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Known Family Members
Known Family Members
Known family membersHubert Lyautey, Marechal of France and renown military theoretician was his grand-uncle.— — — — — —Important family membersThere are famous individuals among them: Mehdi Lavasani (born 1947), Iranian footballer Masoud Lavasani (born 1979), Iranian journalist and blogger Omid Lavasani, son of Mohammad Hossein Lavasani, former Iran's ambassador to Canada and Turkey, who was arrested following contested Iranian presidential election, 2009. He was sentenced to six years' imprisonment by the initial revolutionary court for the charge of "propagation against the regime," "congregation and mutiny with intent to disrupt internal security,". He was a web designer of one of the campaigning websites of the reformist candidate Mirhossein Mousavi. He was tried for sending mass email invitations for participating in the protests. Dr. Mohammad Baqer Lavasani, M.D., Ph.D. - elected senator during the incipient days of the Islamic Republic, who was killed on June 28, 1981 when a bomb exploded in a meeting of the Islamic Republican Party (Hafte Tir bombing). A lot of the high-ranked Iranian officials were killed in the incident including Ayatollah Dr. Mohammad Beheshti. Following the incident, the Farmanieh Street, located in the north of Tehran, where the members of the original family have been residing for centuries, was renamed after them. Dr. Abbas Lavasani, killed in 1980 during the Iranian Embassy siege in London.— — — — — —How would you feel after winning $100 million in the lottery?Scared. I would have to off as far away from people as I could to process this.Then I would have to work out where that money goes. A million at least goes to set up or support an orphanage in Uganda. That is already promised Bollocks to the family members that have just crawled out of the woodwork. Only immediate family and those who helped me when I was poor will get some.The rest all to charity somehow. Once I am poor again then I can sleep comfortably in my own van.— — — — — —Creative way to tell family members the sex of the baby ?Give many hints, and then pull out some kind of little bear in a blue/pink jumper? I think it sounds cute :)— — — — — —Family membersHuman genes encoding proteins that belong to the platelet-derived growth factor family include: FIGF PDGFA; PDGFB; PDGFC; PDGFD PGF VEGF; VEGF41; VEGFB; VEGFC;— — — — — —Notable family membersChristoph von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( 1553) Helena von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( vor 1568), born Fueger, wife of 1st Hans Christoph von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( 1581), son of 1st Maria von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen, born Galler, wife of 3rd Bartholomaeus von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( 1583), son of 1st Justina von Eggenberg, born von Breuner, wife of 5th Freiherr Ruprecht von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( 1611), Field Colonel General of the Artillery Freiherr Wolf von Eggenberg to Ehrenhausen ( 1615), Colonel General and nephew of 7th Frst Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg (1634), President of the Geheimrat of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor Frst Johann Anton (I) ( 1649), son of 9th, first Eggenberg in the Imperial Diet Frstin Anna Maria von Eggenberg, ne Brandenburg-Bayreuth ( 1680), wife of 10th Frst Johann Christian (I) von Eggenberg ( 1710), first son of 10th & 11th Frst Johann Seyfried von Eggenberg ( 1713), second son of 10th & 11th Frstin Maria Charlotte von Eggenberg ( 1755), wife of the last prince of Eggenberg Frstin Maria Theresia von Eggenberg ( 1774), daughter of 13th, married as the Countess of Leslie— — — — — —What are inexpensive and time-saving ways that you and your family clean your house?buy your cleaning products at the dollar store put up a bulletin board up of divided up chores among the family members for daily chores and each one gets one special weekly chore ex: ceiling fans, baseboards something that usually gets neglected— — — — — —Significant family membersNotesNot exhaustive - listing is generally restricted to siblings of Timothy Eaton, his children, spouses, and significant descendants. (#) - order of succession as the head of Eaton's.— — — — — —350 Afghan civilians got killed in month of sept. only by mistake fire from US jets,Still muslim terrorist?Just pray for the family members; we are all Gods children no matter what...God bless— — — — — —Other family membersWilliam Gower, youngest son of Sir William the fourth Baronet, was Member of Parliament for Ludlow. The Hon. William Leveson-Gower, second son of John, first Baron Gower and grandson of the fourth Baronet, was Member of Parliament for Stafford. The Hon. Thomas Leveson-Gower, third son of the first Baron, was Member of Parliament for Newcastle-under-Lyme. The Hon. Baptist Leveson-Gower, fourth son of the first Baron, was also Member of Parliament for Newcastle-under-Lyme. The Hon. Richard Leveson-Gower, fourth son of the first Earl, was Member of Parliament for Lichfield. The Hon. John Leveson-Gower (1740-1792), sixth son of the first Earl, was an Admiral in the Royal Navy. Frederick Neville Sutherland Leveson-Gower, son of Lord Albert Leveson-Gower, younger son of the second Duke, sat as Member of Parliament for Sutherland. Lord Ronald Gower, youngest son of the second Duke, was a politician, sculptor and writer.
