks through the net-like construction, creating a beautiful dance of shadow and light. Available in three neutral colors, this fixture is a natural born star. 4. West Elm Sculptural Glass Globe 3-Light Chandelier, $307 In an ideal world, everything would be custom-made. If you would love a more tailor-made light fixture without the high price tag, this sculptural glass globe chandelier from West Elm is a resplendent option. It's available in a variety of finishes, styles, and sizes, not to mention the height is adjustable, giving you all the variation your heart desires. 5. Louis Weisdorf Multi-Lite Pendant, $699 Designed by Danish architect and designer Louis Weisdorf, this aptly named pendant is a work of art. The innovative opposing shade construction enables this snazzy geometric fixture to provide uplight, downlight, or asymmetric ambient light. 6. Cedar & Moss Alto Compass, $699 With Don Draper-approved elegance like this, you can not go wrong. The midcentury modern design of this luxe four-light chandelier exudes style and grace. Complete with hand-blown opal glass shades and a solid brass frame, your Old Fashioned-filled cocktail hour will never be the same. 7. Gubi Ronde Pendant Light, starting at $339 "My aim is to design products with character that are timeless," explains Denmark-based designer Oliver Schick - and this modern piece of luminous decor is no exception. Inspired by light fixtures of the 1970s, it boasts a uniquely unexpected silhouette. The hand-spun aluminum craftsmanship and uniquely lacquered matte finish do not hurt either. 8. TL Studio Gambit Seven-Light Chandelier, $995 Available from Circa Lighting, this seven-light, exposed bulb chandelier is high on style. The gleaming LED vintage tubular lamps and satin nickel sockets suspended by black cloth cords exude an industrial sophistication that would make a stunning addition to even the most fabulous of dinner soirees. 9. France & Son MCL-R3 Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp, $365 Modern design marries smart craftsmanship in this sleek ceiling lamp. An avant-garde replica of Serge Mouille's iconic 1958 series, this fixture's dramatic adjustable arms and angular shades provide 360 degrees of flexibility - perfectly highlighting your carefully crafted tablescape. 10. Beacon Lighting Croft 1-Light Pendant, $151.20 Simply sweet. Do not count this little guy out due to his modest size. Paired in multiples, this pendant makes quite the impact. Full of character and sass, we love the modern combination of brushed copper and matte black on a classic, industrial silhouette. 11. France & Son Six Globe Branching Ceiling Lamp, $699 Abstract work of art, chandelier, or both? Reminiscent of a tree branch with budding flowers, this stylish light fixture knows how to bring the outdoors in. The unique contemporary design made up of tinted glass bubbles attached to adjustable metal branches is guaranteed to capture your dinner guests' undivided attention. 12. Studio Dunn Sorenthia Double Chandelier, $3,068 Minimalist design lovers: You are welcome. Sculptural in form, this ultra-chic linear chandelier makes a strikingly bold statement. The delicate arms of the fixture, inspired by sea kelp branches, work together to tell a beautiful story of balance through light. 13. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Tangled Chandelier, $499 With a nod to the ghosts of industrial lighting's past, this charming chandelier is an unexpected rustic treat. The exposed bulb pendants are seemingly wrapped haphazardly around a circular hand-welded brass frame. Inspired by the beauty of the night sky, this handsome gem is one shooting star you do not want to miss.
