Porcelain vs Quartz Floor Tile: Part 1


Porcelain vs Quartz Floor Tile: Part 1 1

There are many challenges when it comes to choosing the style, color, and materials for interior design flooring. An array of factors that need to be taken into consideration and even more options to choose from can take months. Natural stone or manmade material? Brown, white, or black? Minimalistic or glamorous? It all comes down to your client’s needs, preferences, type of project, and future plans. To make the whole process easier for both interior designers and project managers, Xiamen Aofei Building Material professionals have prepared this article on two great building materials: porcelain vs. quartz. Both materials offer a wide range of colors and textures, which makes the choice between them even tougher.


Porcelain vs. Quartz

Porcelain is composed of baked at high temperatures mix of materials, such as ceramic clay and mineral coloring. It is a durable low water absorption rate material with a smooth texture.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made of 90% natural quartz and 10% polymers, pigments, and resin. This way it carries both the great qualities of natural stone and convenience of a manmade material. 


Quartz Floor Tile

Quartz is a well-known building material with a great reputation. Its aesthetic value is pretty high and it ultimately increases the value of the place as well.

Porcelain Floor Tile

This material has many advantages over some types of building materials, but the aesthetic value is sadly not one of them. Usually, the value of the porcelain is lower than that of wood, quartz, and natural stone.

Are you ready to make a choice and make your interior design project even better with our building materials? Contact us today! And if you want to find out even more about the similarities and differences of porcelain and quartz, check-in for Part 2 of this article in ourblog.

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