Senior Team Members Want to Move Query-relevant Persistent Data From DB to Cache. Does This Make Sen
Senior Team Members Want to Move Query-relevant Persistent Data From DB to Cache. Does This Make Sen
Senior team members want to move query-relevant persistent data from DB to cache. Does this make sense?I would agree that this does have a strange smell to it. But as the new guy it's important that you really dig into the deployment process and understand the pain points before you argue against changes proposed by more senior team members, or you risk alienating yourself from your peers.One question worth asking is why the MySQL deployment is such a burden. I am not sure why a production database needs regular re-deployments. You should only need to deploy it once and populate it with data. From that day on it should be straightforward to maintain and improve your DB with non-destructive schema modifications and data migrations against a live installation, so your data can live forever. You will also want to come from the other side and understand the caching solution being proposed, what the deployment overhead for that will be, and what practical functionality you will lose by switching (if any). For example, it's straightforward for clients to integrate analytics tools against a DB with an SQL interface which is decoupled from your application logic. Also, as a developer you will likely find that this decoupling gives you more flexibility to fix problems and improve your app without rolling a new code release. Another question to ask is how your cache will be populated and how much data will go in it. Caching implies non-persistent storage, which means you will still need to populate it on each deployment. It also means you will need to have enough RAM in your production environment to store all of this data. And anyway, caches are typically backed by some sort of persistent storage, such as a MySQL DB...another reason why this smells funny— — — — — —Team members' and manager's behaviour is indifferent after I announce my intention to leave in 8 monthsWhile it's understood to not be as deep or long-term as a marriage, your job is still a collection of relationships. So try this situation out on other relationships. If your new husband (congratulations!) left for a few weeks and told you that he was planning on divorcing you in eight months, how would that impact your interaction with him? Yes, the level of the relationships are very different but the basic mechanics of how changes in relationship status are handled tends to be pretty similar. And more generally, if I may suggest, take this lesson from the experience. Your career will inevitably be impacted by the relationships you form. From little things like feeling a little more motivated because you had a nice exchange with a coworker to promotions being tied to how you interact with a team, the human aspect is very much a part of the job.— — — — — —Do you rotate agile team members?Why should this be all negative?New people bring new ideas and insights to the group:By having to explain the ways of your team to them, people in your team get challenged:And the people joining another team get challenged:It might change the dynamics in your group, giving other people a boost to take more responsability or a more senior role. For me rotating can enrich the group as long as the number of developers with technical and domain knowledge in the group is high enough— — — — — —Team MembersSiblingsThe following sets of siblings have represented Pakistan internationally: Saeeda Sultana and Altaf Ali. Munira Fikree and Rukia Fikree. Rubina Shakoor, Seema Shakoor and Nazo Shakoor. Naseem Nazli and Shamim Nazli. Rahila Anjum and Naila Anjum.— — — — — —How to motivate my team members to start documenting their workDocumentation is always the stepchild of development. Although you could simply order them to do it, there are a few points to take care of when you want to motivate them:Have they ever seen the problem? Right now it's an abstract problem. You think something might happen in the future. You will have better chances if you can provide a real example.Do you remember the problems we had when Steve left?.You need to give it a positive spin. If you ask people to document, because it gives benefits to those that stay if the person leaves, we can agree on the fact that that's the professional way. But on a personal level, nobody cares what happens to the company after they leave. So you should turn it into something that benefits them while they are still there.We should document more so Steve can have his 3 weeks vacation without us having to call him every other day because we do not know how it works. Try to put it in a light were it's in their best interest, not only the companies.Grant them the time to do it. Nobody ever told me to not document. But every single project manager I had, always wanted me to finish in less time than it would have taken to do it properly. And the only thing you can skip without losing the customer is documentation. Do not expect people to do work they hate in their own unpaid (or even paid) overtime. You want it done? Plan for it and make it part of the project result.Is your work properly documented? Who can take over if you get hit by a bus? You cannot expect people to be motivated to do something they dislike, when you do not do it yourself. And I am not talking about a project plan. That's your product, like other peoples source code. I am talking about what made you write exactly this project plan (or backlog). Why did you do it? What tasks are still open? Anything that will help replacement-you to do a proper job when you hit the lottery and are off to Hawaii for the rest of your life
This Or That (my Family Members' Names)?