Use of the Family Dining Room
Use of the Family Dining Room
Use of the Family Dining RoomPresident Abraham Lincoln and his family used the Family Dining Room frequently. Presidents throughout the 1800s and 1900s continued to use it for private family dining, but nearly all disliked it, finding it too cavernous. In 1961, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy had a new kitchen and President's Dining Room created on the Second Floor of the White House, which largely ended the practice of the First Family eating in the Family Dining Room. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, Jacqueline Kennedy asked that a Mass be held in the White House at 10:00 AM on November 23. White House Chief Usher J. B. West initially had the Family Dining Room set for this service. But Jacqueline Kennedy asked that the Mass be moved, and it was held in the State Dining Room instead. (A second Mass, held on November 24 at 11:15 AM, was held in the East Room.) When events are held in the State Dining Room, the Family Dining Room is often used as a pantry. Since the White House kitchen is on the mansion's Ground Floor, this helps alleviate many of the inconveniences which occur when moving food, china, and serving dishes up to the State Floor. On February 10, 2015, the Family Dining Room was opened to the public for the first time as part of the White House Tour.— — — — — —5 Simple Tips for Creating a Stressless Scandinavian Dining RoomIf you are like us, you can get enough of Scandinavian designs. Its clean lines and functional pieces offer a simplistic elegance that is hard to match. Thinking about changing up your dining room? Follow these five simple tips to create the ultimate Scandinavian dining room. Every few years a new design takes over. We've tons of designs come and go. Yesterday's rustic farmhouse is today's modern elite. But Scandinavian interior design has real staying power. We are not saying those other designs are out of fashion, but we can not get enough of Scandi decor. Nothing looks better than a Scandinavian style dining room. It provides a simplistic, clutter-free space for elegant dining and entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite Scandinavian dining room ideas that you can replicate. What colors come to mind when you think of Scandinavian designs? A quick Google search will show you lots of Scandi dining rooms that are white, grey, or off-white. These colors are at the heart of Scandinavian style but that does not mean you can not add a pop of color in your dining room. Trying adding a pastel or blush color for a subtle hint of color. Color does not necessarily have to come from your walls. Add a splash of color by hanging art or putting new throw pillows on your couch. Even a simple colored lampshade can do the trick. People who live by Scandinavian design usually opt for a monochrome palette in their dining room to achieve a clean, more put-together look. While black and white may seem boring it can provide a pretty bold statement if done correctly. Try leaving all your walls a crisp white and accenting them with black and white framed photographs. You can also lean into the monochrome look by using all black hardware such as knobs, curtain rods, and the base of light fixtures. Once you have the color palette down for your Scandinavian dining room design, add warm with textiles. Blankets and pillows can help soften the look of your monochrome room and make your home look inviting. In the dining room, opt for textured dining room drapes. Keep the color of the drapes in your color palette and focus on the feel of the fabric. This will help play up the drama of your design. Add seat cushions on your chairs to make your dining room appear more comfortable. Bonus: they will also help keep your chair's cushions from getting stained in case of an accident. Or even go all in and get upholstered dining rooms chairs made to match your color scheme. Hang a tapestry of a woven macrame piece on the wall for extra flair. Play with animal skins by adding a sheepskin or cowhide rug to your nordic living space. One of the common features of the Scandinavian style is using natural elements in the design. This could be as simple as opting for a solid wood dining table that is finished with a light-colored stain to bring out the natural knots in the wood. Find a buffet table or China cabinet in natural wood and display your minimalist dishes in it. Bringing in a few minimalist plants that can survive indoors is another great idea. A simple orchid or succulent will add to the Scandi look. Place larger plants on the floor and arrange smaller plants on plant stands or tables. Bringing plants inside your home will also help keep your home's air purer, particularly in winter. This is because plants breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Even if you do not have a green thumb and you've killed every plant you've met you can achieve the same results with a few high-end silk plants. Just be sure to dust them. There is nothing worse than a dusty silk plant. Natural lighting is the star of Scandinavian design. Whenever you can design your dining room around the closest natural light sources. This could be an open window or a skylight. Leave your curtains open during the day so your dining room can soak up the warm glow of the sun. Keep Your Home Free of Clutter A key element in a Scandinavian dining room is for it to appear very minimalist. This does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. It can be achieved through careful organization and strategy. Seriously, let it go. If it's been a while since you've used your Keurig machine, maybe it's just not for you. Why let it continue to take up space in your home. The same goes for pieces in your dining room. Do you have a bunch of random wall hanging or collectibles? Donate them or give them away to someone who can use them. This will allow you to make space for the items you truly care about. Things like decorative items and fancy serving pieces that you got as a wedding gift can easily be stored in the bottom of a cabinet if you are not ready to part with them yet. But remember, they are taking up valuable space for things that you would actually use. The flooring that you choose for your dining room could be the biggest way to bring the Scandinavian design aesthetic to light in your room. Scandinavian spaces are defined by their white wood or concrete floors. Choose a pinewood floor and give it a rustic whitewash to bring in more organic touches. If you do not feel like taking on this project yourself you can always buy wood that comes pre-stained. White tile or concrete floors add to the stark minimalist look and will help to highlight your furniture instead of the flooring. You can always add a rug under the dining room table to bring in some warmth. You do not have to live in Norway to enjoy the look of Scandi design. A Scandinavian dining room adds a flair of elegance and sophistication to your space. Follow these 5 tips to create a beautiful Scandinavian styled dining room today. We would love to help you with your room's design.
