Modern Restaurant Design Ideas with Quartz Tabletops


What is the most important thing in a restaurant? Obviously, food, right? Well, not exactly. With great food, but awful customer service, the place will probably not be the city’s favorite. And even with amazing food and great staff, unappealing design can make the experience quite bad. That’s why, a great restaurant has all of the above: the food, the service, and the design that perfectly go together and in line with customer preferences and the brand’s values. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It is indeed. But don’t worry, our experts are here to for you. While we are not the ones to advise you on the recipe, we can definitely help with the design part. To make your restaurant even more successful, we created a series of articles on the topic. In the previous blogs, our experts have already discussed why the building materials choice is crucial for a restaurant design, in particular when it comes to countertops and tabletops, talked about the main pros and cons of choosing quartz for them, and explained which types of quartz are best for the role. In the next few articles, we will be inspiring you with some amazing examples of successful restaurant designs depending on your style and clients. Today, we will present modern restaurant design ideas with quartz tabletops and bar tops for fresh, innovative, and rich in food and values projects. Sounds interesting? Keep on scrolling!

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Did you like the designs? Let us know which one was your favorite and don’t forget to check our blog for more ideas in the coming days! And for those who are ready to order and/or have more questions — contact us today, so we can help!

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