This Or That (my Family Members' Names)?
This or That (my family members' names)?Nicholas Kyle Joseph Daniel Garrett Paul Joshua Christopher Connor Luke John Anthony William Paul Norah Rose Rebecca Jane Bridget Danielle Emily Victoria Ella Claire Evelyn Zoe Kayla Faith— — — — — —Other family membersNotable descendants of George Sackville-West, 5th Earl De La Warr include the authors Lady Margaret Sackville, Vita Sackville-West, and Nigel Nicolson. Another member of the West family was William Cornwallis-West, who was the grandson of the Hon. Frederick West, youngest son of the second Earl. Cornwallis-West was the father of George Cornwallis-West, Daisy, Princess of Pless, and Constance, Duchess of Westminster.— — — — — —Known family membersHubert Lyautey, Marechal of France and renown military theoretician was his grand-uncle.— — — — — —I Am So Disgusted With Certain Family Members Right Now?She is an ADULT and she will be just fine. I howled when you wrote taht you "finally had enough and moved out at the age of 29yr".....howled. Talk about co-dependent- you need to fix yourself first, THEN judge your Mom. Your Brother will do what he does. Maybe, just maybe your Mom would be better off with a roommate than with the three of you sucking at her for another couple of decades. You are all GROWN UP.— — — — — —Do you have to be born in the country to become part of the royal family?No, a lot of family members and siblings of both British and Danish royal family's were born, educated and schooled and raised in Australia, and currently live in Australia— — — — — —Moon family membersThis section discusses the more significant members of Daphne Moon's working-class family, who hail from Manchester, United Kingdom. Many of the actors who play Moon family members do not have specifically Mancunian English accents: Anthony LaPaglia and Richard E. Grant, who portray two of Daphne's brothers, were not even born in the United Kingdom (LaPaglia is Australian, and Grant was born in Swaziland). This apparent discrepancy is never addressed on the show, but may be taken as an in-joke (see below). Gertrude MoonGertrude Moon (Millicent Martin) is Daphne's mother. The two have a difficult and complex relationship, and Daphne appears to dislike her mother immensely while still remaining intensely loyal and subservient to her. Domineering and conniving, Gertrude is doting and always forgiving towards her son Simon's selfish behavior but is hyper-critical of her ever-supportive and long-suffering daughter, frequently guilting Daphne into providing what she wants. When Gertrude leaves her husband she goes to Seattle. There she unsuccessfully tries to start a romance with Martin and briefly lives with Niles and Daphne, where she quickly overstays her welcome. When Daphne finally snaps and throws her out, she immediately breaks down with guilt, Niles offers to move her to an apartment of her own so that she can remain in Seattle with her daughter. Grammy MoonGrammy Moon, Daphne's paternal grandmother, is frequently mentioned but never seen or heard from on the show (see also: Maris Crane). She and her numerous eccentricities, cooking tips and health complaints are frequently the subject of Daphne's long-winded stories. Harry MoonHarry Moon (Brian Cox) is Daphne's father. Although he is an alcoholic and a layabout (who supports his drinking via the money given to him by men who attempt to impress their girlfriends by pretending to hit Harry after he pretends to chat up their girlfriends), his relationship with Daphne is closer than the relationship between Daphne and her mother. Seemingly trapped in a long-suffering marriage with his wife, he eventually left her. With Niles' intervention, they attempted a reconciliation, but it was short-lived, and Harry Moon eventually returned to the United Kingdom. Michael MoonMichael Moon (Robbie Coltrane) is a brother of Daphne. Michael appeared in the two-part series finale, "Goodnight, Seattle", and his speech is almost entirely incomprehensible, spoken in a very fast Lancashire accent. He also briefly appears in "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" played by a different actor and is mentioned in "IQ" as having lost one of his toes after falling into a frozen lake. In "Goodnight, Seattle", he is revealed to have lost another toe in a shooting incident. Simon MoonSimon Moon (Anthony LaPaglia) is one of Daphne's brothers. An obnoxious and boorish heavy drinker and layabout, Simon has a difficult relationship with his sister, largely because of Simon's uncouth and selfish nature. He is greatly disliked by both Frasier and Niles, partly because of their class-conscious nature but also because when in Seattle he frequently stays with one of them, often taking unreasonable liberties with regard to their homes, possessions and alcohol supplies in the process. Conversely, he gets on quite well with Martin and, despite his many negative qualities, is quite a popular man