Have You Ever Fed Your Cat Raw Meat?
Have You Ever Fed Your Cat Raw Meat?
Have you ever fed your cat raw meat?Does fish count?This is Hemingway.Do you see those thumbs? He's very grabby, and uses those extra digits very effectively. On the occasions when I have sushi at home, Hemingway is so aggressive that I usually finish my meal standing up, and sometimes, he's still too quick, and will snag a piece of fish.I dream of a dining room with pocket doors.— — — — — —I am stripping and restaining my dining room table?If you are re-staining the the same or slightly darker than the old color, then you do not have to worry about getting all the old stain off, just make sure all the varnish is off or it will screw up the absorption of the new stain— — — — — —the sims 2 questions building houses?make a dining room!— — — — — —what colour should a paint my dining room?Try a light, airy orangey-yellow color, or a blue-green. That would look nice. Then, maybe some neutral curtains- you do not want TOO much color! Keep the ceiling white! And maybe add a large mirror on the wall to make the space appear larger! Hope this helps!— — — — — —Grand Dining Room and kitchenThe Grand Dining Room is 130 feet long and 51 feet wide, with a 34-foot ceiling supported with rock columns creating a cathedral-like atmosphere. For fire safety reasons, the wood beams in the dining room are actually hollow and contain steel beams. The alcove window at the end of the room perfectly framed Yosemite Falls when the hotel was completed. Although the dress code for the park is usually very casual, the Ahwahnee Dining Room used to require a jacket for men, but it later relaxed that tradition. Now collared shirts for men are allowed and women may wear either a dress or slacks and a blouse. The Grand Dining Room was originally designed to accommodate 1,000 guests, but it was eventually scaled down to seat 350 guests. However, the enormous kitchen still reflects the original design concept and includes separate stations for baking and pastries. High quality kitchen appliances were installed so the hotel could compete with fine dining establishments, and the facility was specifically constructed to handle special events and functions. Regular entertainment is provided at dinner by a pianist. Local Yosemite artist Dudley Kendall played piano in the dining room at the Ahwahnee for years and had his work displayed at the hotel. Bracebridge traditionThe Bracebridge Dinner is a seven-course formal gathering held in the Grand Dining Room and presented as a feast given by a Renaissance-era lord. This tradition began in 1927, the Ahwahnee's first year of operation, and was inspired by the fictional Squire Bracebridge's Yule celebration in a story from The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. by Washington Irving. Music and theatrical performances based on Irving's story accompany the introduction of each course. Donald Tresidder conceived the idea for the event with his wife Mary Curry, their friends, and park staff. Tresidder hired Garnet Holme for the event's first year to write the script and produce the event, and Tresidder and his wife played the squire and his lady until Tresidder's death in 1948. Photographer Ansel Adams, who was working for the Yosemite Park and Curry Company and was well known in Yosemite for his eccentricities, was asked to be a part of Tresidder's new winter celebrations in the elaborate, theatrical Christmas dinner with friends from the nearby Bohemian Club. Cast as the "Jester", Adams had asked the director for suggestions but was told to just act like a jester. Adams fortified himself with a few drinks and went on to climb the granite pillars to the rafters. Adams played the Lord of Misrule for the first two years. When Holme died in 1929, Tresidder asked Adams to take over the direction of the show. Adams reworked the script considerably in 1931, creating the role of Major Domo, head of the household, for himself while his wife, Virginia Best Adams, played the housekeeper. The dinner was not held during World War II, when the Ahwahnee was functioning as a naval hospital. When it resumed, the 1946 dinner introduced chorale concerts and more significant musical performances. Up until 1956 there was only a single performance, and then the number of performances gradually increased to a total of eight. Ansel Adams retired from the event in 1973, passing it on to Eugene Fulton, who had been part of the male chorus since 1934 and musical director since 1946. Fulton died unexpectedly on Christmas Eve in 1978 and his wife, Anna-Marie, and his daughter, Andrea, took over that year and produced the show. In 1979, Andrea Fulton assumed the role of director, which she holds to this day while also playing the role of housekeeper. In 2011, the Bracebridge dinner celebrated its 85th anniversary. Travel Leisure magazine named Yosemite's Ahwahnee Hotel as one of the best hotels in the United States for the holidays for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012). For much of its history, tickets to the event were difficult to obtain. In prior years, the scarce tickets were awarded to applicants by lottery. In 1992, there were a reported 60,000 applications for the coveted 1,650 seats. In 1995, the organizers of the traditional dinner accepted ticket cancellations because the park could have been shut down due to the national budget impasse.
