Quartz Maintenance 
Quartz is hard to beat when it comes to easy care and maintenance. Simple cleaning after use and proper precautions and are usually enough to keep your quartz products as new. 
Maintenance of quartz countertops, tiles, and slabs does not require too much time and mainly consists of following the precautions. On this page you can find guidelines for your quartz care and maintenance with different chemicals, temperature, and water repellents. 
Quartz Maintenance: Temperature

Quartz is heat-resistant, but it does not mean your quartz countertop cannot be damaged by heat at all. The performance of your quartz product depends on many factors, including the color, type, location, thickness, and so on. 

That’s why we recommend avoiding quartz exposure to a heat source for a long span of time and putting hot pans, fryers, etc. on quartz surfaces.Always use a hot pad to keep your quartz worktop safe. 

Quartz Maintenance: Chemicals 

Quartz is highly resistant to coffee, wine, acids, and soft drink spills. While it means that spills won’t ruin your quartz tiles and kitchen islands, the best practice is to wipe them off as soon as you can. 

To keep the unique sheen of your quartz for many years, avoid using any kind of degreasing agents, bleach, Alkaline cleaning products, or solvent for your quartz maintenance. Make sure you never expose your quartz products to dichloromethane, caustic soda, paint strippers, and Hydrofluoric acid, — these chemicals will ruin your quartz surface.

Quartz Maintenance: Water Repellents 
It is important to watch out for the ph level of the water repellent you are planning to use in your quartz maintenance. Do not use any products with a ph over 10 and avoid using any sealants or water repellents to remove the sheen. 
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