who is very successful at attracting women. Roz is quite taken with him (and he with her) at first, but she eventually catches on to his ways and rejects his advances. Simon views her as a sex object, yet always forgets her name. During the ninth-season episodes in which he appears, he constantly calls her "Rose." Roz does not care enough at that point to even correct him. Simon appears in nine episodes. Like the majority of the Moon family seen on the show, he does not share a Mancunian accent with Daphne: the Australian LaPaglia imitates a London 'cockney' accent. He does, on occasion, wear a Manchester United T-shirt. Stephen MoonStephen Moon (Richard E. Grant) is Daphne's favorite brother. He appears in person in the series finale "Goodnight, Seattle" (and speaks with Grant's trademark RP 'posh' accent despite the Moons being from Manchester). The character also appears in the two-part episode "And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon", where he is played by a different actor and has no speaking lines. Billy MoonOnly seen briefly during Daphne and Donny Douglas' ill-fated wedding, Billy is Daphne's gay brother, a professional ballroom dancer. In an early episode Daphne states 'he's me mum's favourite. Me dad mostly flicks the crust off his kidney pie at him'. He is described as extremely promiscuous, having sneaked peeks at his brother Nigel in the shower, and getting sexually excited by going to the doctor (even undressing in the car on a visit to the dentist.) Nigel MoonBriefly appeared in "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue". According to Daphne their brother Billy would spy on Nigel in the shower. He was portrayed by Cameron Dye. Peter MoonBriefly appears in "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue". David MoonBriefly appears in "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue". Coincidentally Daphne names her and Niles's son David (though in memory of series producer David Angell ).
Board  Members
Board Members
Board membersThe board members were: Carlos Arthur Nuzman - President— — — — — —Do you have to be Jewish to become a board member on the United States Federal Reserve bank?Probably not, but it would help— — — — — —Board Members[when?] District One: Mary Morrison District Two: Tommy Angelle District Three: Elroy Broussard District Four: Tehmi Chassion District Five: Britt Latiolais District Six: Justin Centanni District Seven: Dawn L. Morris District Eight: Erick Knezek District Nine: Jeremy HidalgoGifted & Talented ProgramThe Gifted & Talented Program is a program designed for academically advanced students. The elementary academic acceleration portion of the program occurs at Myrtle Place Elementary, Plantation Elementary, and Woodvale Elementary, the middle school portion at Paul Breaux Middle School, and the high school portion at Lafayette High School. Schools Of Choice ProgramLafayette Parish School System currently offers sixteen Schools of Choice from grades K-12. These include the following: Elementary School ProgramsArts & Technology (J. Wallace James) Environmental Sciences (L. Leo Judice) International Baccalaureate and Project Bright IDEA (J. W. Faulk) World Languages Immersion Academy French (Evangeline, Myrtle Place, Prairie) Mandarin Chinese (Corporal Michael Middlebrooks) Spanish (Alice Boucher)Middle School AcademiesArts Academy (L. J. Alleman) Biomedical Academy (Carencro Middle) Environmental Sciences Academy (Lafayette Middle) World Languages Immersion Academy (Paul Breaux)High School AcademiesHealth Academy (Lafayette High School) Academy of Business & Finance (Acadiana High School) Academy of Engineering (Northside High School & David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy) Academy of Information Technology - AOIT (Carencro High School) Academy of Legal Studies (Northside High School) Academy of Visual & Applied Arts (Comeaux High School) David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy Early College Academyl) Each one offers something different. A student can get into a school of choice one of two ways; by lottery drawing, or application into the school of choice if slots remain after the lottery takes place. The lottery drawing is conducted in the last week of February, unless holidays interfere. There are no requirements for the Schools of Choice except for the Early College Academy. Each program has its own capacity for students. If the student is not accepted, then the legal guardian must enroll them in a home zoned school.