What Is Your Favorite Style of Dining Room Furniture?
What Is Your Favorite Style of Dining Room Furniture?
What is your favorite style of dining room furniture?Dining room? I have a wooden bench in the Crew's Mess. My summer home, the trailer, has a formica dinette— — — — — —Help please! What should I do about my schooling next year?I am taught at home, and we use the dining room to do our lessons. We have a big table, and we have a shelf and display unit where we keep our things. Hope I helped— — — — — —The Perfect Modern Dining Room Furniture Buying GuidesModern dining room furniture is the best technique to renew the look of your dining room. It is also a good choice if you are looking for furniture for a new home. Your choice should meet your style and the usability that you need. It should be able to accommodate your family, guests and one that will lasts you longer. Choosing the perfect dining room furniture should be given time so you can properly organize your preferences and needs. Following are buying guides when selecting the ideal modern dining room furniture. Look for a trustworthy online modern furniture store. If you want a furniture set that will last you for several years, then go for quality. Choose furniture made of sturdy materials such as wood, aluminum or marble. A reputable furniture store sells pieces that are excellently built and offers warranty. These stores do not fabricate product descriptions. Their website only speaks of what is true about their merchandise. They follow the appropriate practice on selling furniture and extend 24/7 assistance to their customers. These stores also have a user-friendly website so you can easily get a good glimpse of their products. You will know if the online furniture store is credible by checking customers' reviews, feedbacks and forums. Take into account the set up and theme of the room. This includes the dimension and shape of the room, the location of windows, the door or entrance, wall paint color, décor, the other furniture and even the lights. The size will help you decide on the measurement of the dining room set, while the shape will be your basis on choosing the shape of your dining table. Choosing the appropriate modern dining table shape can make the room bigger or smaller. Rectangular and oval-shaped tables are perfect for rooms that are rectangular in shape. Square-shaped tables are ideal for small dining rooms, while round and rectangular-shaped tables are advised for bigger dining areas. You definitely cannot go for a bigger dining table if your space is small. However, modern furniture offers dining tables that are extendable. Extendable tables allow you to have a small table for four to accommodate as many as six persons. If your dining room area is small, you can use it as a serving table to place all the foods and drinks. The most important thing, though, is the table can sit all your family members comfortably. If you plan to buy a complete modern dining room furniture set, then there is no worry on what kind of chairs to buy. The only factor that you need to think of is whether you want dining chairs with arms or without arms. Again, think of the comfort of the user when making your selection. There is also the question of getting upholstered or un-upholstered dining chairs. This brings us to the next tip, which is. Consider the users of the dining room furniture, such as gender, age and number of persons who will use the table frequently. Glass top dining tables may pose danger to kids. If you really decide to have glass top tables, go for tables with rounded edges or glass top tables with an aluminum or wood border. Dining chairs with arms are ideal for kids, so buy these to ensure their safety. Upholstered chairs are also recommended if you have children, as this will make them more relax and comfortable. Ensure that there is enough space between the dining chairs to avoid banging each other's elbows when seated and when getting up from the chair. Think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend? When mulling over your budget, do not put quality behind. It is still wiser to purchase modern dining room furniture that is a little expensive than a cheaper set because it can mean a big difference when it comes to quality. Modern furniture offers the most quality, affordable dining room furniture that is stylish, practical and comfortable.
