Natural Quartz. The quartz we usually talk about is a new type of artificial synthetic stone that is made of 90% quartz crystal and resin and other microelements. It is alarge-sized slab pressed under certain physicochemical conditions using special machines. It is mainly made of quartz.

Quartz crystal is a natural mineral product with its hardness ranking only second to diamond in the nature. Its surface hardness can be up to 7.5 Mohs, far higher than knives and scoops and other edged tools that we use in the kitchen so that we would not be cut.

Quartz countertops are characterized by being pollution-immune, non-toxic and non-radiative with ever-new texture and low ignition point.

Quartz is beautiful and exotic , People often choose it when they are looking for something different. It's a great way to change up your space. -- say Laura granlienanL, owner of the Rockinteriors in religion north carolina.

In recent years, it has been found that increasingly quartz with diverse designs, styles, and colors have started to be chosen as their countertops when they were decorating their kitchens. Currently in the market, quartz is sorted into single color (also categorized into pure color and graininess), double color, pattern, etc., and the surface is processed to be glossy, matte, leather, etc.

Appropriate manufacturing techniques are required to cut materials like quartz to have the textures of natural slabs (e.g. granite and marble). Creating textures and forming interesting patterns on countertops make it even better for people who want to have individualized creative kitchens. If you want to be pratical, quartz with a matte or leather surface is perfect for you - it features durability required by a kitchen, and it impresses you.

Kitchen are often called the hub of the home. Where everyone gathers to eat and doing start their days.Or end their evenings. Kitchen are one the most popular room of the hour to renovate and 

opportunity to nearly let a family personality’s shine through their choice of cabinetry, floors and paints ,among other things ,Expertts 

agree that counter tops should reflect your personality and style 

homeowners. Today are more mindful of how they use the material 

showing its ture beauty .

As an exporter and manufacter specialized in granite and marble, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co., Ltd. starts to engage in the export of quartz slabs in recent years. The manufacter that we are cooperating with and participating in is located in Shandong, with a covered area of 18,500 m2. It is a modern high-tech company that specializes in R&D, production, sales of artificial quartz slabs. Our annual output of quality quartz slabs reaches 2.4 million m2. Our production technical process of quartz are divided into following steps:

1. Mix the 95%+ quartz and 5% resin together and stir;

2. Compact and flatten the above raw materials with a press machine;

3. Bake it in an oven;

4. Take it out from the oven and grind it using a grinding machine;

5. Polish it with nanotechnology.

  1. 60 slabs can be baked via our oven and 200 slabs can be produced by our workers from one shift. In addition, we also cooperate with quartz manufacturers nationwide to develop new serial quartz products.

    Our products under go a strict Quality control process to ensure that the 

    best material are available for ur projects!   

  2. Creative is the theme of the times, while quality of people is the potential element to aquire tastes, as we often say!

    Aofei quartz represents a living style of respecting living quality!

    Aofei quartz represents the pursuit of high-quality life!
    ----------------ANGELA LIU

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