— — — — — —Should Rahm be held accountable for the collapse of freddie/fannie,, he was a board member leading up to it?Anyone within the investment banking, commercial banking or GSE realm who broke the law should be brought up on charges. If Emanuel broke the law, he should not get a free ride simply because President Obama likes him. While we would all like to have our way with these guys, (maybe in a medieval torture chamber) we sometimes forget that they do not work for the general public. They are responsible to their stock holders. Who is responsible to the American People? Should not we blame our lawmakers? Should they not be held accountable when we vote next time? Barney Frank is the most pitiful excuse for a Congressman I've seen in all my days. He fought efforts to regulate Fannie and Freddie all through the Bush years. Had he been doing the bidding of the people instead of his banking contributors, we would not be here right now. So, when the economy crashed, what did Barney do? He blamed everyone else and told us he's coming to the rescue. LOL Barney's "rescue" consists of "too big to fail" bankers putting money in a reserve account. I think he missed the boat completely! There should be no such thing as "too big to fail" banking institutions. If they are too big to fail, they should be broken up. Period! Barney's proposed legislation simply resets the clock and it's ticking--counting down to the next banking-induced bubble and subsequent melt-down. When it happens, our leaders will tell us that we must bail them out because they are in fact "too big to fail." Why are we putting up with this?— — — — — —Why are little league All Stars only coaches and board members kids?Because the board members and coaches are giving of their time. And what did you do for the league?— — — — — —Staff and board membersPresident : Mr P Nicholson Chairman: Mr D Heffernan Club Secretary : Mr N Courtney Treasurer : Mr L Francis First team Manager: Tony O'Sullivan— — — — — —What do professional board members do? Why aren't they just employees with voting rights?Most firms (including but not limited to public companies,LLPs,partnerships or private firms) entrust their employees with certain duties and obligations in order to function.However this may lead to a situation where the very people trusted to run the firm may exploit the firm's resources for private gains thereby damaging the interests of individual shareholders.The board of director exists to take care of this possibility. Professional board members say in a country such as India are bound by the Companies Act ,2013 and (for publicly listed firms) SEBI guidelines, are required to take care of the interests of the shareholders ,functionaries of the firm as well as the public good.Experts consider the board to be crucial to maintaining the ethical tone of the firm which might be through the activities of the board members themselves as well as the appointment of executives.Employees with voting rights form part of the operational management,and appointing them to the board risks the managers exploiting the company for their own gains,thus the board needs outside members so as to effectively supervise and monitor the activities of the firm. 'Using the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance'
Question for Islamic Reverts Or Other Muslims That Have Christian Family Members?
Question for Islamic Reverts or other Muslims that have Christian family members?You are hurting Allah's feelings by taking part is this seasonal event. Stop hurting Allah...its very painful and emotional for him— — — — — —Verbal Abuse from Family Members?I am really tired of the family problems, too. My Mom gets all whiny when someone talks while she is reading something, I barely even come downstairs, when I do. Boy, do I regret it. Everyone has a different personality, but you should not turn off yours, to make them happy, do you. Make them more angrier, shoot. Life is unfair, everyone will not get along, when are we Americans gonna stop living in this fantasy world of sing along— — — — — —Noted family membersMay was the father of radio DJ Jack May (a.k.a. "Candied Yam Jackson"), known for originating the phrase "screw the pooch." May was related to infamous gangster Dutch Schultz, born Arthur Flegenheimer.— — — — — —Ask The Curator: How to Preserve and Archive Old Family DocumentsI inherited my grandparents' marriage certificate / an ancestor's property deed / my uncle's army discharge papers. How should I preserve my family history documents to share and use in my genealogy research? What do birth and marriage certificates, letters, and land deeds have in common? If you said "ink and paper," you would be right. Most old family documents are printed or handwritten on papers of different quality. Older paper made with high cotton fiber content may actually be in better condition than newer high-wood pulp paper. The basic steps to preserve and archive any kind of paper are similar, but you can help your old family documents survive longer by knowing what kind of paper was used. Documents dealing with kinship (birth and marriage certificates) or property (wills, land deeds) were often printed or written on higher quality cotton fiber paper (rag paper). This type of paper is fairly strong and able to survive folding, creasing, and rolling. In contrast, documents intended for temporary use such as receipts