What Color Should I Paint the Dining Room Walls? I Have a Dark Brown Curtains with White Trim Work.?
beige goes with everything. and the brown curtains also stay with the seasons1. ok so in my dining room i have bamboo blinds and burgandy curtains?i like the collor of bamboo2. Any practical tips for leaning when seated in an armless dining-room chair?At most seders I've been to, people are packed tightly-enough around the table that we end up kind of leaning into each other's spaces. Since we are all doing it, nobody is inconvenienced.Sometimes, I've turned in my seat so that I can lean against the back of the chair.3. What will be on your dining room table onThe traditional Christmas dinner =) But I am vegetarian so I replace Turkey for Quorn and have all the other vegetables!4. Does anyone have a huge dining room for the Thanksgiving meal?If you have the love of family - a good and respectable family, please, stop "fretting" and consider yourselves lucky. :)5. Should the porcelain floor tile be the same in the living room and dining room ?Why porcrlain tile? Around here we use wood or engineered wood for living area floors. Usually the rooms look more tied together if they are the same stuff. Of course, I have a room with a corner fireplace, so instead of running the flooring with the long dimension of the room, I ran it diagonally with the fireplace in tat rom amd the proper way in the other rooms. Definitely accents the fireplace as the focal point of the room. Its all in how you want your house to flow. and how creative you want to be. Pointlessly violating rthe rules can make selling your home difficult.6. "It was turning out the dining-room done it.” [closed]First, turnoutSecond, there is an elided "that". So, to rephrase -Mrs. Sutton: If you ask me, it was cleaning the dining-room (that) did it.I would describe it as highly colloquial writing.7. Adding French Doors to a Dining Room?Shoji screen was a good idea. Figure a way to secure it with magnetic catch, or velcro8. Value of dining room suite by Marietta Chair Co/circa 1930?1930 Dining Room Furniture9. How do you get to eat in the Hell's kitchen dining room?Head for backstage pass10. I have a 3/4" difference between the kitchen and dining room floor.?All I can think of is maybe a quarter-molding between the two edges? You would still have a bit of a step down but you would not stub your toes on it11. How can we quickly get off the dining room right after finished the meal?That's the best part! Enjoying yourself is important12. Refinishing dining room table- help!?hi jenna i would say put a light varnish on it bring the shine back13. I have a black, gray, and glass themed living/dining room, but would like some color. Any suggestions?congrats on the new apartment..your contemporary taste ought not to be marred by too many colours.A knick knack or a rug or a wall hanging ..JUST ONE would bring up those exquisite modern living room of yours and for the colour is deep red. not those bright red rather a warm deep red which can also symbolises LIFE14. I just caught my 13 year old son masturbating on the dining room table. What should I do?First have him clean up any mess. Second discuss with him the appropriate location for such business. Allow for the fact that this is natural behavior (masturbation not the doing it on the dining table) and he obviously needs to learn discretion. Good luck.15. I've got a glass dining room table. A piece of the glass broke off. It's pretty thick glass, can it be fixed?yer u can..i think16. I have a red dining room with white crown and picture molding. What color drapes should I use?Well it definetly should not be red or white, you need a third color to balance the boldness of the two with eachother, use something simple more of a natural color like a cream or a very light green17. what color should i paint my kitchen/dining room?I would go with a rich cream. just make sure that it is not just an off-white, you could also go with a different shade of beige
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