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Blue Smoke Is Coming From Exhaust. How Much to Fix?
if it only smokes when you start it like if it sits over night it is the valve seats or seals . and after you let it run for a few minutes it stops it is nothing major at all1. Blue Smoke at startup (sometimes) what does this mean?Technically, you wore out your piston rings, now your burning more oil as a direct result of not changing your oil on a timely basis period. Use a higher grade of oil, if your useing 5w30, you now must use 10w40 or 50 The next vehicle you buy, make sure you have Eneos oil put into the crankcase, This oil is made purposely for Japanese vehicles, unlike Mobil-1 for American vehicles. And change your oil every 2500-3000 miles for "Longevity"2. ahh blue smoke coming out of my enginee?first of all...shame shame shame unto you for revving a TURBO 4 cylinder with 1500 miles on the odo so hard you blew smoke onto your intake manifold. by the way, the guy ahead of me was correct, and another, far less likely thing that you did was fling oil on to the turbo itself. Now, back to my chastising of you. Yes, I capatilized turbo, here's why. The turbo's main product, besides boost, duh, is heat...turbos, especially new ones with new seals and all the other bells and whistles are brand new, get very very very hot. besides doing sometimes irrepairable damage to the turbo itself and other engine components that happen to be close-by in the engine bay, if a turbo runs hot enough the housing can warp, causing the airflow produced to be misdirected. And second, come on man, thats a dick thing to do to do donuts in your friends lawn. And third, that's a fairly simple problem which leaves me to believe one thing. Daddy left you a trust fund to feed off of, so you talked to your homeboys and decided those guys in the fast and the furious made it look easy, you were going to be a racer. It's guys like you that make a bad name for the car hobby. At the very least, do yourself the favor that everyone else does, buy your mom's Civic, lower it, slam on a wing, 'performance exhaust' and some underglow, and leave a respectable performance machine like a WRX to someone who will appreciate it enough to use it the right way. If you think I am wrong, please, feel encouraged to message me back, or even Email. Now if I am wrong, you can bet I will be man enough to apologize, but I do not think I am, but if you do think youre justified, please, explain to me why, lets talk this out3. 2005 chevy silverado blue smoke come out?I would check your oil immediately. Blue smoke means it's burning oil and a clicking sound can mean lack of oil pressure. Are any lights illuminated on your gauge cluster?4. Would using 5w20 in my 1998 Grand Marquis cause blue smoke for a moment during cold starts?The viscosity is a little lower so it isw possible that a bit is leaking past the valve seat after you shut off the engind. It sits there till you start it back up and you get he puff of smoke5. Car blowing huge amounts of white and blue smoke?Well most likely the gas smell was from leaking injectors. When the car is turned off the fuel leaks down into the motor or constantly sprays while running. The 10 percent ethanol in the fuel was probably the cause. It cleans the sludge out of them which leaves the worn part to no longer seal well. Considering it only has 85,000 miles on it. This would cause the smell and also a bad condition to the seals and rings. It is either the intake gasket, head gasket or the rings. I would say bad head gasket or warped head. The cost of repair depends on who makes the repair. But I would stop driving it before anymore damage is done. Probably has already caused damage to the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converters and who knows what else. May already be to late. Ca not tell you exactly whats wrong without seeing it though. Hope this will help you out.
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