or daily news, or those produced during wartime shortages were often made with low-quality high-wood-pulp paper that deteriorates quickly due to high-acid content. Most family collections include a mix of both kinds of paper, but unfortunately, high-acid content paper is so toxic that it hastens the deterioration of anything it touches. You may have seen the evidence of acid migration in a brown-stained Bible page from newspaper clippings used as bookmarks. Protect family documents by isolating newsprint from other items and following these preservation guidelines: How to Preserve Old Family Documents • Wash your hands to avoid transferring oils to paper and work on a clean, flat surface. • Carefully unfold the document and remove any staples, pins or fasteners. If the paper seems brittle, allow it to gently relax as it absorbs moisture from the room. Do not press or force flat. Use a microspatula tool to gently fold back any creased corners. • Place each item in an acid-free, lignin-free folder or archival plastic enclosure. I like to use crystal clear polyester sleeves so I can view the items and share with family members. Archival folders and heavy archival plastic sleeves help support fragile documents. Acid-free sheet protectors are suitable, but do not are too flimsy to add support. I've standardized boxes in my own home archive with 10 x 12-inch flat boxes and 5-inch wide upright document cases. This makes it easy to stack and store the boxes. The upright document case is like a mini-filing cabinet and keeps items from being flattened by the weight of stacked items, as well as provides protection from light and dust. • Store boxes inside your home archive. Choose a location that is free from light, dust, and pests and has a consistent moderate temperature and humidity. An interior closet with shelves at least 12-inches off the floor is often a good place to create a home archive. Avoid storing your family papers or artifacts in the attic, garage, basement, or other areas that are not temperature-controlled. When you are ready to work with old family documents for your genealogy research, carefully remove the items from the enclosure to scan or photograph. Work from the digital image for transcribing and extracting family history information to minimize handling of your heirloom original. This is a good way to get started with museum-quality archival materials. The kit is available from Amazon.com . Thank you for supporting The Family Curator by using the affiliate links in this post for your purchases.
Members of the Red Army Faction
Members of the Red Army FactionThe Red Army Faction (RAF) existed in West Germany from 1970 to 1998, committing numerous crimes, especially in the autumn of 1977, which led to a national crisis that became known as the "German Autumn". The RAF was founded in 1970 by Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Ulrike Meinhof, Horst Mahler, and others. The first generation of the organization was commonly referred to by the press and the government as the "Baader-Meinhof Gang", a name the group did not use to refer to itself. The RAF was responsible for 34 deaths, including many secondary targets such as chauffeurs and bodyguards, and many injuries in its almost 30 years of activity. Below is a list of most members of the group. Eileen MacDonald stated in Shoot the Women First (1991) that females made up about fifty percent of the membership of the Red Army Faction and about eighty percent of the RAF's supporters. This was higher than other similar groups in West Germany, in which females made up about thirty percent of the membership.— — — — — —Return to the Red ArmyIn the summer of 1943, the Druzhina Brigade transferred to Dokshytsy to fight the Zheleznyak guerrillas, led by Ivan Filippovich Titkov [ru]. In early July, Titkov opened dialogue with and then convinced Gil to defect back to the Soviet Union. After a week of correspondence, Gil secured guarantees from Titkov and then approached his brigade commanders about defecting. The Druzhina Brigade defected on 16 August 1943 by Gil's order and popular sentiment within the unit. He placed its German staff and White Russian members under arrest. Most of the Germans were hanged outright and the rest were taken by the guerrillas to be interrogated by the NKVD. One of the men arrested was former Major General Pavel Vasilyevich Bogdanov [ru], later executed in Moscow with the Whites. In its first action as a partisan unit, Gil's brigade attacked the German garrisons at Dokshytsy and nearby Krulevshchyna's [ru] railway station. The Germans counterattacked with tanks and air support, nearly surrounding the unit. On 20 August, a plane containing a working group sent by the Central Headquarters for Soviet Partisans [ru] to integrate the former Druzhina Brigade.Zhukov Kovtun Two days later, Gil met with Ivan Petrovich Genenko [ru] and Roman Naumovich Machulsky [ru], members of the Communist Party of Byelorussia. The 1st Anti-Fascist Partisan Brigade was officially formed on 26 August and its members swore allegiance to the Soviet Union. Gil was awarded the Order of the Red Star on 16 September 1943 for the defection of his unit and its activities as a partisan unit.— — — — — —Red Army Winter Offensive of 1945Cases of mass rape occurred in major Polish cities taken by the Red Army. In Krakw, Soviet entry into the city was accompanied by the wave of rapes of women and girls, and the widespread theft of personal property. According to Prof. Chwalba of Jagiellonian University, this behavior reached such a scale that the Polish communists installed in the city by the Soviet Union, composed a letter of protest to Joseph Stalin himself. At the Krakw Main station, Poles who tried to rescue the victims of gang rape were shot at. Meanwhile, church masses were held in expectation of the Soviet withdrawal. Polish women in Silesia were the target of mass rape along with their German counterparts even after the Soviet front moved much further west. In the first six months of 1945, in Dbska Kunia 268 rapes were reported. In March 1945 near Racibrz, 30 women captured at a linen factory were locked in a house in Makowo and raped over a period of time under the threat of death. The woman who gave her testimony to the police, was raped by four men. German and Polish women were apprehended on the streets of Katowice, Zabrze and Chorzw and gang raped by drunken soldiers, usually outdoors. According to Naimark, the Red Army servicemen did not differentiate along the ethnic lines, or between victims and occupiers. Polish and German women in Warmia and Masuria endured the same ordeal, wrote Ostrowska & Zaremba. One letter from the Recovered Territories claimed that in the city of Olsztyn in March 1945, practically no woman survived without being violated by the Soviet rapists "irrespective of their age". Their ages were estimated to range from 9 to 80. Sometimes, a grandmother, a mother and a granddaughter were among the victims. Women were gang raped by as many as several dozen soldiers. In a letter from Gdask dated 17 April 1945, a Polish woman who acquired work around the Soviet garrison reported: "because we spoke Polish, we were in demand. However, most victims there were raped up to 15 times. I was raped seven times. It was horrible." A letter from Gdynia, written a week later, said that the only resort for the women was to hide in the basements all day.
Why Is There an Assumption That There Are No White Gang Members?
i had not heard of this assumption. people are probably thinking of the stereotypical gangs that you see on tv that are full of black people in a ghetto. obviously this is false. you can not believe everything you see on tv. and "gangs" originally came from the mofia and things like that, who were typically white.— — — — — —AA, NA members --- Please help??keep it simple do not drink, go to meetings, change your entire life— — — — — —how to make money on runescape members?This is a very good question with many different answers. I do NOT know f2p moneymaking as it is a quite different game. ...1)Non combat skills Fishing Sharks, and monk fish, Fishing trawler for Manta ray & sea turtle. Hunting polar kebbits, carnivorous chinchompas (stackable) Farming Grow Marigolds, ranarr, snapdragon, spirit weed & toadflax. rune crafting is almost always profitable (You can kill Banshee's for noted pure essence a lot faster than mining for it ) There are worlds where you can run runes for others. Cooking Tuna Potatoes, curry stew, & pizza's Thieving cave goblin wires from Dorgesh-kaan. construction Make Teletabs via Lectern in player owned house. Mining coal is slow but pays very well. If you are high enough Adamintite & Runite. ...2) Using Combat Dragons using Melee or Range. Green dragons in the Wildy or in the chaos tunnels, Blue dragons in Edgeville dungeon, in ogre enclave & there is one in legends guild. Black dragons with 70 ranged or Kill them with protect from Melee (use prayer saving armour for better profit) (metal dragons drop unnoted ores therefore are not as profitable) Chaos druids, Unicorns, Moss giants, Vampires, White wolves, Cockroaches, Jungle spiders, Iban Disciples & Avanasis are all good monsters to fight for profitable drops. *If you are not interested in the prayer experience you can always kill and sell the bones. Ourg, Daganoth. Raurg, Fayrg & Dragon, sell best but even regular bones sell well. ** A fast way to big money is PKing but this is a risky endeavor I do not personally participate in.Remember there is always someone bigger and meaner than you... So you are liable to loose more money than you win. ...3) Slayer In general Slayer monsters pay very well. Consider the food you use an investment. Most assignments drops more than pay for the food needed to fight them. The possibility of receiving a rare drop (some worth up to 17m) makes them even more enticing. ...4) Merchanting...watch the prices on the exchange then buy popular items when low and sell when high. There are several items you can buy in shops all over Runescape then sell for profit at the exchange, Pineapples, seaweed, vials, bolts of cloth, Sacks, baskets, dyes, tinderboxes & Battlestaves are all examples.I DO NOT RECOMMEND MERCHING CLANS AS MOST OF THESE ARE SCAMMERS. ... 5) There are several quests & diary's that are well worth the effort.After doing the Throne of Miscellania (& Royal trouble) quests,You can get your kingdom workers to gather resources for you that can be sold. Ardougne and Sears village diarys give free pure essence and free flax daily. ...6) You can collect Snape grass, Mort myre fungus, Planks, White berries, Potato cacti, Flax,Red spider eggs, & Blue dragon scales. All these sell well in waves watch the G.E. ...7)Clue scrolls are a roll of the dice but they have the possibility of large large payoffs! ... 8) You can hang out at the Falador drop room... I find wearing a ring of wealth helps (this is controversial)... what you gets up to luck. ...9) Diversions and distractions... Penguin hunting can make as much as 104k a week & Shooting stars can give you 106 k a day in runes coins & ore. ...10) Try not to return to a bank with empty inventory & always pick up stackable items. Even if an items not worth much its worth more than an empty space in your pack. You can always drop an item if something worth more is available. ......The thing is the game is designed to take time (which is why my answer is so long).. Your suppose to have to work for it. Jagex does a good job of making sure there are no QUICK ways to fast cash! I answer this same question for a lot of people, often they want to know which one is the best method. There is no best method. They are all good solid ways to try out & figure which one YOU like the best (my personal favorite is chaos druids and slayer)... remember the point of the game is to have fun. So find the one you like, sit back relax and enjoy!
Distraught Indonesians in Grim Search for Family Members
Standing on white tiles smeared with blood, Baharuddin looks absently at the bodies strewn across a hospital courtyard in front of him in Palu, Indonesia."I have one child, he's missing," the wiry 52-year-old told AFP. "I last spoke to him before he went to school in the morning."He is looking for one small body among these dozens of corpses lying in an open courtyard at the back of the medical centre, baking under Sulawesi's fierce tropical sun.Only one building separates a triage area for the living from this makeshift morgue.It is a mosaic of yellow, blue and black body bags punctuated only by hands reaching up in rigor mortis.This police hospital in Palu has become a focus point for shell-shocked residents hoping for news of loved ones after the 7.5 magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami on Friday.The official death toll stands at over 800, but everyone knows that figure will only continue to rise.In a police tent, people clutching photos and passports ask after relatives.Outside an elderly woman -- her head covered in a t-shirt to ward off the stench -- crouched in the dirt and sobbed.By midday Sunday, 320 bodies had been through the centre, hospital authorities said, but a stream of ambulances, police and army vehicles unloaded corpses with alarming regularity.Many people returned day after day to undertake the grim task of looking through the bodies.Amamsyah, who was searching for four missing cousins, said he was desperate for news."I've been here three times, everyday," the 28-year-old, who like many Indonesians only has one name, told AFP. "I hope I find them -- I'm going to fight to find them."But it is a race against time.The Indonesian authorities announced Sunday that they would soon begin to dispose of the bodies, a desperate bid to prevent a catastrophic situation from getting even worse."Today we will start the mass burial of the victims, to avoid the spread of disease," said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management.Bodies like these can easily fuel the spread of typhoid or cholera.The authorities say they will take finger prints and digital images to allow for facial recognition technology at a later date, making sure the dead do not remain anonymous.For those hoping to say one last goodbye in person, or deliver a proper burial, time is painfully short.But Baharuddin is not giving up on his son. "I'll keep searching for him until I find him," he says.People attempt to identify the bodies of their relatives at a hospital in Palu, IndonesiaMany people have returned to a hospital in Palu day after day to undertake the grim task of looking through the bodiesThe Indonesian authorities announced Sunday that they would soon begin to dispose of the bodies of those killed in the disaster, a desperate bid to prevent a catastrophic situation from getting even worse
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